Struggling but doing it!

I awoke with a dreadful headache and finally took some pain pills. I’m not sure if I’ll make it to the gym today. It’s becoming harder and harder to go, especially since I haven’t yet conquered the footwear issue. I think my second pair of new shoes (which will hopefully work better than the first) are coming on Monday.

I’m telling myself that it’s a job that I’m getting paid for, because my dad’s paying me $10 a week to keep it up. So there’s that. However, I’ve already spent way more than the $30 I’ll be due at the end of this third week, simply on footwear. AAUGH. But it is what it is. And we still have both parents promising me $200 if I can lose weight.

So I was thinking about it, and going to the gym twice a day is obviously exhausting. I never survive the first trip without promptly taking a nap upon getting home. I don’t think that’s a huge problem, but I’ve had to scramble to keep up with the housekeeping and other tasks. I’d say there are enough hours in the day, but my energy is affected by the treadmill workouts.

It’s almost 2:30 PM now, and I intend to go to the gym for the first time today in a few hours or so. Those headache pills really need to kick in first.

Oh! I forgot to mention two paragraphs ago that I was thinking about how long I expect myself to keep going to the gym twice a day. And the answer is: until the end of this calendar year. Since I’ve devoted the entire year to fitness, and I need to lose around forty pounds at least, then that works out. I’m thinking I might hopefully lose a pound a week, and counting the past three weeks during which I’ve been treadmilling, and the remaining 37 weeks of this year, that would equate to a loss of forty pounds, I’d seriously hope.

I mean, if I lose less than that, my reaction will depend on how much less. If all I lose is five pounds, I’ll give into despair. If I lose thirty+ pounds, I’ll be thrilled.

But yeah, it’s taking all my energy. Today I’m trying to clean the first floor, which is a disaster zone. It’s usually tidier, but I’ve been exhausted and haven’t tended to it in weeks. But golly. It’s taking a while. There’s an overflow of trash near the piano. It’s bad.

I’m conked, just from sleeping poorly. I think I suffer from both bruxism and sleep apnea. I’m trying to cure the latter by losing weight. As for the former, I hate wearing my mouth guard. It hits a gag reflex. I might buy some disposable ones and give them a try, but I don’t have high hopes.

But my guess about the poor sleeping is that I’m going to the gym too close to bedtime. I got home last night at midnight. I don’t think my body can come down from exercising that close to bed. I ought to set earlier-in-the-evening goals. It’s hard, but I’ll figure something out.

I know I’m exhausted, but this has to be the healthiest thing I’ve ever done. Surely my metabolism is being boosted by the constant cardio, and I should be in better cardiovascular health, and it might also be keeping my joints more limber. (One side effect of my meds is that my right knee keeps clinching up, and that’s led to longterm minor knee-pain issues.)

Ohh!! This just in! Ashley Leia gave my latest book a great review! YAY! She wrote:

In this second book in the Naughty Isle series, Chester Payne’s latest target for discipline is Bertie. Aside from the discipline, Bertie and Chester have a different kind of relationship than Alicia and Chester in the first book, and the reader gets to see the softer side of Chester. There are bits of innocence; “darn it all” makes a few appearances.

My favourite part is the raucous group of poker-playing dead grannies. That’s right, dead grannies.

Another fun read from Elm B. Magikl!

Woo hoo! Dead grannies! Thanks so much, Ashley Leia!! You the best!!

You all can buy the book here! If naughty kink is your thing, and/or you like poker-playing dead grannies, then you might enjoy it! YAY! They needn’t be read in order, but I agree with Ashley Leia that I’ve better developed the main character in volume 2. I like volume 2 the best so far.

Well, now I’m high on life. Well, higher. [Eyeroll.] YAY!

Oh, I’ve got to go. It’s time to walk the puppy dog. I hope everyone out there’s having a great day!

4 thoughts on “Struggling but doing it!

    1. Thank you so much!! I just don’t want to enter into middle age with all these needless health issues like the knee pain and the sleep apnea that could (in theory) all be cured or greatly minimized without me carrying extra weight!! Go me!! I’ll be heading off to the gym soon for treadmill #1 today!! YAY!

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  1. Good for you for trudging on despite the hesitation! I find as soon as I allow myself to hesitate is when I start to talk myself out of something! Keep going, if you can safely do so. You’re doing great!

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