Out of commission.

There aren’t words for how discouraged I am.

The injury to my shins hasn’t gone away. I’m pretty sure it was caused by spending time on the treadmill in shoes that were too heavy. I only wore them the one day, but I’m still having calf pain. So I finally realized I have to rest for several days (or for however long) and let it heal.

I’m about to burst into tears. I can’t take several days off exercising! I’ll never go back! I’ll lose my momentum and give up. It’s like when I eat a cookie, and then I slide down the slippery slope straight to junk food. Seriously, I’m about to start ugly crying. I know myself. This is disaster.

I don’t feel any thinner. I feel fat and helpless. I’m going to spend the whole weekend gaining weight again. It’s what I do. Damn it!

Oh well.

8 thoughts on “Out of commission.

  1. No! Don’t feel discouraged! Sometimes rest is what’s best for your body to reboot and be reenergizexd/reinspired! Plus if you’re injured you really shouldn’t be working out right? I say take the weekend and see how you feel mid Monday! You can always do lighter exercises until you feel much better!

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    1. Thank you so much for the support! I was so sad! Then I fell asleep for a nap, and now I realize I must’ve been exhausted!! Yes, I shall persevere!! I felt infinitely better just upon awakening!! I must find a way to keep at it without getting exhausted or hurting my calves!! I’m sure I can do it!!

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  2. I am so glad that sleep made you feel better eventually. Sleep can really help sometimes when you feel sad and hopeless like that. It really wouldn’t be wise for you to exercise as intensely as before when your shins aren’t doing well. Maybe you could do some other exercises in the meantime to keep you going but not put so much pressure on the calves?

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    1. Thank you for the support!! I felt so ashamed of having such a public (if wordpress can be called public) meltdown!! Indeed, the sleepytime was just the thing, for sure! And the fact that I fell asleep without Seroquel (having not taken it yet) proved to me that I was dealing with fatigue and exhaustion. I can only fall asleep without Seroquel about 1% of the time. But anyway, the tricky issue is that nothing else burns calories in a tolerable way. Like, if I were to use my home gym (which I should), I’d reckon it would burn 50 calories instead of the 300 I burn each time at the treadmill. So I’ve decided to spend several days getting caught up with everything: spring cleaning, primarily, and whatever else needs to be done! So YAY for that!! You’re right that it’s unwise to pressure my calves!! I’m a total safety girl, so I can’t help but agree!! But gosh darn it, ya know?

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    1. Those are great ideas!! I’ve decided to spend several days getting caught up on housework and other things!! I think the whole problem is that treadmilling is so perfect in that it’s tolerable and it has an on-screen calorie burner counter. I haven’t found anything to work as a stand-in yet, but if I have any sense, I’ll use my home gym and ride my bike! (My intuition is saying that skating would aggravate the calf issue! It’s because skates are heavy shoes to lift off the ice!) Thanks so much for the support and helpful suggestions!! I always appreciate it!!

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