What happens in Prague…

Holy exhaustion! I’m about to keel over and die. I just spent hours and hours and hours walking around Prague with Sonya and Georg. It was great fun, getting to know Georg better. In fact, there might be photos…



Tell me that guy isn’t stunningly sexy! Because, hello sex appeal! And I’m usually not attracted to guys unless I dig their personalities or feel an emotional connection. In Georg’s case, it’s more like raw animal magnetism.

I can’t even remember all of the things we did. He showed us his favorite local park which seriously has everything: workout stations (we sure don’t have those in the US!), a skateboarding area, fountains aplenty, walking paths, mounted horses, fun playgrounds, and I don’t even remember what else. Oh yeah! We took a raft across the pond and hung out on an island. Georg and I got lost in conversation while Sonya went running. (She loves to run.)

Georg is really sweet. He told me about how he works with kids, teaching English and working at summer camps. He seems like a natural with kids, to hear him talk. I’ve worked with kids in the past, but it’s always been harder for me, so I admire anyone who’s good at it.

We then took the rail bus (or whatever they call it) to the Prague tower, which we walked up.


We stopped at a cafe—actually, there might’ve been two cafes—and we went out to eat. He tried to sell me on a meal of meat for two at the restaurant, but it turns out the restaurant no longer prepares it, so I went with that classic standby: chicken.

I was frustrated as all get-out that he never touched me. Ugh. I had to hold myself off of him, because I wanted to hurl myself at him, but I refrained. He seemed uncomfortable with it, and Sonya surmises that her presence might’ve caused the issue. [Nods.] It was hard, because like I said, I wanted to hurl myself at him. I mean, you all have seen the photos, right? Yeah!

On the downhill rail bus (or whatever), our knees accidentally touched, and he pulled away. Now, I’m keen on these things. I’d figure he’s just not that into me, but he kept making conversation with me, and he kept the evening going until we were all nearly comatose from good cheer.

He took his tram home, and Sonya and I dished about him the whole way home. First, I told her that she’s basically the best friend ever, which is freakin’ true.

“What’s prompted that?” she asked.

“You’ve just spent hours of your life giving me the chance to spend time with Georg,” I gushed. “Oh, Sonya, what would I do without you?”

I still wasn’t sure how Georg felt about me, so I messaged him on FB after we got home, saying I’d had a great time, thanking him, asking if he wanted to do anything on Tuesday (since the Medieval dinner presentation he tried to get us into for tomorrow isn’t performing tomorrow). He said Tuesday’s not good because his friend is coming into town, and they’re going out to dinner before their trip to Germany later this week (as he’d told me and Sonya all about).

I wrote back and said, “It’s no huge deal. I understand.”

Then I just waited. No response.

During my waiting period, I went to the bathroom, and when I came out, Sonya had stolen my device, saying she’d find us Medieval fun for tomorrow at another venue. “Oh, by the way,” she said, “Georg wrote back. I haven’t read it. Let me find more Medieval entertainment.”

I sighed and sank onto the sofa-bed. “Sonya, hand me the device right now, and no one gets hurt.”

“Just a minute,” she murmured. “Oh, that place is out of business… Hmm… this place is closed tomorrow…”

I focused on counting to a million.

“Mmm… I’m almost done,” she murmured. “Oh, no, hold on a second… Okay, here you… No, wait… Here you go.”

I grabbed the device from her hands and accessed FB. He’d written, “But we still have tomorrow, right?”

Sweetness! He’s totally into me. YAY!

I love Sonya. Tomorrow, I’m going to ditch her. It’s nothing personal. I want to go on the record as saying that.

Oh! In more good news, I’m not going home on Tuesday. My trip just got extended to Friday so that I can spend more time with Georg, and also because I dropped the ball with coronavirus testing, which apparently my idiotic country is requiring for re-entry even though I’ve been vaccinated.

I think I might sleep well tonight. What do you all think?

8 thoughts on “What happens in Prague…

    1. Yeah! Right up until he admitted he has a girlfriend! [Cue the sound of my hysterical weeping.] Well… there’s also been ice cream! And it’s really yummy! ❤


    1. YAY, thank you!! It’s nice to hear from you, and I need to catch up on your questions!! 🙂 Sadly, the Georg ship just sank. (Turns out he has a girlfriend. Who knew? Not me!) I think it’ll be okay, though!! At this point in my life, I’m sort of getting used to it…? Oh well!! 😮

      Liked by 1 person

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