Time for Tarot! (6-2-21)

DSC00097Hi, everyone! Here’s how this works: use your intuition to pick an item from the above image. Today we have an ice cube who’s wearing glass earmuffs, a blue elephant, and a glass fish. These are timeless readings, meaning they’ll apply whenever you read them and not just when I post them.

I can’t promise that all of my readings will have a section that resonates with you! Some will, some won’t. These are general readings, so you really never know! If you’re interested in a you-specific reading, feel free to contact me at zeldas_lullaby@yahoo.com. And you can find all my Tarot readings here.

The cute ice cube!

The opening cards tell me you’re a strong person and a real survivor. You’re being asked to question your actions and the reasons behind them.

There’s been conflict in your life, and what I’m sensing is that it involves your codependency plus someone else’s addiction. You know on some level that you need to strengthen your boundaries and not be influenced into doing things that feel wrong to you. You see a lot of potential in this person, but the person has given into indulgence and might need professional help. I get the sense that you’re overly empathizing with, and relating to, this person’s addictions or bad habits (if lesser than addiction), and here’s your thinking: you’d want someone to be there for you the way you’re there for this other person.

The cards are urging you to attend some of those meetings for loved ones. (Is it Al-Anon? I really ought to know.) You’ve got to take the tried-and-true approach by going to some meetings and hearing what they teach. You feel powerless from the dynamic between you and this person, but you aren’t without power. You’ve just got to take the right action here. Your desire to nurture and care for this person are being made a mockery of because those beautiful qualities of yours won’t fix this. Don’t let that hurt your self-esteem! You’re a wonderful and very caring person. But yeah, the cards are definitely urging a traditional approach with the Hierophant upright, who represents traditional structures (such as Al-Anon or any other relevant organization in this case). That’s a clear message that you needn’t and shouldn’t go it alone, nor try to reinvent the wheel. Other people know what to do in this situation. Take advantage of their knowledge!

I’m hopeful that your oracle cards, which I haven’t looked at yet, will offer some advice here. But we’ve already got the great advice about going to the meetings, so we might be ahead of the game with this Tarot reading.

Okay, yeah, the first oracle card is urging you to gather information and become informed. Internet research and reading other people’s testimonies could be helpful here, as could buying some self-help books and consulting professionals. You’ve got to find out how to quit enabling the person you care so much about. If you think that loving and nurturing them will get it done, I’m sorry. It’s not looking good. The next oracle card says, “You are loved… and never alone.” It urges you to open up to your loved ones about what’s going on here, and answers will become clear. There are so many people who care about you and want to help or offer insight! If you’re concerned about violating the addict’s privacy, there are ways to discuss things discreetly with close confidantes!

You’ve got to know your own strength and power! You can’t take responsibility for the addict, but you have the ability to create your own life as you wish. That mirror thing you’re doing where you see yourself in the addict, and you see the addict in you, is compassionate and empathic, but turn it toward your own life! You aren’t addicted. You should be able to take the energy you’ve been spending on enabling and put that energy into yourself. I’m also seeing that you might not be on the addict’s wavelength anymore, and it might be time to forge new relationships. I’m not telling you to break up with the addict. That’s up to you. But I do think you should forge some relationships with people who are on your level at present and have your mindset and common interests. You deserve to feel connected to others, and I sense you’ve been lonely lately. This is counter to what the other oracle card said about how you’re not alone, but I suspect there’s some truth to both perspectives. Maybe you have family you can talk to, but that’s not the same as close friends. Regardless of what these juxtaposed cards are trying to tell me, there’s an emphasis on how you should focus on other existing relationships and/or forge other new relationships.

