Fun times all around!

In an hour I’ll be taking my dad to the airport. I’m a bit anxious about it. Apparently he wants to keep his cigars stored in his carry-on bag. Hopefully he won’t try to light one on the flight. I can see it now. “Flight 229 has crashed after a careless passenger apparently tried to light a cigar near the fuselage. We’ll share more details as they emerge, but this is turning out to be one heckuva bloodbath. And now over to Chip with the sports!” (I probably shouldn’t even joke. It’ll get me in trouble with the feds, or something. But just as a disclaimer, my dad isn’t that stupid… I don’t think. [Makes shifty expression.])

Hey, if he can get his smokes past security, then more power to him.

Then, later this evening, my dad will miss the final round of Jeopardy’s Tournament of Champions in which… drumroll please… my friend Jennifer is competing. As you can see from the link there, she’s in a solid second place going into tonight’s second (and final) round of competitions for the three finalists.

Sonya and I were joking yesterday that Jennifer would probably lose because the man she’s competing against has a mustache. Sonya fervently believes that a man with a mustache cannot be trusted. I have to agree. [Shudders.] And we were right! The mustached man is in the lead with Jennifer hot on his heels. See, it’s all about the mustache. (Hmm… I wonder if Jennifer would don a mustache if it would secure her victory? We’re talking about $250,000 here. But what can I do? It’s already been filmed!) (It’s all in good fun. I’m super-proud of Jennifer! Don’t misunderstand me here. I’d never trash-talk her.)

I might watch tonight’s final with my mom on the phone. Mother is thrilled that I know a competitor. And I can’t watch with my dad, because he’ll be traveling.

I keep trying to compliment Jennifer on a job well done, but she’s incredibly modest. She can’t handle compliments at all without fidgeting and getting blushy. I’m starting to realize that. It goes counter to my nature to always make people feel good about their accomplishments, ya know? (I’ve known her since before she aired on Jeopardy, just for the record.) She probably thinks I’m going all fan-girl over her, but it’s mostly my innate desire to help people feel proud of what they’ve done. She has much to be proud of! She could win big tonight.

(Of course, every time I acknowledge that supportive aspect of myself, I’m gripped with fear that I’m seeking narcissistic supply, which would make me a narcissist! Oh, don’t let it be so. But I really don’t think that’s it. I just like supporting people. It feels virtuous and seems to be a win-win all around. People should be lifted up, not put down.) (I know, I know, I know… when Dark Meg comes out to play, that flies out the window. Hey, I can’t be this beautiful all the time.)

At any rate, it’s easier to get Jennifer to talk about writing. She’ll be participating in the three-day novella event that Sonya and I are doing this weekend. Cheers to all three of us!

This might sound… bad (okay, I just burst into laughter), but I’m always so impressed with myself when I surpass Jennifer in the NYC Midnight competitions. I mean, she’s a freakin’ Jeopardy champion! It just gives me an evil thrill. I could never win at Jeopardy. That’s out of the question. But I do like it when my competitive juices get warmed up! So Jennifer had better bring her A-game to this novella-writing weekend! Woo hoo! We be goin’ head to head, yo.

Well, I got gas in the car and am feeling very zen. My dad’s going to drive us to the airport, and I’ll see him off and then drive myself home. Then I’ll have to switch gears into this weekend’s novella. This is a nice moment of peace before the storm. Oh, gotta run! My dad wants to take a walk before we leave!

4 thoughts on “Fun times all around!

    1. Woo hoo!! Did you catch her last night? She rocked it and is now $100,000 richer. Yeah, at any rate, let’s get this party started!! YAY!! Party time!! I’m doing the limbo here…

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