I’m done with my room! YAY!

So, I’m leaving town the day after tomorrow!! I’ve been working tirelessly on cleaning my room and rearranging the furniture, and as of right now, it’s all done! I’m glad I tackled it, because it has made the time go by. And it was worth it, because my room looks great right now.

Only one photo came out all that well. Although it looks awesome up here, I’m not great at pictures. Hold on…


On the left is a small table I made. The larger piece with the TV on it was made by my late grandfather Ed. Now, he had it painted mustard yellow, so I disassembled it, painted it rainbow, and then put it all back together. It used to be a hideous monstrosity in the basement, but now I love it!

Okay, I did some photo cropping:


Here’s my bed with the bookshelf I made abutting it! The bookshelf has pretty brown floral wallpaper on its back! My bed isn’t neatly made, and this isn’t a great photo, but that’s my favorite blanket! (I’ll let you all try to guess why.) My mom got it for me for Christmas in 2017, if I recall.


Here’s a sitting area! You can see part of the large dog we have. That’s about a third or a fourth of her.


I made the white chest (it has interior storage) and the rainbow table next to it! The rainbow table has pipe legs, which is hard to see in the photo. (I certainly didn’t make the legs! I bought them on Amazon and attached them via their plates.) That’s my exercise machine obscuring the other furniture. I’ve had those flowers for twenty or twenty-five years now, so they were definitely worth whatever I paid for them!

So now, after all my hard work, I have a great area up here for writing my NaNovel this November. YAY! So everything’s going great!

I’ll be on here blogging during vacay to capture the fun experience as it unfolds. I bought a bluetooth keyboard and mouse set to use with the tablet that Sonya always loans me. (She said it doesn’t have normal plug-in ports.) I know I’ll be on vacay, but I intend to work on my memoir there. I’ll be meeting and hanging out with her writers group, and I’ll need to edit my submissions for them and beta read their submissions, hence the keyboard and mouse.

It’ll be fun to be at the computer in a different environment. I love Sonya’s apartment. Outside are schoolchildren playing behind a local school. It’s such a pleasant atmosphere. The building’s gorgeous, and so is the street. Last time I visited, she and I took nightly walks through some woods near a restaurant and up a hill. It was always great fun. Sometimes that’s all we did, if she had to work, or whatever. I’m not brave enough to venture out on my own yet, and that’s another reason to be glad I’ll have internet.

I haven’t been getting enough sleep because I’ve been waking up too early. So much excitement! I’m hoping I can stay asleep on travel day until 10:30 AM. Toward that goal, tomorrow I’m going to hit the gym once or twice. If that doesn’t wear me out, I don’t know what will. Today I woke up at 8:00 and was conked. Fortunately, I fell back to sleep. I feel fine now, but I don’t want to be sleep-deprived during travel!

My flight doesn’t leave until 2:45 PM. I intend to arrive around two to three hours prior. I’ll take a shower first, because Sonya’s showerhead is broken. But I like the way she thinks. She’s going to get a man to come over and fix it while we’re both there so we can have someone to flirt with. [Nods.] Nice! She even says you can rent a “husband” for household tasks in Prague. I’d love that!

Well, I hope everyone out there is having a great day!

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