I hate being misunderstood.

Ask Amy’s column today is about grammar (the first letter) and cancer (the second letter). I commented thusly:

LW2–If Ask Amy has all these editors at her disposal, as per LW1, then why does she keep overusing commas?

I am now facing cancer, myself.

And there’s a comma in that sentence, why? I notice this all the time in Ask Amy’s column: her odd and overabundant use of commas. Oh well.

I am now facing cancer myself.

See how nice that reads? It shouldn’t read with a pause, and having a comma there does create a mental pause. Ugh.

Anyway, that gripe is for Ask Amy (and her cadre of editors), not the letter writer.

To the letter writer, I’d say, only your nearest and dearest will go along for the ride on such a deep level! Everyone else is going to run screaming from your reality. If you have one or two people who’ll go deep with you, then you’re incredibly lucky. For you, though, I truly wish it. ❤

And I added the heart, and everything! But true to my life, I was ganged up on by people who hated my thoughtful comment One person said:

Was that really the right letter to choose for your editing complaints?

And someone else added:

Yeah. My jaw dropped. 

I told both of them to get over it. Then I ran screaming and cancelled my $4-a-month membership to the Washington Post.

This always happens. I figure I’m safe commenting somewhere, and then I get burned. I can’t do forums, nor commenting boards. They’re not for me.

I could’ve clarified that I was sure that Ask Amy added the comma, not the cancer victim. (Ask Amy’s comma use is legendary.) But I decided that those lowlifes weren’t worth my time. If they want to be all offended, I guess that’s fine. Their lives must be boring.

There was a similar incident on FB when Sonya’s mom sent me a friend request and then immediately posted, “My account has been hacked, so please ignore any friend requests.” Snort. I pretended to believe that for one reason only: Sonya shouldn’t have to answer to me for her mother. And I immediately unfriended and then blocked her mom accordingly.

(Hell, if I had to answer for my mother… I can’t even imagine.)

But I finally figured out what happened to make Sonya’s mom pretend to be hacked. I had a post at the top of my page where I was complaining about catfishers. And I showed a screenshot where one of them told me his wife and kid had died, leaving him alone to raise the other kid. I should’ve clarified that this is part of their spiel. There’s always a dead wife and kid, and another kid left to be raised. The catfishers are all also working on oil rigs. And they all have two first names and fake profile pictures that belong to someone else. And so my response when he told me that his wife and kid were dead was, “Oh, well, good riddance. They’re better off dead. [Shrug.]”

I would NEVER say that to someone whose relatives had actually died. Lord above, I wouldn’t. You couldn’t pay me. But I’m sick to death of catfishers, pun intended.

So, yeah, Sonya’s mom thinks I’m some sort of heartless psychopath, or something. Yeah! Good riddance! They’re better off dead!!


I’m just not that mean. But if people want to assume that about me, they might not be too far from the truth. I do sort of have a hard edge about me. Not that hard, but still.

Anyway, I hate being misunderstood and maligned. I shouldn’t have to explain every thought I have, but I do have to explain it all. Ugh.

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