I have amazing news.

I’ve spent the past many years since 2015 or so trying to master the art of weight loss. I’ve tried this, I’ve tried that. Nothing ever worked for me. And when I say it never worked, what I mean is that I couldn’t stick with it. But what’s happened now is that I’ve brought together everything I’ve been studying, and I’ve found a way to make it all work for me. It’s about freakin’ time, because when I set out to solve a problem, it usually doesn’t take me this long. But I suppose that the best solutions might be worth waiting for.

After iffing (doing intermittent fasting) for four hours after waking, which I think I did for a week or so (I’m bad at remembering time frames), I raised the bar to doing 18/6 iffing, meaning that I fast for eighteen hours a day (counting when I’m asleep) and eat during a six-hour window of (in my case) 6:00 PM until midnight.

Your window can be any six hours you choose. It’s possible that it would be better to have a window after waking up for metabolism purposes (according to Sonya), but that’s not how my will power works. I just can’t do that. I need to get past the no eating each day and then enjoy eating as a reward. That I can do.

It also helps me feel in control. I’ve always hated that you can’t quit food cold turkey like you can with other addictions (cigarettes, alcohol, etc.), because you need food to live, gosh darn it. But this does let me quit food cold turkey… for most of the day. I like that.

And I’ve already lost two pounds, even though I’ve only been doing the 18/6 for three or four days. I also believe that I can maintain this daily fast indefinitely. It gives me the control I need because, if left to my own devices, there will be constant daily snacking, constant trips to the local pastry shop (and it closes before 6:00 PM, so I might never go back), and constant late-night drugstore snack runs.

What I’ve been doing is eating 1,800 to 2,000 calories over time starting at 6:00 PM, when I eat a thousand calories of: oatmeal (a huge serving), two Lara bars, and two turkey sausage patties. Then I’m no longer hungry (but if I am, I eat some grilled chicken). Later, near the end of the window, I make a Kodiak waffle and some popcorn as a snack. This all adds up to 1,800 calories, unless I eat the optional grilled chicken or make cocoa, etc.

I’ve also been burning 250 calories on the gym’s treadmill every day, which could lower my caloric intake to around 1,550 calories a day. Go me! I was snowed in last night, though, so I practiced some new exercises on my total gym for lower body.

It’s even gotten easier with each passing day. The first day, I played Food Fantasy all afternoon. If you don’t believe me, just ask my dad. It’s played like this: chocolate cake! McDonald’s! Honey mustard Pringles! An ice cream sundae! You get the idea. A minute to learn, a lifetime to master.

The second day I quit feeling lightheaded (I’ve been trying to drink lots of water) and was more functional. I didn’t expect it to get easier, but it did.

So now it’s almost 1:00 PM, and I’m hungry. Oh well! Oh! But I’m going to eat some snacks later, and here’s why: I’m excited to watch some ice skating on television this evening. I’ve been looking forward to it all week. I’m not going to tell myself no junk food ever. But I do want to eat healthy more often than not and maintain the fast unless I’m having a mental health day. So, yeah. Go me!

6 thoughts on “Success!

    1. Hey there! With me, I get up from 9:30 (early range) to 1:30 (wow, I slept later than usual). It’s actually been working out surprisingly well, still. Go figure. It’s like the psychological fit I’ve always been looking for!!

      I think it would be harder for you ’cause you work full time! If I had a job, I’d have to rethink it, indeed!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. So true!! I sure wish you could have less of the flare-ups!! I remember when I worked (or attempted to) it made me famished! 😮 Like starved! Yeah, I think I’ve got the unemployment/disabled thing working to my advantage in a dietary sense here, for sure!!


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