A happenin’ Easter!

Okay, so today’s Easter. I woke up and took a walk with my dad and LuLu, the pup. Early in the afternoon, I went to the gym and did my treadmill routine for fifty minutes. After I came home, my dad went to visit Ellen (my sister) for Easter, and I fell sound asleep. I was out cold. I can’t seem to do the treadmill routine and stay awake after!

When I regained consciousness, my brother, Philip, had messaged me to say that he and his new girlfriend would be by in around twenty minutes, but the message was from twenty-five minutes ago. Heck! I abandoned checking my emails and ran downstairs.

They showed up around ten minutes later. His new girlfriend seems really nice. He introduced her and then said to me, “Tell her about Ellen so she won’t like her.”

I found this amusing, and to be completely honest, I appreciated being given the opportunity. I’d like to say otherwise, but… that would be a lie.

“She gets violent when angered,” I observed.

“Oh my,” his girlfriend said.

“And she has some dark-triad traits,” I added. “Does that sound accurate?” I glanced at Philip.

“Well, that’s putting it generously,” he said. “She’s worse than that.”

So I went into detail about how Philip and I doted on her as a baby, but once she came into her own at the age of two or three, she viciously turned on us and started using her fingernails as claws.

“So her inner dark side just sort of came out on its own?” his girlfriend asked.

I nodded. “We adored her, but she never appreciated it, so we eventually gave up.” The memory of the day Baby Ellen took her first steps flashed in my mind: Philip and I were with her in the living room, and the parental units were elsewhere in our mansion. Excited, we encouraged her to go from the table to the chair, and from the chair to the piano bench, and so forth; and we were so thrilled to see her succeed, but it was the beginning of the end, only we didn’t know it yet. We were too proud to predict who she was fast becoming.

Discussing this with Philip’s new girlfriend made me feel oddly heard. Validated, I guess. My brother’s the only person in the family who understands where I’m coming from. Both of our parents are in deep, deep denial about Ellen, and therefore they don’t like to hear me trash-talk her. (“Oh, stop it. Your sister’s taking babysteps toward becoming a better person! You just can’t see it!” But that’s just it. I saw her take actual babysteps back when she was a baby, and every babystep she’s taken since then has been a performance.)

I thought my paternal aunt was in my corner once, but then she expressed a wish that Ellen and I could reconcile, and I wondered if Ellen had spoken to her and twisted things around, or if my aunt was merely being… naïve, I suppose? At any rate, her question rubbed me the wrong way, but I assured her I had no plans of reconciling with Ellen, like, ever.

Sadly, since I had no warning that my brother and his girlfriend were coming, I can only pray that I didn’t stink. I’ve been going to the gym 24/7, and I haven’t taken a shower since God-knows-when. We can hope for the best. But they gave LuLu the pup lots of love and attention, and I was able to give Philip his birthday cards, and then our dad returned from Ellen’s house and got to spend time with Philip, too. So it’s been a great Easter so far.

I need to get back to the gym soon. It’s 8:48 PM here now. I’m not sure if I’ll get to the gym tomorrow. I’m getting contest results that could come in anytime, and I’m sure that will keep me glued to my computer screen. Also, I think my period might start tomorrow, and that could keep me home, too. But I haven’t given up on exercising tomorrow just yet; we’ll hope for the best.

Right now, I want to go back to the gym. Now it’s 9:03. (I think I’ll just sit here and keep giving updates on the time. That sounds like a fun blog post, right?) I mean, I really don’t want to go back to the gym tonight. I’m exhausted. But I can slide down a slippery slope into not exercising so fast that the Slip ‘N Slide corporation wants to know my secrets. Oh, nice one, Meg.

Yeah, I think I might stay in this evening. It’s Easter. Okay, everyone deserves a break. I’ll use the time (and, more importantly, the energy) to finish the laundry, take a shower, and clean my room. Or I’ll just take a nap. Zzzzz….

6 thoughts on “A happenin’ Easter!

  1. Sorry your relationship with your sister is strained (to say the least), I’m actually working on a blog post about my sisters and how close we are. Wish everyone had the same experience! ❤️

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    1. Ohh, that’s wonderful that you’re so close to your sisters!! YAY!! I’m excited to read your blog post!!

      Fortunately, I am quite close to my stepsister, Celia! We’re like the sisters we never had, because her blood-sisters are hard for her to get along with, too!! YAY for that!!

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