Hmm… maybe the last two oracle cards can shine some light on this… Oh wow, these cards are gorgeous, and I’ve never drawn either one before. Okay, yeah. The first is urging you to quit obsessing over the situation because that’s not helpful. You’ve got to get out of your headspace and take the pressure off yourself to fix it for everyone. That’s not your job. Take action! Research, talk to someone, that sort of thing. But don’t sit around stressing and straining your brain. And oh, this last card is wonderful. It’s reminding you that you have a whole cadre of helpers in the spirit world who are seeing you through this. So, you’re really never alone, even if you’re lonely. They’ve got your back and are supporting your every move. Please don’t feel alone or ever give up hope! I’m wishing you the best, too! God bless!

The blue elephant!

I can tell that this is going to be a relationship reading. If you’ve never seen Cheers, I highly recommend binge-watching it. Sam and Diane couldn’t get along to save themselves, but they sure did try! I think a modern-day relationship guru would advise Sam and Diane to read about love languages—i.e., the different ways that people express their love for each other. I drew the card with Sam and Diane on it from my self-made pop-culture deck, so I’m sensing some gender differences in expression going on here and causing problems in communication.

To say you’ve been feeling frustrated would be an understatement. You’ve been doing all the work in your relationship. Like, all of it. And you think you’re not doing enough! Like, gee, I should try harder. I wish you wouldn’t talk to yourself that way, because I think you’re wrong. It’s not all on you (or, rather, it shouldn’t be) to carry the relationship. You have the rather naïve idea that the relationship will work out, but… I’m not sure. Your significant other has NOT been carrying their weight. And this is going to lead to the mother of all blowups, because you’re about to blow your top. I sense this will be precipitated by your significant other’s decision to do something so selfish and so demanding and so petulant that you’ll be dumbstruck by how out of hand the situation has gotten. Cue explosion. Kaboom.

In the aftermath, you’ll actually feel relieved to have spoken up. This is healthy and actually quite good. But your significant other will become manipulative and will behave worse, which will help you see that the relationship might be unsalvageable. It’s going to be an eye-opening experience. Let’s put it that way.

(If you chose this reading and feel that your significant other isn’t carrying their weight but only in a temporary sense, then this isn’t your reading. The energy I’m picking up on here is of someone who habitually and without remorse makes their significant other carry the whole load, all the freakin’ time. I felt it best to clarify that before proceeding.)

You’ll have to spend some time reclaiming your sense of self and licking your wounds, and it would be a good time to just check in with yourself, watch some movies, and get centered in who you are. Not too long after, you’ll feel inspired again to get back on the dating horse, and life will be okay.

Let’s look at your oracle cards! This first one is urging you to develop some healthy objectivity here because a lot of this isn’t actually about you. In other words, I really sense that the finger of blame should be pointed away from you. Try to keep your sense of humor about this situation, and definitely blog about it—very therapeutic. What I am seeing that’s your issues here, is that you have a slight victim mentality and/or some martyrdom tendencies. When you process this relationship, you’ve got to ask yourself why you kept giving and giving and giving with no reciprocity. You deserve better!! Which aspect of yourself doesn’t believe that?

The next set of oracle cards is questioning why things have to go horribly wrong (i.e., why does there have to be a horrible argument?) for you to walk away from this relationship. In other words, why do you need a precipitating event for you to break up? Can’t you leave the relationship now simply and solely because it’s imbalanced? Are you staying with your person out of habit? Do you feel stuck, like it would be “wrong” to leave the relationship without a blowout fight? These things are all worth thinking about. And you don’t want to stay in a relationship simply because it’s your only romantic prospect at present. If you deserve better, then you deserve better! Period, end of story. (Spoiler: and you do deserve better.) Please don’t let your fears of singledom prevent the chips from falling where they may. And if/when you find yourself single, be strong and powerful! Attract someone into your life who’s worthy of you.

We have some great spiritual insight from my last set of oracle cards. You’re experiencing an awakening! You’re awakening to your own worth and your own value, and to what you deserve within a relationship. This often involves changes or losses of relationships that are no longer in alignment with your values (i.e., not good enough for you). Getting to that point is going to require that you go through a dark night of the soul. For a while, you might not see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s there. You’re transforming into the most beautiful version of yourself, and it’s a process that deserves to be honored and respected. So absolutely don’t be too hard on yourself. It feels awful, but it’s a huge sign of progress!! Go you! Now, live it!

