I’m a genie in a bottle!

Darn it all! It’s been eight days since I got the vaccine, and I still can’t do my treadmill routine anymore. I went back and tried, and I got lightheaded. My pulse skyrocketed, so I turned down the speed of the treadmill from 3.2 mph to 2.5 mph (while maintaining the 4° incline). That got my heartrate down to a good level, but I was sweating bullets, and I looked like death in the treadmill’s TV reflection. I swear, I’m starting to be afraid that I’m having heart problems, or something. So, I quit after 100 calories burned (when my goal was 250).

Also, I’ve been checking my resting pulse since getting the vaccine, and it’s ranged from 88 to 99. Um… that seems unhealthy. I guess I could attribute it to my psych meds. (I’ve never taken my pulse before… who knows?) I hate to think that my meds are going to cause health problems for me as I age that wouldn’t be there otherwise, but… there’s no hope for it. I get crazy when I try to go down on one med. If I were to go off all four of them… [I’m shaking my head in despair at the thought.]

So I’ve got to be able to do my treadmill routine again! It’s my only salvation! But how? It’s killing me! I still feel hungover from the vaccine. I haven’t felt 100% since. What am I supposed to do, just put fitness on hold indefinitely? I could use my home gym, but it seems to pale in comparison to doing cardio.

It doesn’t make sense. I used to be able to do my treadmill routine twice a day. Now my body’s resisting. It’s like that Christina Aguilera song (“Genie in a Bottle”) on my little music player: Oo-oo-oo-oo-oo. My body’s saying let’s go… Oo-oo-oo-oo-oo. But my heart is saying no. OH MY GOSH IT’S EXACTLY LIKE THAT!! MY HEART IS SAYING NO!

Well, the vaccine hit me hard. I no longer feel headachey, muscle-achey, or fatigued, but… I guess I’ll just wait several days and then try again.

If any of you want to play the Derby with me, let me know. I have an online gambling account! Just contact me. I’m a huge fan of the Derby. Every year we try to get fresh strawberries from the local farmer’s market, and then we buy little cakes, ice cream, and chocolate syrup and go to town. It’s loads of fun, and it’s this Saturday! If you want to participate, there are ways where you don’t even have to send me any money. Please enquire within, because I have an online gambling account for the occasion. Oh, wait, I already said that. Well, it’s still true.

I was talking to my mom the other day, and I invited her to partake, and she said, “No, thank you. I choose to be responsible with my money.” So you all can imagine how badly I want to win big this year! Her snooty attitude reminded me of Goofus and Gallant. (I’ll let you guess which one of them my mom is.)

This is possibly (c) Highlight’s magazine:


Goofus is the misbehaving tyrant on the left of each strip. Gallant is the sickeningly obsequious little boy on the right. My mother apparently wants to be Gallant. Good for her.

Goofus gambles on the Derby. Gallant saves his money for a rainy day. 

Oh, drop dead, Gallant. No wagering for you.

Yeah, morality was huge when I was a kid. Oh well.

I always pronounced his name Gah-LONT. (I still do.) Goofus and Gah-LONT.

Anyway, moving on, I’ve got a fun idea for a new book to write. I’ll share more about it later if I get it going. I may as well, seeing as I can’t do my treadmill routine. It’s something I could ideally even try to get published. New genre, too, which I’ve been wanting. I’d say it’s nonfiction New Agey.

Awww, LuLu is chewing up her chewy bone! She loves that chewy bone! What a sweet puppy.

Oh! I’ve got to feed the animals! I hope everyone out there is having a great day!

4 thoughts on “I’m a genie in a bottle!

    1. Thanks!! I’ve been concerned because all the research online says the side effects last 24 to 48 hours! Ugh. It’s been almost 200 hours here. I appreciate your voice of reason!! I shall back off once again!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my goodness, you’ve never heard of the Derby?! Wow! Well, obviously I’m too close to home to have NOT heard about it. Like, the whole time I was growing up, I thought that Kentucky Fried Chicken was a local restaurant. Turns out, it’s all over the country! Who knew?! Not me! Life is so funny that way!! Yeah, the Derby draws celebrities and acclaim, but then people start thinking that Louisvillians all live on horse farms, listen to country music, and ride our ponies to the saloon. That couldn’t be further from the truth, although… that would be interesting!! 😮

      Oh yeah, I totally lost on the Derby. Ouch! [Shaking my head and making faces.] But it was still fun!! And there’s always next year!!

      Liked by 1 person

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