Go Meg, go!

I can’t believe this! The guy I like here in Prague seems to like me, too. That never happens! Only for other people! Never for Meg! Go me!

His name is Georg. He’s such a dreamboat. In my honor, and referring to me as the guest of honor, he brought home-cooked food to the writers group meeting this evening. It was good! And, he agreed to go out tomorrow with me and Sonya. No way was I going to ask him out, so Sonya invited him in a group capacity.

We’re going to a festival.

Georg is a very nice and caring man. I love those qualities. Also, he already feels like he knows me ‘cause he’s been reading and making commentary on my memoir. He made some very good points at today’s meeting that I plan to circle back and incorporate into the story.

He even said parts of it made him cry.

And when I told the writers group that my mother is loving and kind these days, they were shocked. Not that I blame them.

It feels natural (having a guy like me) because I’m in a place of not obsessing over it. I’m just like, that’s cool. It’s only taken me forever to reach this point of zen.


I’m an angel. And here I am with Sonya!


It seems like divine timing. When I sold my car to that guy a while back and he thought I was sexy, it triggered the last vestiges of my insane insecurities. So now, I’m in a better place for Georg to like me. I can’t imagine anything better!



Okay, so now it’s tomorrow, early afternoon. I slept quite soundly and am refreshed. We’re going out soon, and I’m really excited. I feel guilty about this, but I’ve been wondering if I should exclude Sonya, but:

  1. I don’t want to hurt her feelings, and
  2. It would require social energy that I don’t have right now to ask Sonya to stay home and then tell Georg it will just be the two of us. (I have minimal amounts of social energy), and
  3. Georg would have to come here instead of us meeting him someplace, and I’m not sure I want to make him go out of his way like that! (I don’t know my way around Prague, except to buy bread by myself at the corner shop, which I’m very proud of. Go Meg, Go! Buy that bread.)

So my instinct is to do nothing. However. I am going to urge Sonya to disappear if the opportunity arises for Georg and me to continue on and Sonya to come back home. If she can give me spare house keys, I have her address memorized. (Good thing I filled out that travel form.)

I can’t even imagine how dreadful this timing sort of is. Today’s Sunday, and I’m supposed to fly home on Tuesday. That means that tomorrow, I have to get a dreaded coronavirus test, gosh darn it. I suspect they’re painful and probing. I had no clue, but apparently the US won’t let me back in without one, even though I’ve been vaccinated.

Or, as Sonya pointed out, I could extend my stay. This is doable because I could claim some sort of coronavirus travel issue to the airlines, who’ve become more flexible due to this. For example, I could claim that I can’t handle the coronavirus test (which is probably true) because the US is going to quit requiring it (allegedly) as of November 8th. It’s a lot to think about. But it would be worth it, because this never happens to me. It just doesn’t. I want to italicize that, but my Bluetooth mouse is floating around in my luggage at present. THIS NEVER HAPPENS TO ME. There we go.

He’s a dreamboat. I don’t really have a type, since I’m drawn to inner qualities, but he’s like a European god, or something. He looks like I think Zeus would look, sans the lightning bolt. Ladies, I could do a lot worse. A lot.

Call me a sucker for heartfelt sentiment, but he likes my memoir. (He’s read the first third of it.) And parts of it made him cry. (It’s pretty sad. I can’t argue with that.)

While discussing someone else’s book, there was a scene where a woman found a severed goat’s head in her bed, as a political threat, or something. The man with her was very blasé about it and acted like it was a prank. Georg was describing, in detail, that a good man would be physically present, give her a nice hug, and then remove her from the house so she could sleep elsewhere for a while. That sort of thing just stirs my heartstrings, ya know?

If I postpone my trip,  it can’t be for long. Among other reasons, my dad has a trial in November that he’s stressed out about. I’d need to be there and offer support in any way possible, but primarily he’d be unable to take out the dog in the morning, and that sort of thing. And he might need me to be on hand to do internet stuff, since he doesn’t use a computer (much less a cellphone). The last thing I’d do would be to give my dad the shaft, so I ought to ask when exactly his trial starts. I can’t recall.

It seems like I’ve come full circle. The first time I visited Sonya was three years ago, and then two years ago. (Not last year due to coronavirus.) Three years ago, I met a mutual friend of Sonya’s named Nate, who rejected me romantically; and it sent me into a tailspin. As Sonya puts it, I “slept it off,” which is funny, because I kept waking up, sobbing to her about how unhappy I was, and then going back to sleep. She kept saying supportive things, and then returned to working on her computer. Sonya’s the best.

When I returned home from that trip, I was a total mess. It took me forever to get it together.

Then when I visited two years ago, the same thing happened; just not in person, but with an internet friend of mine. He also rejected me, which is sort of the story of my life… thus far. I was broken up over it, but I tried to keep it together, and I did a slightly better job of it than with Nate.

In the past two years since then, I met my mentor, who is an amazing person. He’s lifted me up to this point of self-value in which I actually think, hey, if a guy’s not into me, it’s not personal, and maybe the next guy will be. We should all have such great mentors, am I right?!

So I’ve been making new friends here! Another new friend is Katherine, who’s also in the writer’s group; and Mike and Max, from the same. Oh, got to run! We’re going out soon! Wish me a fun time!

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