The glass fish!

Your life is going well in a practical sense. You’ve got enough money (and maybe more!), and you’re feeling confident and secure. But emotionally there are some issues. I suspect you might be in love with someone who’s in a relationship with someone else. You’ve got everything else that life has to offer, but this one thing you want more than anything. Nothing else can distract you: not shopping for new things, not watching new television programs, not reaching other goals, nothing. You’re hung up on being single, and before you can start to feel bad about yourself, it’s uncanny how strongly I can relate to this reading. So, you’re not alone in this. Trust me.

You have the mental clarity to do some extreme soul-searching. Money can’t buy happiness! (That’s not a criticism, because I personally think it would be great if we could buy a soulmate. You know what I mean? It’s like, darn it, money should be able to buy happiness. Because we can’t just snap our fingers and find love! Life doesn’t work that way! Darn!) There’s also some slight indication here that being in a relationship might not work best for your personality; but discard that if it doesn’t ring true. Sometimes the cards can mean one thing or another, and with a general reading, some stuff will be accurate and some stuff won’t be, depending on who reads it. But I do sense some slight anxiety that you’d lose your stability and security if you were to enter into a relationship. The cards aren’t confirming that that would happen—just that you feel that way.

You might feel like you’re in a stalemate. If you’re in love with someone who’s unavailable, and that person can’t leave their current relationship, and you probably feel as if you can’t fall out of love with them, then we’ve got a stalemate. It’s like, great, there’s no solution here. If you want to go deep Freudian with this, I’m seeing that you have a lot of daddy issues that might explain why you fall for people who are unavailable. It could be worth exploring. I also sense that relationships scare you because you fear the loss of your autonomy, which I mentioned before, too. (Sometimes more than one card will have the same message.) So, it could be that you want a relationship, but then you don’t want a relationship (or you fear one), and you’re at war within yourself.

The cards want to encourage you by saying that you can become the nurturing and loving person you want to be, but you must treat yourself that way first and foremost. And remember that whichever qualities you admire in someone else are qualities that you have within yourself (or want to develop within yourself). Be kind to yourself and don’t put yourself down.

Let’s behold the oracle! I drew some oracle cards here which I haven’t looked at yet. Uh-oh. The first oracle is encouraging you to not further pursue anyone who’s unavailable. If you want to be friends, that’s probably fine, but you’ve got to respect the line. Trying to force the situation to bend to your will is definitely the wrong way to go here. The universe wants you to take a step back and gain some perspective. Also, earlier I drew the prism card for you of happiness in orange. What I sense here is that you need to reframe your relationship as one of friendship. Friendship has extreme validity. You don’t have to be more than friends with someone for the relationship to matter. (Think about it: would you want to be more than friends with your best friend, assuming your best friend isn’t the gender you’re attracted to? No! You’d appreciate the friendship and see it as being valid without you two getting together in a romantic context.)

Let’s check in with the next oracle here. It’s urging you to be more active within your community (or the worldwide web) so that you’re less lonely. It’s possible that you’ve outgrown your old friends and need to make some new ones; or maybe your old friends are all busy these days. Don’t stay lonely! Get out there! There’s also good indication that if you do this, you could very well find someone who’s single and available. There could be future marriage if you branch out at this time to meet new people.

The final oracle cards are indicating that now is a good time to get in touch with your inner abilities. Explore a hobby or pursue an interest! I get the sense that you project a lot of your beautiful inner qualities onto your love interests, but those qualities are within you too, and they’re begging to be developed and brought into the light. Also, try to release any judgmental thoughts you have about anyone at all. You might be directing your anger onto the wrong source, and/or onto someone who hasn’t done anything bad to you. You must go within and focus on this.

In conclusion, I can so totally relate. It’s wild. So, I hope you all don’t feel that I’m ever insensitive or unsympathetic. I don’t want to come across that way at all!

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