A poem!

DSC00100 (2)

An Ode to Mr. Kitty

(by Meg Β© 2021)

Why a dead mouse,
Mr. Kitty, why, oh why?
Here in my house,
and you’ve got no alibi!

Bad little cat,
you’re a naughty little fiend!
Bad pussycat,
little mouse was guillotined.

You made me scream,
shriek and wail and call for help.
Like a bad dream,
my dad didn’t hear me yelp.

Fast, sound asleep,
he could not quite hear my cries.
Or hear me weep
as I saw those bugged-out eyes.

Why bring me mice,
Mr. Kitty, why? You jerk!
I’ve told you twice,
roadkill makes me go berzerk.

Bad little cat,
you’re a fiend and a true foe.
Bad little cat,
spare me please the blow-by-blow.

You saw him near,
and he ran, so you gave chase.
You bit his rear,
now he’s in a higher place.

You going down.
You a naughty little cat.
You’d better frown,
for the judge is one huge rat.

You are on trial
for your mean obstacle race.
This makes me smile:
OJ Simpson murder case.

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