A harsh taskmistress.

Okay, so I’ve taken action and have commissioned my life coach, Leonie, to hold me accountable for what I eat every day. I’m paying her monthly to get multiple emails from me each day and maybe answer them once a day with either encouragement or admonitions. I’ve known I needed this for a while. IContinue reading “A harsh taskmistress.”

Contraband and my father.

I’d been feeling depressed with my dad out of town, but today I managed to take a shower before fetching him from the airport. (It’s been too long. I had to wash my hair twice.) I’ve never gotten someone from the airport before, and I feel quite confident now that I know how to doContinue reading “Contraband and my father.”

I’ve got travel fever!

I’m feeling really sad because I took an online quiz to find out if I’m needy, and I am. Oh well. It makes me feel bad about myself. I was a sadsack today, I guess ’cause my dad’s out of town…? Sonya and I didn’t get a lot done on our novella for various reasons,Continue reading “I’ve got travel fever!”

Fun times all around!

In an hour I’ll be taking my dad to the airport. I’m a bit anxious about it. Apparently he wants to keep his cigars stored in his carry-on bag. Hopefully he won’t try to light one on the flight. I can see it now. “Flight 229 has crashed after a careless passenger apparently tried toContinue reading “Fun times all around!”

Let’s rock this!

Sanity has tenuously been restored in an insane mind, and I feel oddly good about communicating with Nate. I just feel bad that I was so… all over the place in my message. The truth is that I feel awful about what I’ve put him through, often to the point that I want to actuallyContinue reading “Let’s rock this!”

Not a good day to be Meg!

My mind went somewhere dark tonight! Hopefully I’ll fall asleep soon. I had nightmares last night. Before bed, for whatever weird reason, I decided to finally research the story of Mommie Dearest. Uh, I was in for a bit of a shock. First off, I found the power struggles all too relatable. (I read some synopsesContinue reading “Not a good day to be Meg!”

What dreams may come…

I feel oddly spaced out and unfocused lately. I’ve been sleeping on less Seroquel, presumably because I can get by on less in summertime, but who knows? I tried earlier this year (in winter) to go down on it and it was impossible, but now it’s happened with ease and initiated because I was oversleepingContinue reading “What dreams may come…”

Time for Tarot! (5-25-21)

Hi, everyone! Here’s how this works: use your intuition to pick an item from the above image. Today we have an old-fashioned candy jar, a framed photo of the Ivory Tower, and a frog prince bookend. These are timeless readings, meaning they’ll apply whenever you read them and not just when I post them. I can’tContinue reading “Time for Tarot! (5-25-21)”

A delightful talk with Mother.

So, I called my mom on the phone today. Hilarity ensued. First, I told her of my fun upcoming weekend alone. (My dad will be out of town.) She said, “You’d probably know who to call if you had plumbing issues, right? I mean, you’ve never been home alone before, have you?” “Okay,” I replied.Continue reading “A delightful talk with Mother.”

Updates from Meg world!

I’ve done a lot of soul-searching and have realized, both by reading my food book and talking to Ashley Leia in the comments, that I need to face my junk food addiction head on. What I need to do is wait until I have an intense craving for junk food, preferably for some I canContinue reading “Updates from Meg world!”

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