In limbo!

Not much going. I’m waiting for my brother to come back over here with more stuff in his rental truck that he wants to leave in our garage. He might also bring some expensive Italian furniture that got broken. He was sent a replacement, meaning that my dad and I can have the original with its broken glass if we want. I’m all over that! As a woodworker, I can replace the glass, but it wouldn’t be etched or engraved, or whatever.

I could clean the house while I wait, but I’m just tired. So I figured, why not blog?

I got a 1-star review on my naughty series, volume 1, on Goodreads. Instead of feeling disappointed, I’m actually worried that my naughty book might’ve upset the reader. Ugh. That’s the last thing I want. I’m consoling myself by reminding myself that I put content information all over the cover, the blurb, and even the title. So I shouldn’t blame myself! And with this genre, there are going to be massive disparities in whether people like it. It’s either going to score with someone or fall flat. In good news, the person doesn’t appeared to have left a text review. With 1-star, that’s always a good thing.

Actually, the funniest review I ever got was for one of my Advice Avengers books. Hold on and let me find it… this review cracks me up every time. Here it is! It wasn’t accompanied with a starred rating–just text. I’ll copy/paste it:

** Disclaimer: I won a copy of this book from the author via Goodreads Giveaways in exchange for providing my honest review. **

I didn’t get very far in this book, I’m sad to say, before I had to quit reading. I did like the character of Corey’s mom; she seemed very realistic. The issue I ran into was the subject on which it looked as if Corey and her group at school were going to be allowed to do a report/project. It’s possible if I skipped around, or just skipped ahead a certain ways, that I could get around that, but I don’t know and I just am personally too repulsed to try. I don’t think that giving the topic would be a spoiler and if you’re fine with it then you may like the book, so I’ll say that it’s…
…The Donner Party.

I’m very squeamish about it myself, just one of those things for me, and had I known it was even mentioned in the book, I would not have entered the giveaway. My apologies in that regard.

HA H AH HA HA HA! Oh my. I mean, of course I’m upset that she didn’t enjoy the book, but… the huge to-do over the Donner party just cracks me up. I sort of get where she’s coming from, and I respect her feelings and opinion, so what I’m really saying here is that her review is hilariously written. Pregnant pause… scroll down… the Donner party. 

Quite honestly, it’s good that she quit reading because, uh, I got rather graphic with it later in the book. What was the joke I had in there? “I’d like a nice leg of lamb seasoned with some Rosemary. Hey, Rosemary, can you give me a hand.. and a leg?” [I’m shaking my head at myself right now. That’s deplorable. I think I might’ve deserved that poor review.]

I’ve been having treadmill problems with my feet. After some intense sole searching (pun most definitely intended), I realized that my left foot is bigger than my right, and that my left shoe was too small. I wrote a whole blog post about it and then deleted it, for some reason, before bed. But that was the problem. I’ve been using hiking shoes because I need extreme foot support or my whole skeletal system gets out of whack. I ordered new shoes a half-size up, same make and model.

The new shoes fit great, and the blistering problem on my soles is gone. However. Ugh. The new shoes, at a half-size higher, are heavier! And now I’m getting shin splints on the treadmill from having to lift my heavy shoes! I can’t win.

What to do? Ideally, I need a supportive shoe that’s lightweight, I’m thinking. So should I keep throwing money at the problem, or what? Skechers Shape-Ups used to work, but I’m not sure they’d be entirely safe on a treadmill. Also, they don’t offer ankle support, which they need, because they’re rather wonky. These are the shoes I’ve been wearing, and they have excellent support. I got both pairs, the 9.5s and the 10s, for around $60 a pair, lightly used. And now I’m tired of throwing money at the problem. Who knew the 10s would be so much heavier?! AAUGH!


Okay, my brother came and is gone now. It was great to see him!

I ordered some new Skechers hiking shoes on eBay for $40, free shipping. I hate-hate-hate throwing money at a problem, but the new shoes have hiking soles without weighing a ton. No stiff leather uppers, basically.

Because the weird thing–the really, really, really weird thing–is that I like using the treadmill. To recap, I’ve been going 3.2 mph at a 4° uphill incline for fifty minutes each time, twice a day. I also dislike missing a workout. That makes me feel awful. Here’s why I like treadmilling:

  • It makes me feel accomplished! Go me, working toward my goals, and all that.
  • It’s the most I can do without risk of burnout, so I’m pushing myself to the max here, and doing it successfully!
  • I’m changing inner thoughts from, I can’t do this, to, heck, I am doing it. Look at me! Keep on truckin’! 
  • I enjoy listening to music again, and there’s no better time or reason than being on a treadmill to get some tunes playing. Occasionally, I’ll buy some new tunes from Amazon for around a dollar a tune. Nice! My little music player is wonderful.
  • I like being at the gym, and I have a sense of belonging, even though I never talk to anyone because I’ve got my headphones on. The staff are really nice and always wish me a good workout, and then they wave goodbye when I leave. I don’t even want my own treadmill–I like the gym experience with the TV screen and the community feeling, etc. I rarely feel that way! So, wow.
  • With the TV screen, I can see people walking behind me in the screen’s reflection. Almost no one ever looks at me as they pass! This is doing wonders for my paranoia. You have no idea. I discreetly watch every single person, and they almost never glance at me. This could help my energetic field to feel less polluted whenever someone’s behind me. (In school, I was always that kid who had to sit at the back of the classroom, or I’d be wallowing in self-consciousness of a painful magnitude.)

So now I’ve got to figure out how to survive the next three days until my newer new shoes arrive! I could keep the other new ones for non-treadmill use or sell them on eBay. Hmm… they’re nice shoes, so it might be wise to wear them when I’m not on the treadmill so that my new treadmill shoes don’t get worn out unduly. I could wear my original shoes and lather my feet with Vaseline to prevent blisters due to the shoes’ being too small.

I’m not happy with these options (and I’m not happy that I just had to spend another $40), but I can’t let myself miss three days’ worth of workouts. I’ll probably wear the smaller shoes, because shin splints could be a serious health issue that’s best avoided. It is what it is.

But yesterday, both workouts were pure hell. My feet were dragging–quite literally. It was tiresome to keep lifting my feet. According to the product page, the shoes weigh around 2.7 pounds. Goodness. The new ones I just ordered that haven’t come yet weigh around 2 pounds.

I hope everyone out there is having a great day!!

Oh, nice! This just in! I got another review, this one of 4-stars, with this comment: “Such a good short story. I was left wanting more🔥😉” YAY! Hey, I’ll take it! Thank you!! I shall deliver! Smokin’ hot, eh? (I might be getting a lot of reviews soon because my giveaway just ended!)

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    1. Thanks! Yeah, it’s fun!! I funded a Goodreads giveaway for Kindle to the tune of around $120. The return is never anywhere close to that, but I’ve gotten a handful of sales and reviews!! YAY!

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