I hate my birthname.

My mentor has been trying to get me to be less, ahem, reactive to people who call me M-word. It’s like if someone says, “Am I speaking to [M-word] Kimball?” my reaction tends to be, “DIE!!!”

A photo of Mommie Dearest here would be good.


So I read an internet article about what to do if you hate your name. (Because the internet has resources for everything!) And some of the suggestions were obvious: use a nickname (I had my name legally changed to Meg, so I’ve already thought of that), change your name entirely, etc.

But one suggestion caught my attention: change the spelling of your name. And I had some weird moment of inner awareness.

My birthname is spelled M-E-G-H-A-N. I don’t like it. It seems smug, ingratiating, and ugly. When I was a kid I liked the six letters, one for each rainbow color, but that was about it. I liked the silent-H, because why not? But I don’t know.

I don’t care for M-E-G-A-N, either. It’s too trendy and “cool girl”. There was a girl in my class at school named Megan McCall, and she was all that: carried a purse, wore makeup, had a nice figure, hung out with the cool kids, you get the picture. I think she looked down on me with cool disdain.

Also, I feel that the M-E-G-A-N spelling isn’t balanced right with Kimball. I’m not sure why.

And then it occurred to me. I love M-E-G-G-Y-N! It’s cute, snuggly, fun, and playful, just like me. It’s like the name you’d give to a frisky puppy dog. Also, if you take off the N, you get Meggy.

Have I hated my name for the past nineteen years because of its spelling?! Meggyn is so cutes.

I have no idea what to do with this insight, but for starters, if anyone calls me M-word I’ll try to picture it in my mind as being the Meggyn spelling.

This is awesome and could be life-changing. I’m lucky to have such a wonderful mentor!

5 thoughts on “Weirdness!

  1. Names are so funny. I actually like my birthname – first, middle, and last – such that I didn’t want to change in when I got married. But my initials are terrible!
    Luckily, my sister made a portmanteau of mine and my husband’s last names (that starts with the first letter of his last name) and told all the relatives we both legally changed our last name to the fictional one she made up. It was amusing/annoying at first because they totally believed her. The upside though was that when it was my cousin’s bachelorette and she was ordering t-shirts with everyone’s initials, I gave her my fake initials using my sister’s invented fake last name since the initials were better.
    Anyway, I am glad you found a way to reframe your name!

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    1. HA HA HA! I wonder what your initials are! It would be awful to have bad initials!! 😀 I can’t believe everyone fell for the portmanteau! Wow, your sister sounds hilarious! I’m glad you got the T-shirt with the better initials! 😀 HA HA HA! And you’re right–names are funny!! 😀

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  2. Wow, that’s an interesting idea! I do think Meggyn looks way more like you than the “M-word” does, “M-Word” is too, hmm, cool-kid-normal (I actually think it’s more cool-kid than Megan) and Meggyn is more spunky, and cute at the same time. I actually don’t think I’ve ever seen this spelling anywhere. I know the author Meg Cabot’s full name is Meggin but Meggyn looks very unique.

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    1. Doesn’t it, though? I have no clue how or where I encountered it, because I googled it and there were almost no search results! 😮 I don’t know how I came to know of Meggyn. [Shrug.] Strange mystery! We have a celebrity named Megyn Kelly, but I don’t like that spelling either, even though it’s similar. Huh. Yeah, I agree about how the main spellings are too “cool kid”! Ugh!! Well, you know I totally agree with you that parents should feel their baby’s energy before choosing a name!! AAUGH! It should be a legal requirement, or something! 😀 I didn’t know that about Meg Cabot! Huh!!

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      1. Yeah, Megyn looks familiar, Meggyn not so much. I also like to Google words that my brain makes up, be it names or neologisms or phrases or stuff and the less results come up, the happier I am with myself for being so original hahahaha. Sometimes I’ve basically had situations where I searched for something and the only results that Google showed me were instances when I used that word online. 😀
        But hey, if Meggyn is seriously so rare, if you’ll start to go by this name online Google will probably start to like you more and will bring more people to your blog! Now that’s really cool.
        Lol yeah really, it should be regulated somehow about picking names, I mean it doesn’t have to be after birth, because there are tons of parents who are weirdly awesome at picking the most accurate names for their children without having ever seen them, but it should be monitored how much actual thought they put into it. It’d be difficult to execute though I guess.

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