Great news!

I have great news! Apparently my weight-loss efforts have been paying off. That, or our scales are broken. [Shrugs.] I weighed myself today and couldn’t believe it. I think I’m making progress and am on the right track. I’ve just got to keep it up.

I’ve come up with a tenuous solution to my dieting issue. I’ve decided to eat my canned food first each day, and after I’ve eaten some canned fruit, some corn, and some green beans (basically a can of each), then if I want snack food after that point, I can have some. What I’m thinking is that I’ll be fuller and will therefore eat less snacks, and also that I will have earned it by engaging in healthy eating. I’d like to make three small muffins each day in my toaster oven. Each muffin has 150 calories. I’d also like to eat a package of peanut butter crackers. That’s 180 calories. The canned food equates to around 600 calories, so all that food listed would total under 1,300 calories a day. Hello, weight loss! Here’s hoping it’ll work out. If nothing else, I’m eating fruits and vegetables, which everyone says is the thing to do.

AACK!! Oh, sorry. Excuse me for shrieking. My dad just sneezed. Yeah, it brings down the house…Ā  literally.

So, yesterday I had a rather odder-than-usual conversation with my mentor. Somehow he and I wound up insulting each other in a playful and joking way. He called me a wanton slut, and I called him a pathetic, grizzled old gigolo (which he is). Swear words were exchanged as I told him to go [bleep] himself. I know, right? I never talk that way unless I’m irate, which wasn’t the case here.

So, at some point, he finally told me that he’d had some root canal work done, and that he felt odd. He was probably doped up on mouth-injected pain meds. In retrospect that has me laughing too hard for words. Like, what was my excuse? Oh wait, I didn’t have one. He’s such a [bleep]-head.

And today I’ve engaged in similar shenanigans on Ashley Leia’s post about funny words. It’s all too funny. Normally I’m a total square, ya know? But now on two consecutive days, life has conspired to make me talk dirty. Well, [bleep] that [bleeping] [bleep]. HA HA! It never stays. It comes out to play but never stays. What can I say? I’m too squeaky clean for my own good.

Anyway, right, my diet. I’m glad it’s working! They weighed me at the immediate care center ten days ago and my weight was way too high. However, I had my shoes on; and I usually only weigh myself at home after I’ve woken up and gone to the bathroom, and before I’ve eaten or drank anything. (This is how to get your lowest weight.) Still, though, the number on the scales ten days ago was so demoralizing that I wasn’t expecting the substantially lower number this morning. So… wow! I guess you should only go by your regular method of weighing yourself.

AAUGH! My dad just sneezed again. It sounds like the mating call of an angry rhinoceros. It’s like, HRAAA! Just to set the scene here, I’m upstairs in the back of the house and he’s downstairs in the front of the house, and his radio program is blaring. Amazingly, our house is still standing. I’ll keep you posted.

Off I go on adventure! I hope everyone out there is doing well!

7 thoughts on “Great news!

  1. Yay! Congrats on your weight loss! šŸ™‚ Hope it keeps up. šŸ™‚
    I think it would be interesting if both our dads could compete and see who sneezes louder, although I suppose no one would want to be the judge as that would probably mean total deafness. šŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! YAY!!

      HA HA HA HA HA! Yeah, that would be a great contest!! I’ll put my money on my dad–it would be a lot for your dad to top, but let’s bring them into the ring! šŸ˜€ Woo hoo!!

      Liked by 1 person

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