Rockin’ that fortnight!

I had a huge boon yesterday with the garage project. I woke up and went outside, where I discovered that the morning recyclers hadn’t come yet, as it was broad daylight and no one’s bins were emptied. Delighted, I checked several local bins and found extra room in them, so I carried my stacks of cardboard panels I’ve been making in the garage (cut from old cardboard boxes) and deposited them in our neighbors’ bins. Then, on the off-chance that the recyclers would take a huge amount from our house, I stacked all the piles remaining on top of (and around) our tiny recycling bin. An hour later, it was all gone! And now morale has improved for the project.

Morale was down because:

  • It’s a huge undertaking, as I’ve only done about half the boxes so far,
  • $475 out of the $500 my dad’s paying me is being allotted to dentistry (gee, Meg, merry Christmas), and
  • It’s just a mess out there, and I keep feeling hopeless about it.

But today I hope to get a lot of it done. At this exact moment, I’m checking my email (officially) and procrastinating (unofficially). Not to give the wrong idea. My dad doesn’t care when I get it done. (However, we are being strong-armed by a neighbor who just listed his house for sale. Can’t say that I blame him.) My dad’s a great “employer”, as it were. I’m mostly self-motivated. I also keep the whole house clean because my dad doesn’t like to clean. I have no issue with this since his house is a nice place to live, and he doesn’t complain when the house gets dirty, so I can clean at my own pace.

The only time he puts pressure on me (about as gently as can be imagined–“Don’t forget about my brief!” or, “Have you started my brief yet?”) is when I’m doing a legal doc for him that’s due in the court’s office. I always manage to prioritize those projects.

But anyway, I’d like to get it done long before I go to Prague in two weeks and five days. (Not that I’m counting!) (Okay, yes I am.) The recyclers come every two weeks, so if I can prepare the rest of the boxes within a fortnight, to be put out right before I leave town, that would rock. (And by the way, I’m not British, so that’s the first time in my life that I’ve ever used that word!! Oh my gosh, FORTNIGHT! Go Meg! Ooooh, blog post title!) I also need to put out a few more items for this weekend’s semiannual large junk pickup and then clean the garage floor.

Well, I ought to get to it. It’s a beautiful day, so I’ve got to make it happen here. Pep talk! You can do it, Meg! Okay, I’ve got this. I be rockin’ this fortnight!

I hope everyone out there is having a great day!! ❤ ❤ ❤

4 thoughts on “Rockin’ that fortnight!

      1. That’s so funny! I wonder which other words this applies to! So if I asked when you’re going to Prague, you wouldn’t say “in a fortnight”, you’d say “in two weeks’ time”? I wonder if Australians say fortnight. Google says they do (I’ve gone down the wormhole now!!)

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      2. HAHA HA HA! I should ask my mentor! He’s Australian!!

        You’re close! Americans would say, “In two weeks!” They’d find saying, “In two weeks’ time,” to be too formal! 😀 But yeah!! Personally, I love it when there’s a word for something, you know? As a writer, I’m always googling reverse definitions, like “word for someone in their forties” or “word for four-sided pyramid”. And I LOVE British spelling. It’s so much more accurate than American! Judgement, travelled, pyjamas, etc.

        I’ll save you from the wormhole! I’ll throw you a rope!! 😀


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