Win an Amazon gift card!

Hi everyone! I hope you all are having a great day today. I have a fun contest down below.

I’ve been hard at work on my memoir, and I’ve been getting super-useful feedback from Sonya’s writer’s group. I accepted a long time ago that no one can write a great novel (or novel-length memoir) without other people to point stuff out, like, wait, I need more info there; or, wait, did you just say the opposite was true?; or, hold up, that can be moved up to the previous paragraph; or, you’re waxing with too many metaphors in one sentence; etc., etc. And my beta readers are finding more issues than when I write fiction, presumably because I’m throwing my memories out there without questioning their consistency.

Like, I’ve portrayed my brother as being a well-behaved child. (This part is from when I’m 8 and he’s 6.) So why did my mom drag both of us to the university’s psychology department for psychological testing? I don’t know, but it’s a valid question, so I added that he might’ve been displaying signs of stress that I didn’t pick up on. He was the child who “played the game” and acted how my mom wanted him to act. I was too vehement and passionate to follow that path.

Anyway, I have news about the contest. I realized three hours before the assignments were due to come out that I’d get an email about it if I were still competing. (They take you off the email chain once you’ve been eliminated from the event.) And then, of course, I was a total stress mess right up until 11:59 PM, the scheduled arrival time of said email.

The email wasn’t there. I quit breathing and shut my eyes. Please, God, let the email come. 

I opened my eyes. And then it was there!! YAY!

Whew. Thank you, God, You’re a loving God. 

God bless Charlie! I need to add him to my prayers and well-wishes for a happy life.

The assignment was to write 100 words (or less) including the action of chasing something and the word “grow”. For being in the finals, we were allowed to choose our own genre(s). My secondary genre was drama, just because the story wasn’t comical or lighthearted and was quite serious and depressing. If you all want to guess my primary genre, you’ll win a prize if you guess right! It was among these options:


Crime Caper

Fairy Tale


Ghost Story

Historical Fiction



Political Satire

Science Fiction



Seriously, guess for fun! Oh, but if you beta read for me, no guessing! 😀 (I can’t post the story until all the submissions have been tallied. That will probably occur tomorrow.) But I can post the title! On the Wings of a Death. Oh! And, as per the rules, I can share the first three words:

While I’m piloting […]

You all can use those clues to guess my genre! One guess per person, and the first winner gets a $5 Amazon gift card!

Okay, so, in dieting and weight loss news, my diet’s going pretty well and I’ve successfully made some radical lifestyle shifts. The only problem is that junk food tends to reappear in tiny ways. I’m trying to address that. It doesn’t compare to the huge amound of junk food I used to eat each day, but still. And toward my goal of doing my treadmill routine sixty times before leaving town in early/mid October, I’ve been eight times so far. I’m on track, but I’ll have to keep going religiously three times every two days (like twice one day, once the next, etc.).

It’s important for me to accomplish this because when I get unleashed at the airport, I’ll be like, “Oh boy, SNACK FOOD!! Good thing my flight doesn’t take off for two more hours. So many snacks, so little time.” [Facepalm.] Airports are almost as bad as cruise ships.

I hope everyone’s having a great day!!

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