Random updates!

I’ve got a few pieces of good news, but none of this is that exciting!

First of all, I’ve been wearing my hearing aids all the time, and I’ve adjusted to them pretty well. There are a few things about them that I don’t like, but for the most part, they’re great!

Also, I’ve actually been sleeping better ever since I started wearing the mouthguard. I love that thing! It enables me to bite my teeth together, which I can’t do without it because my teeth aren’t remotely lined up. Go figure.

And I went to the bank and put a travel notice on my debit card, and they were freakin’ nice to me and didn’t accuse me of identity theft. How lovely! And the nice man wished me happy travels. My credit card has lost my business that I was going to throw their way by using it primarily in Prague. Oh well! This is why good customer service is essential. The bank has my loyalty now; it’s in, and the credit card is out, points toward LL Bean merch be damned.

I’ve been working myself to death to deep-clean my room. I’m motivated by my upcoming travels, because I want to come home to a nice, tidy, cozy room where I can write a great NaNovel for NaNoWriMo in November.

I’ve still been hard at work on my memoir, and Sonya’s writers group has been incredibly helpful. The only issue is that one beta reader doesn’t like the stream of consciousness writing. I wouldn’t call it stream of consciousness writing. But what she means is that I drift from topic to topic, whereas I should have better transitions or segues; and I need to focus on the larger scenes instead of throwing small random tidbits in there. With that in mind, I’m going to do another whole edit after this one where I highlight subject changes and focus on what to include and what not to include, or what to expand upon, etc.

I’m so excited to travel next week that there aren’t words! YAY! And I’ll get to meet the writers in Sonya’s writers group who’ve been following my tragicomic life story. That should be interesting. I’ll be attending writers meetings in person! The area Sonya holds the meetings is awesome. It actually has a loft in it. I might sneak away to it if I’m sleepy and need to catch up on my rest from travel.

I hope everyone out there is having a great day!

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