The intention table!

I’ve created an intention table to bring the sort of love I want into my life. It was sort of Sonya’s idea, but she said I should list the qualities of a man and rate those qualities in order of importance. I’ve done a bit of that in my mind, and here’s the first most important thing:

  • He must be single, available, and totally into me.

I haven’t found a way to symbolize that on my intention table yet, but I’m a creative person, so I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

DSC00013 (2)

From left to right, the angel watching over the two children represents divine guidance, meaning that the universe will help me bring the love I want into my life.

The footprints plaque represents my love of Jesus, so if he loves Jesus too, then that’s great!

The tiny transistor radio that actually tells the time was a souvenir from Prague. It makes me think of Sonya, and thus it represents that the man I’ll meet will be thrilled and happy for me that I have so many great friends.

That old-school telephone shows that he’ll love communicating with me. And he’ll want to do it all the time. Never will I be waiting and hoping to get a message. He’ll be a frequent communicator!

I think the two kissing lovebirds are self-explanatory.

The rainbow-lettered magnet says, “Do more of what makes you happy!” He’ll be positive and upbeat and will love having fun.

The next magnet says something about how the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. Our relationship will transform us into the best versions of ourselves.

The third magnet is the image of a purple cow, sitting in a field of “normal” cows. Yes to individuality and owning who you are!

Above that magnet is a rainbow angel. He’ll share my spirituality or at least love how happy my beliefs make me.

I think the small pillow that says, “Dear Reader, I married him.” is also self-explanatory, but about that: it’s a quote from Jane Eyre, but the pillow makers got it wrong. The first sentence of the last chapter is actually, “Reader, I married him.” Oh well. I still love the sentiment!

Then we have a glass rainbow. I’m a rainbow fanatic, so he may as well be one too. Or, if he’s not a rainbow fanatic, he’ll appreciate how colorful and cheery I am! That alone would make me happy.

Then we have a heart-shaped dreamcatcher. We’ll dream of each other often and love each other.

The little house represents the wonderful life that we’ll build together.

That small lantern has a panel in each rainbow color, in order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. You just can’t see in the photos. It shows how he’ll light up my inner rainbow qualities and make me happy and a better version of myself.

The dammit doll, who you’re supposed to beat up when you’re angry, represents that he understands my issues and doesn’t judge me for them.

I still wish I could figure out how to represent that he’s single, available, and totally into me. Oh well. I think it’s implied on the intention table.

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