My story!

I got the go-ahead to share my 100-word microfiction story!! The assignment was to write a story that includes chasing something (however you want to interpret the concept of chasing something) and the word “grow”. It can be in any genre(s). I had one brave guesser (shout-out to Jewish Young Professional!) on my guess-my-genre post, and she was wrong but close. My primary genre was… drumroll, please… sci-fi.

Here’s the story. (The title isn’t counted in its word count.)

On the Wings of a Death

While I’m piloting my biplane, the infinitude soothes my wounds.

The funeral was predictable but tough. He was a decent man, everyone said—lucky to have me.

A disc-shaped craft shimmers up above, its seductive exhaust smelling exactly like his cigars. It zips away, heavenward. I chase it, straining the wings.

I’m losing oxygen, like when he drunkenly lifted me by the neck. “Won’t amount to nothing,” he growled.

The flight controller screams through my headphones, but I push higher, aching. Longing. Choking. Can’t breathe. Closer. I smell him.


All-encompassing warmth. Sticky tears.

“Dad, I always loved you.”


Here’s hoping! The frustrating thing is that I can’t go to the forum and read everyone else’s entries. But this is in my own best interest, since it’s been proven that I can’t handle forums. [I’m making faces at myself.] And my inability to handle forums isn’t something I want to overcome. Just avoid, actually.

This story was based on a true story. When my dad was in high school, he had a friend whose dad had disappeared while in his plane one day, chasing a UFO. There’s a whole Wikipedia article about it. I haven’t read it recently, but one of the pilot’s sons was my dad’s classmate. If my math is right (my dad was born in 1945), then the boy was two or three when his dad died this way. Fascinating.

12 thoughts on “My story!

  1. Love it.
    Regarding the inspiration, I just read the wiki and it’s sad that the guy survived World War II and won a bunch of medals but then died chasing what might have been a classified weather balloon.

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      1. I was thinking the same thing when I wrote it! 😀 Like, this guy’s in a bad headspace from the funeral, and the UFO really took advantage of that–or it was like he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Definite lesson there! And I’m sort of a safety girl in that regard. Like, I won’t operate my table saw if I’m feeling emotional or fatigued. But yeah, it’s definitely best to retire from aviation before senility inevitably kicks in! 😀


  2. This is great! Congratulations on making the final! My understanding is that another writer (Richmond, I think his name was ) missed out on qualifying by a meagre 1 point. So it is to your advantage that such a formidable opponent has been put to one side prior to the final sprint to the line. Don’t expect to be so lucky next time.

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    1. Thank you so much! I was heartbroken for this Richmond person when I saw that he was first honorable mention in his group! But I was too caught up in my own drama at the time to be very sympathetic! Now, we need to get this Richmond person into the upcoming 250 event for a shot at redemption!! I’m considering competing in it from Sonya’s place (round 1). Shall we coax Richmond?


    1. Thanks so much! YAY!

      You make a good point!! [Shrug.] [Nods.] The time will fly by anyway. Apparently, we’re getting the results on or by October 14, which is the day after I leave town to visit Sonya, meaning I’ll be checking her tablet device with religious fervor while sleeping off my travels!! Should be fun!! And if I win or place, she and I can celebrate in Prague! YAY!

      Liked by 1 person

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