Spring cleaning!

So, I’m doing some spring cleaning today! I’m rearranging the furniture while cleaning, and the whole place is a mess. It’s taken a toll on me to be doing the treadmill twice a day! Tonight, I’m taking a break from it as my shower night, even though I don’t see myself having the energy to take a shower and keep moving the furniture. AAUGH!

My good friend Ashley Leia was blogging about the law of attraction, and I figured I’d share some thoughts about it. In a broad sense, it’s what we use to manifest our desires. In a more specific sense, it involves:

  • Stating the desire intently. “I need an apartment with such-and-such affordable rent, such-and-such features, and in such-and-such location.”
  • After you state it, you push it into the universe and then forget about it.
  • What I mean by “forget about it” is that you quit thinking about it, except for when you’re actively going apartment hunting (in-person, online, etc.). Then you think about it, sure.
  • Because when you send it to the universe, the universe gets to work doing aspects of manifestation that you can’t do: the universe will create synchronicities that guide you to the right place/person/item/etc.
  • That’s where the faith comes in. Yeah, sure, you can pound the pavement looking for a certain apartment (and you should), but only the universe can guide your feet.
  • You can manifest a vehicle, a relationship, a qualified contractor, an affordable item you need, etc., etc.

When I read about it as a teenager, it was referred to as a “substance request” in the book I read, and those were the steps you’d follow, as outlined above. Surprisingly, I got my mom interested in it, and she started doing substance requests, too. Go figure. She’s normally so critical!

Can the law of attraction work if you don’t send out the call for whatever you want? Yes. For one thing, the law of attraction is hardly common knowledge. And sometimes, in my belief, divine timing steps in even when you’re not actively looking for something. For some reason, this seems to be especially true for relationships.

I’ve used it to find: my car, my pets, my apartment when I lived in Georgia, my mother’s house when I was a teenager, and relationships. With relationships, I have this belief that I created friendships by writing my Advice Avengers series. Prior to writing it, I only ever had bad friends: the kind who didn’t care about me, and who gossipped about me maliciously, etc. After I wrote it–it’s all about family and friendship–I miraculously found similar friends of my own–you know, the good kind (shout-out!). I’m not sure how point A led to point B, but somehow, via a convoluted pathway, it did. I couldn’t be happier with all the wonderful friends I have now, after decades and decades of having crap friends. (I hate to describe people as crap friends, but… they were crap friends.) I seriously went through a long period of not believing worthwhile people existed. That’s how disastrous my relationship history is, up until I wrote my series about friendship.

Actually, I first started making new friends in 2015, and there was a huge learning curve. None of my original friends from then are still my friends. They’ve branched out to new friends who have been solidly in my life, but the original people I encountered had a lot of bad traits, just like everyone else I’d ever known, and I didn’t want to see it. However, I’m glad I stuck with it, because all of those failed friendships led to the friends I have today, and that’s priceless. I feel quite blessed in the friendship and relationship department.

I should get back to work if I’m going to keep moving furniture and take a shower. Sigh.

6 thoughts on “Spring cleaning!

  1. Since you mentioned the divine, I’m curious, how does the law of attraction relate to religion? It seems a bit like prayer, but with the universe used as a substitute for God. Who/what is “the universe”?

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    1. I’m not sure how it all separates into God or the universe or angels or a higher power, but it’s all positive, helpful, and beneficial! I haven’t narrowed down who, on the other side, is listening to my requests/prayers, but it could be: ancestors (or dead friends), spirit guides, angels, God, Jesus, a mix or all of the above, etc. I feel it as a positive force, and sometimes I’ll try to tap into one in particular, like Jesus or a dead relative or so forth. Since we can’t really know who’s there for us, I don’t think it matters what we call them or how we address them; they get the picture that of course we can’t know. I hope that makes sense!! 🙂

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  2. Ugh I need to do spring cleaning too, but it’s just been a dreadful time, trying to get myself out of this little funk I’m in! I believe in the law of attraction to a certain degree, in that you must do the thing you need to do to attract the type of things/person /life you want… 🙂

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    1. I’m sorry you’re in a funk!! Oh my!! If there’s any way I can help, feel free to email me!! I can try to inspire somehow or just listen!! You ought to put that two-year-old to work and make her earn her keep! 😛

      YAY for the law of attraction!! But no worries if you’re not wholly onboard with it! Some of my favorite people are diehard atheists! It’s all good!! My own beliefs are half-Christian and half-spiritual, so that’s got to be the oddest combination ever, and I’ve never found anyone who’s on the same page! Who knows? It could happen! But in the meantime, I’m sort of like, well, any positive (i.e., non-satanic) belief system works for me!

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