Much ado about nothing!

So, my dad’s downstairs on the phone now trying to talk some sense into my mother and disentangle me from this mess. I just found out that my mom’s ex-BF will be there, and that he’s very unhappy at being forced to find a new place to live. (Dude, maybe you shouldn’t have dumped my mother. Not that anyone could blame you.)

Her ex, Mark, is someone who I don’t feel safe around, but I think it’s all in my head. Picture it: late January, 2018. My mother fell down the stairs under mysterious circumstances. I don’t think Mark had anything to do with it. I suspect my sister. But anyway, while my mother was comatose, stroke-ridden, and recovering from traumatic brain injuries, Mark asked me out.

Now, I know that everyone keeps telling me that it was an innocent attempt of his to get to know one of his girlfriend’s kids better. Quality time, and all that. But it felt wrong to me. Very, very wrong. And now my mom wants me to hang out at her Maine cottage with her and Mark, now broken up, while Mark’s in a devil of a mood and might possibly be into me? AAUGH!

But, between you and me, my dad said he’d call my mom and try to change her mind if I came up here and worked on a legal doc for my dad. Obviously, I’m not working on his legal doc right now. That can be kept a secret.

I mean, on the one hand it would be an adventure.

Meg, don’t keep considering it. You need to protect yourself here. Even if Mark has good intentions…

Right, I’m more afraid of my mother. Picture it: late winter or early spring of 2015. My mom took me on the road to visit her family in Indiana. Things went awry. On the drive there, my mom kept baiting me, and I kept blowing her off. Like this:

“You owe your father HOW MUCH MONEY?!”

“Relax, woman. I’m paying him back.”

“But… but… but… our lives are ruined!” (That’s my mom’s catchphrase.)

I shrugged.

It was a lot of stuff like that. After the visit, we returned to her property in Indiana, and she was going to take me home the next day. She’d picked me up in Louisville so I wouldn’t have to drive.

So, that night, some of her neighbors stopped by to hang out. I tried to be sociable, but after they left, I was braindead. When I enter a state of braindeath, I need days of recovery. But then my mom made me dinner. I couldn’t eat it and kept staring at it.

She threw a hissy. “How dare you not eat this fine meal that I prepared?” She grabbed my plate and hurled it into the sink. “Get out of my sight. I’m warning you! You’re not safe around me, you rotten ingrate.”

Hey, I’m no hero. I freakin’ ran for it and hid upstairs. She kept yelling at me from below the landing. I picked up my mom’s landline phone and called my dad, but my mom intercepted the call by picking up the phone downstairs, thus preventing me from reaching my dad. Perfect.

I dug through my travel bag and found the prepaid flip phone I was using back then. It had, like, two minutes of charge on it, and I hadn’t packed the charger.

“Who are you trying to call, your dad?” she screeched. “You ingrate. Don’t you dare say anything  bad about me or you’ll regret it, you spoiled brat!”

Nice. She was listening in. Okay, no pressure.

I dialed and waited. Pick up, pick up, pick up. Miraculously, my dad picked up. “Hello?”

“Hi. Come and get me.”

“But what–”

“Just come and get me.”

“But why–”

“Just come and get me.”

“But tomorrow–”

“Just come and get me.”

“But why–”

“Just come and get me.”


The phone went dead.

I waited. An hour passed, and there was no sign of my dad. After another half an hour, his car lights were visible in the long drive. I scampered down the stairs and ran outside, where I jumped in his car.

“Do I want to know?” he asked.

“I doubt it, but here it is anyway: she held me hostage. Thanks for coming.”

And we drove home. He explained that he’d gotten turned around and had struggled to find my mom’s property in the dark.

So now my mom wants me to go to Maine with her, which is all the way across the country. I’m having second thoughts.


Oh, good. My dad just rescued me again. He managed to talk my mom out of it! YAY! I’m saved.

I realized one concern I have: that I’ll get stressed to the point of no recovery. Usually when I’m stressed, I spend a few days spaced out and lost in my own peaceful world. But the fear is that I’ll get so stressed out by something–an extended bad experience–that there will be a point of no return. [Shudders.] I’m glad I’m not going to Maine!

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