Meg’s new diet!

I’m on a new diet that I think will lead to further weight loss. Sonya helped me get on this diet, and she’s such a good influence. God bless her!

Every day I eat half a bag (or so) of baby carrots dipped in a raspberry vinaigrette. (I never use much sauce, so any added-on calories would be marginal.)

I also eat apple slices dipped in caramel (same as above–according to my math, the caramel adds on around 70 calories, max).

And then I eat a bag of precooked grilled chicken for dinner. The whole bag has 315 calories, and I dip it into modest amounts of barbecue sauce. So apparently it’s all about the sauce, salad dressing, or caramel.

Backing up, for breakfast, I make oatmeal with a packet from Kodiak that has chocolate chips, a larger amount of Quaker Old Fashioned oats, and a few spoonfuls of peanut powder. And then I add a handful of walnuts after it comes out of the microwave. I assume that it has a lot of calories (maybe 400 to 600), but what the heck? It’s all healthy.

And for dessert, later in the day, I have two Lara bars… or four, if I’m feeling naughty. They still seem like a good option because of their low ingredient list: nuts, dates, and a given flavor (lemon, or coconut, or cherry, or lime, etc., etc.). I ordered some pumpkin ones for fall, but I’m waiting for them to freeze before trying them. (I only eat my Lara bars frozen. It’s a textural issue. According to Dr. Google, they don’t actually freeze, but they do get firmer.)

I’d prefer Luna bars, but their list of ingredients reads like a science experiment. Lara bars seem to be the notable exception in this regard. If I’m eating a snack bar every day, I want its ingredients to be “clean”.

I’ve had a few problems, most notably insane cravings for junk food. I’m fully aware at this point that I’ve got a food addiction. The difficulty obviously involves holding myself off of the junk food. One thing I’ve noticed is that if I’m craving junk food, it might be because I’m physically hungry. So I immediately go and eat one of the healthy foods mentioned above. For example, it’s 3:30 PM, and I just ate my bag of chicken. It helped. I’m no longer craving junk food, so I might have just been hungry. And I’m not remotely interested in losing weight via hunger. No thank you.

The carrots are filling, so when I get hungry again later (or sooner), I’ll tackle them. Baby carrots, who knew?

I’ve given up the following foods:

  • Kodiak waffles, made from their waffle mixes on my waffle iron. They talk a big talk about their good ingredients (whole grain flours, for example, I think), but the fact is that they’re still unhealthy; and they trigger me to want to go eat more junk food. That trigger effect might be because they have flour, and flour can be addictive. Not sure.
  • Popcorn made in my popper. I realize it’s a reasonably healthy indulgence, but I eat so much of it at once that I’m sure its calories add up, along with the powdered seasonings I add.

But I’m more likely to indulge in:

  • Cocoa, because it’s a low-cal indulgence that satisfies my sweet tooth. A package of coca is low in calories and sugar, and it (typically) lacks all the fat found in solid chocolate. And this time of year, you can get fun with it by adding a flavored candy cane as as stirring stick, those colorful little marshmallows, and/or Monin flavor syrups. (There are loads of good flavor syrups for cocoa: coconut, marshmallow, chocolate-chip cookie, vanilla, peppermint, caramel, etc., etc.) It’s high in sugar. I can’t exactly sit here and deny that. But I think I have good blood sugar levels, because I drink low amounts of sugar on a daily basis. I’d never have cocoa more than once a day. (c) Terri Cnudde via Pixabay:


(I’m still brewing unsweet tea and then adding small amounts of the aforementioned Monin flavor syrups to both flavor and sweeten it. It’s got wayyy less sugar than soft drinks or sport drinks. This was the arrangement I discovered that should prevent me from getting adult-onset diabetes. I previously needed to drink two huge things of Gatorade each day, which totaled 100 grams of sugar daily. Now, each huge tumbler of tea I drink has about 18 fluid ounces of tea–which is a lot–and around 10 grams of sugar. On any given day, I might drink three tumblers. [Shrug.] But when I try to go sugar-free, I get dehydrated. And I can’t have artificial sweeteners.)

Anyway, I wish I could break the food addiction once and for all. Maybe it’s like any addiction that requires lifelong maintenance. Since I live with my dad, I’m always at the mercy of the snacks he brings home, which are usually potato chips and cookies. If the potato chips are sour cream and onion, I’m screwed. Likewise if the cookies are chocolate chip.

But I’m doing my best. I haven’t been exercising because I’m still fighting off this cold, and I think that exercising at this juncture would exhaust me. I’ve already been sleeping around the clock. I’m just conked. I’d be concerned if I wasn’t aware of the cold. But it has made its presence known with an occasional ugly cough, runny nose, and mild headache. So I sort of understand my fatigue, and I’m just waiting it out. I expect to get back to the gym soon.

My dad took my mom to her appointment today, and God bless him for it. He came home at the midpoint while she was having the procedure done, and we went to the store together to get the foods on her grocery list. He said, and I quote, “It’s a good thing you didn’t take her. You would’ve been unable to handle it. First she did this, then she did that, and then she really topped it all with this maneuver. And then, when I thought things couldn’t get worse, she proved me wrong by doing such-and-such. And that was all in the first five minutes. We were running late, but she wasn’t ready to go.” I’m being vague in the dialogue there because I was too busy shuddering to actually catch most of what he was saying. It sounded bad, though.

Ohh boy. The cold is hitting me and threatening to put me back to sleep again. Geez. I guess the fatigue feels “normal” when you’ve got active cold symptoms. As it is, the fatigue feels inconveniencing and strange. Oh well. I’m sure I’ll be better in a few days.

I hope everyone out there is having a great day!! Let me know!

3 thoughts on “Meg’s new diet!

  1. I really hope you will indeed be able to get rid of the junk food addiction and that your diet will be very helpful. 🙂 And I’m so glad that you didn’t have to deal with your mum, and that your dad did instead.

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    1. Thank you so much for your support!! I’m relieved that the thing with my mom is done, too!! Whew!! Especially since my cold isn’t even gone yet today, it would’ve been a lot! Yikes!!

      If I can conquer the junk food addiction, then I can take on the world! Go me! Up next: a corporate hostile takeover of my former employers. HA HA HA! Totally kidding. I am going to buy myself something nice next month if I lose a lot of weight this month! YAY!

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