Paradise is just out of reach.

I’ve been getting used to the hearing aids, by some miracle, and here’s another miracle: yesterday, I was walking the puppy with my dad when a car stopped at a yellow light. The car behind honked at them, so the driver veered off onto a side road to escape the other driver’s wrath. The honking driver said, and I quote, “[Bleep]ing moron! [Insert the Son of God’s first name here]!” And I heard him loud and clear! I couldn’t believe it! I heard what he said!

At first I thought nothing of it, but then I realized that without the hearing aids, I wouldn’t have heard him. It would’ve been yet another moment of convincing myself that, as a stranger, whatever he said was unimportant. But to be honest, I’ve grown sick of convincing myself of that. I deserve to hear what people are saying! And now I can. That’s a thing of beauty.

That might sound like an odd miracle, and obviously the universe has a sense of humor here, but you all don’t know what it’s like to forever be unable to know what other people are saying, to never be able to eavesdrop, to never know what other people talk about together, and to feel so left out. It’s not that I want to be nosy, but as a writer I need to know how people talk so I can write realistic dialogue, and I’ve never really been able to pick up on it before.

I’ve decided to wear them whenever I leave the house for any reason. So I’ll find them a hub location downstairs where I can place them on a sock for padding when I’m not wearing them.

Ballet class killed me. I don’t have any injuries (that I know of), but my leg muscles have felt really odd all week and I think it’s hard on my bones and joints to spend quality time in ballet shoes instead of shoes with good sole support. My physique can’t even handle minimal impact, and the only jumping we did was minimal and at the very end of class. But even the slightest impact from sports messes up my body, included (but not limited to) when I walk around in shoes that don’t have adequate support. (I need the sort of support you’d find in Skechers Shape-Ups or any hiking shoes.)

(Good thing I didn’t wear my toe shoes. As if!)

But I dragged my home gym up here to my room from the basement. I figure I’ll be more likely to use it with close proximity. I’m sure there’s some truth to that. (I hope.) After eliminating exercise forms that involve impact, I can choose from the following options:

  • Riding my bike. It’s a basic one-speed, so I’d have to stay in flat terrain.
  • Ice skating. But the main local rink is across town. (The nearby one isn’t open this time of year.)
  • Muscle exercises with my home gym (or with small weights, or at the gym, etc.).
  • Speed-walking uphill on the gym’s treadmill, but no running.

I could go swimming, too, but there’s a lot of heartache there. I live within walking distance of an actual rock quarry in which they built an outdoor pool. It’s like a tropical oasis. However, membership is limited to people who live a block closer than I do. Be still my broken heart. I’m sorry, but I’m not motivated to go to a boring, indoor, rectangular pool knowing that I could be swimming in a tropical paradise if my address were slightly different. Just stab me in the heart, Lakeside!


Here’s a photo of it. Yeah. Is it wrong that I want to go back in time and get my dad to pick a different house, closer to Lakeside? I love this house otherwise, especially since I’ve rainbowfied it, but… sigh.

To be completely honest, I’m opposed to exclusivity anyway. I think it’s morally wrong to only admit my neighbors instead of the general paying public. That’s a big part of the reason that I haven’t tried to get a neighbor to sponsor me. (You can be sponsored by someone who lives within the radius.) But also, I don’t want to be “that person” who harasses the neighbors into sponsoring them. Furthermore, what if they expect a level of bribery? AAUGH.

Oh, right, I was discussing exercise options. Anyway, yeah, exercise options. I just need to try harder. I’ve gotten my eating under control by some miracle, but now I need to exercise myself to death in order to lose weight. Go Meg, go!!

11 thoughts on “Paradise is just out of reach.

    1. That’s not bad advice! Slow and steady!! Good thinking, thanks!! [Thumbs-up.] I guess you’re right!! And for sure, it’s cruel that I can’t use the pool! (Did that rhyme?)

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  1. I’m glad you’re getting used to the hearing aide and enjoying its benefits! I love your rainbowifying. When you post pics of your room / house I always like, “pretty!”
    When I go to the gym (which I have not done in forever) I only walk uphill on the treadmill for exercise. I think that running and jogging is the most ridiculous thing ever. One builds muscle and sheds weight walking on a steep incline, without damaging joints by running. I have never known a runner who did not develop knee issues and subsequently had to stop running. It’s such a ridiculous activity, in my eyes. And, it sucks too!

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    1. Also if you make the incline as steep as possible, you don’t even have to walk fast. You’ll still sweat and feel it walking at a slow moderate pace. If you want to try that out sometime. I used to put it on incline level 15 (highest) and just slowly walk uphill for 25 minutes.

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    2. Wow, you and I think alike! Same here with wanting to avoid impact of running. My typical treadmill routine is to go at 4-degrees incline, at 3.2 mph, for 40 minutes. I know what you mean about the immediate and obvious benefit of going really steep uphill, and my gym’s highest is also 15-degrees. I ought to mix it up some again and do that–go at 15-degrees but slower. No reason not to! And it’s so low-impact, yeah!!

      Ohhhh, thanks for liking the rainbows!! YAY! Nothing makes me happier than bright cheery colors everywhere!!

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      1. The way you do the incline is more sensible for easing back into the gym. I have a mild masochist streak, so even as a beginner (all over again) I will tend to do a brief warm-up walking flat for a few minutes, then I crank that baby up to 12 ir 15 degrees and just deal with the suffering and maybe enjoy it a little bit. It’s very challenging because you’re essentially walking up hill. But after a few days or a week it gets easier. But I am getting older every day so when I go to the gym again I think I will do less of an incline. Especially since I can no longer inhale food like I used to 😆🤣. It pays to be realistic, I think.


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