An essay about God.

I was discussing God with my dad, and he accused me of not knowing who God is. Snort. So I figured I’d write an essay about God. (Just let me mention in advance that I could be wrong about this, and this isn’t researched. Rather, it’s based on what I’ve learned, whether correctly or incorrectly,Continue reading “An essay about God.”

More grocery store blues!

Oh, brother. I didn’t want for things to go wrong. Despite my proclivity for confrontation, it often leaves me feeling depleted and … ashamed or regretful. I can be confrontational, but it takes a lot out of me. I’m proud of my ability to be confrontational, because I used to be a doormat. (For thoseContinue reading “More grocery store blues!”

Birthday weight loss attempts!

My diet quit working for me, but now I’m back on track. I haven’t lost any weight in two months. I’m challenging myself to lose five pounds before my birthday on May 10th. I’m not sure what was going wrong with my diet, but I think it involved eating a lot of different foods, whichContinue reading “Birthday weight loss attempts!”

What is this normalcy she spoke of?

Yesterday, I had the mother of all mood swings. I think it was premenstrual. I was talking to Sonya, who’s been beta reading my new cozy mystery novel. Sonya’s the most brilliant beta reader out there. She sort of put her foot in her mouth, and it made me burst into tears. I asked herContinue reading “What is this normalcy she spoke of?”

A long-winded response. [Groan.]

I finally took off my headphones, sat them down, and walked away slowly. No more music. While we give a collective sigh of relief, I’ll tell some humorous anecdotes. Recently I was talking to my mom on the phone, and my dad’s weather radio sounded. I turned it off and explained to my mom thatContinue reading “A long-winded response. [Groan.]”

It’s time for inside-out.

I’ve been sad and anxious lately, which isn’t like me. It’s possible that I have some PMS. But it seems more likely to involve the coronavirus. Or, rather, the situation. It’s worrisome whether our economy will be all right. And you know that government-provided stimulus check I was so excited to get? I don’t qualify,Continue reading “It’s time for inside-out.”

Mom’s plate.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that my brain is atrophying and/or has atrophied. Why? Because it’s funny. It reminds me of The Adventures of Pete and Pete. There was Pete; Pete’s brother, Pete; Pete and Pete’s mom; and Mom’s plate. Yeah, she had a plate in her brain, which might be why she named bothContinue reading “Mom’s plate.”

Meet my schizophrenic brain!

My mom was pulling all the stops in our conversation last night. “I’m so proud that you’re able to function at a basic level and write your novels. I know you have a great life with your dad, and you don’t have to worry about earning any income. I can’t believe you’ve even traveled internationally.Continue reading “Meet my schizophrenic brain!”

Darn that Oprah and her infernal book club!

Well, there goes my happy buzz. I just spoke with Mother on the phone. She’s been reading an Oprah Book Club book about some parents of twelve kids, half of whom got schizophrenia. “They blamed the parents,” she wailed. I could see where things were headed at this point, but there was no polite escape.Continue reading “Darn that Oprah and her infernal book club!”

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