Oh no! Someone let Meg out of her cage again!

Bad morning. I woke up too early, and I was still feeling tired when my dad woke up and we walked the doggie. Up the street, we passed a woman pushing a double stroller with two kids in it. And then a man walking a beagle-sized dog came around the corner.

I immediately went into self-defense position by separating my feet on the pavement, leaning on my back leg, and holding LuLu’s leash with both hands. This was all I could do. The woman with kids was blocking my escape route right behind me. There was no other way out! (I know, right? This sounds like a horror movie. Almost. There were no snakes.)

So the man with the dog just stared at me for a long time, and then he tried to inch around me and LuLu. Well, LuLu was having none of it, and she kept lunging for him and his little dog. (Really, she just wanted to play. She’s a huge, ninety-pound lover. But still.)

The woman with kids turned and started laughing at my predicament. “Ohh, does the puppy want to play? Does the puppy want to play?”

I couldn’t reply because all of my energy was being used to control my dog and to maintain my singular focus on such. So my dad started talking to her in order to be polite.

Meanwhile, the man with the dog was still trying to inch past us. Um, buddy, it’s not going to end well.

My dad took action and grabbed Lulu’s leash at the midpoint and started dragging LuLu (and me) up the sidewalk in an effort to pass the double stroller. But I turned and saw that the dogwalker was finally crossing the street! Whew.

So I turned around with LuLu and called out to my dad, “He crossed the street! He has morals after all.”

The man heard me and started yelling at me.

“Oh, shut up,” I yelled. “You’re a horrible person.”

(Should I try coffee? I’ve never been able to develop a taste for it.)

So then as Codger and I were walking up Dundee, I went on and on about how awful that guy was to not take the initiative to turn around with his dog or cross the street. Now, rationally I understand that LuLu’s inability to greet other dogs is entirely our responsibility and not that of other dogwalkers. But I’d left rationality behind.

So then we turned onto Harvard and that man with his dog greeted us by entering Harvard from a block up. He saw us and immediately raced across the street.

“Oh, he came back,” I told my dad loudly. “And he’s crossing the street! Smart man.”

Naturally this caused him to start yelling at me again, so I told him off. “Shut up!” I yelled. “I don’t care about you. Drop dead.”

Then we dropped LuLu off at home and proceeded to take a longer walk without her. (She’s a lazy large doggie.) At the main intersection of Douglass Boulevard and Bardstown Road, several cars careened through the red light as usual. I pointed at them and shook my head, and one of them honked at me. That elicited a thumbs-down from me. Not cool.

At the end of our walk, while we were crossing Douglass Boulevard, a young woman turning left almost ran over me. She came within two inches of me, and I felt the wind of her car; and with the direction I was walking, I had no clue she was there until it was too late. She barely missed me. Now, she got the finger. Under the circumstances, I don’t think anyone would blame me for that.

The problem persists in my neighborhood of bad driving being tolerated. Drivers are encouraged by a total lack of police presence toward these matters to not stop at stop signs and to not stop at red lights and to not yield safely to pedestrians. It’s an accident (or several) waiting to happen. I get that murders and violence are “worse”, but at this point, if I were to get run over, I’d be more than willing to sue the city for gross and negligent incompetence. This has been going on for several years now, since way before the pandemic, and safety is an important issue.

It’s also frustrating to live in a world where people laugh at my dog’s inability to behave. Like it’s freakin’ funny somehow? I can see being peeved by it or feeling nervous, but laughter? It’s like, please quit laughing and blocking the sidewalk so I can deal with this. Thank you. Aside from the mother walking her kids, I’ve encountered dogwalkers too who observe LuLu’s issues and start to laugh. Wow. I don’t get the joke, but I’m guessing it’s on me.

8 thoughts on “Oh no! Someone let Meg out of her cage again!

  1. I wonder if people might be laughing at Lulu in an attempt to smooth over her behaviour and not make it a big deal, and then are too clueless to realize the effect that it’s having. A former in-person friend of mine had a St. Bernard that she had no control over. Partly it was that the dog was big and playfully, but this was a consistent pattern with multiple dogs this friend had, so I’m pretty sure a lot of it was her. Anyway, I’d occasionally go for walks with her and the dog, and I was always a bit surprised at how other people laughed off the dog’s bad behaviour, because I blamed my friend.

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    1. That makes sense!! I’ve never been a social “laugher” like that. I think in a lot of ways my mind works differently than others’ about how I’m supposed to act socially, and that sort of thing. It’s weird!!

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  2. Oh geez. That’s a crappy morning, my dear. What with my new chronic anxiety, I can kind of feel a little bit how you would have felt in that moment. And it’s quite unpleasant. Here is hoping your day (or night) gets better. Most people deal with the grossness of coffee by loading it up with cream and sugar. I’m not sure if you can have sugar though? I remember kidney stones and problems with artificial sugars. Incidentally, if one can manage to drink coffee with no sugar, it’s supposed to prevent kidney stones all together. I think because it eats calcium or something.

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    1. Wow, I didn’t know that about coffee and kidney stones!! Thanks for the tip! But yeah, I can’t seem to like it at all!! 😀 Thanks for the support!! I feel sorta bad for being mean to the dogwalker, but he must’ve been completely clueless, I guess!! I wish you weren’t struggling with anxiety. I hate-hate-hate anxiety with a passion. It hurts, ya know? My day has gotten better, though! I think. I got new hearing aids, but so far they’re just really driving me crazy. My keyboard is too loud!! AAUGH!!

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      1. Oh jeez. Yeah, I can see how if you are feeling sensitive and on edge, hearing aids that work a little too well would be a problem. But I am glad to hear that your day has gotten better.

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      2. YAY!! Thank you!!! Not to sound weirdly superstitious, but I have strange issues whenever it’s Tuesday the 13th. You can’t make this stuff up. 😮 I’m blogging now about the hearing aids issue, and it’s helping me feel better about it!!


    1. That’s brilliant!! And it makes perfect sense! Ugh, hindsight!! I’ll run that by my dad in case the situation recurs. And I think you’re right about being angrier at the woman. I’m feeling guilt for being so awful to the dogwalker. AAUGH. (Well, really, Meg, you only have yourself to blame if you feel guilty.) [Facepalm.] I hope you’re having a great day!!

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