Hell, yes.

Yeah, I’m braindead, but very  proud of myself.

I think I started on this treadmill kick last Sunday. (It’s Saturday today, for reference, if you’re reading this in the future.) I spent one hour on the treadmill then, two on Monday, two on Tuesday, one on Wednesday (the day I spent four hours driving to Lexington and back to get vaccinated), two on Thursday, two on Friday, and one so far today. Go Meg go!

If I don’t lose weight this way, I’ll give up. I swear, this has got to get it done. Every time I’m on the treadmill, I get my heartrate up to 150 or so (which is ideal for my body according to my internet research), and I burn 300+ calories. (Only once have I come in under 300 calories.) So I’m burning 600+ calories a day. Wow. That’s got to be good for something!

I’ve been eating healthier by limiting snacks and focusing on healthy meals. Or I’ll just eat Luna bars as a standby. I don’t consider them to be as unhealthy as chips, cake, cookies, etc. I’ve noticed that protein seems to help me on the treadmill. And I’ve read that you need protein for workouts, so there must be something to it. Because the one time I came in under 300 calories, I’d eaten pastries for breakfast. Yeah, pastries aren’t going to fuel you, are they?

Oh, whoops, hold on. I haven’t actually been on the treadmill for an hour at a time. At some point, I downgraded it to fifty minutes for my own sanity. However, the calorie count is still accurate, and who says you can’t have fifty-minute hours? When I was a reading teacher, we had fifty-five-minute hours, so… there.

So, today I was going 3.2 mph at a 5° incline. YAY!

My dad has pledged to add $10 a week to my savings account for every week that I successfully do this. That’s very nice of him. I also have pledges of $200 apiece from both parents if I can lose a substantial amount of weight. Nothing could make me happier. I’ve dedicated all year to it, so I’m glad I’ve finally found an actual way to make it happen (we hope).

For those of you who are worried that I’m not using my home gym, I suspect I’ll use it again someday. My goals tend to be fluid, and eventually I’ll be interested in developing muscle strength again instead of just burning calories. The home gym will still be there! But right now, I want to maximize this treadmill kick I’m on! Go me! I’m changing topics now, but scroll down for my playlist, if you’re interested.


In other news, I’ve discussed the issue of anger with many people lately: my dad, my life coach, my mentor, and my friends (shout-out!). I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching, and I’ve ordered three self-help books on Amazon. They’re coming on Monday.

But also, my mentor said something to me that was really profound: “Don’t get mad. It’s exactly what the other party wants you to do. Don’t give it to them!” (My mentor’s a genius, everyone.) I think that’s brilliant, and I even think it applies to a situation I was in recently, but it also has vast and far-reaching applications. I mean, think about it. If you get mad, the other party is thrilled about it! They’re like, ha!… Ha!… Ha! It would be so much better to torment them with no anger, am I right?

I can see it now: that will become my new strength–a steely lack of reaction. Just my scary face with nothing actually being spoken but, “Thank you for your help. It was greatly appreciated,” or some such. Oh my gosh. That would terrify anyone. (My mentor’s created a monster, amiright?)


So I’m feeling pretty good except that I’m behind on everything like cleaning the house, taking a shower, doing the laundry, etc., etc. All my energy’s gone into the treadmill. I don’t have the energy to do YouTube links, but I’ve been listening to the following on the treadmill:

  • “Losing my religion” by REM
  • “Bittersweet symphony” by the Verve
  • “Motownphilly” by Boys II Men
  • “Caught Up” by Usher
  • “Lose yourself” by Eminem
  • “Colour” by Seal
  • “Lucid dreams” by Juice Wrld (and may he rest in peace) 😦
  • “Everything is different now” by Don Henley
  • “24 K Magic” by Bruno Mars
  • “Gangsta” by Kehlani

… and I can’t remember what else, but I love my little music player! Long may it play.

I hope everyone out there is having a great day!! Let me know!

8 thoughts on “Hell, yes.

    1. I’m not sure if they ever have before, but I’ve been so demoralized about my inability to stick with it and commit to weight loss that they’ve taken pity upon me! But yeah, it’s great of them, for sure!!

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  1. I’m so very hopeful that you’ll be able to lose weight on the treadmill! Keeping my fingers crossed for you. 🙂
    I just couldn’t agree with your mentor more! This is a strategy that I have used and still use and it works especially with some types of people who really do enjoy making people mad for whatever reason. As I recently mentioned to you, my anger problem is exactly the opposite of yours, so I’ll bottle it up as long as possible and then implode spectacularly when I get really overwhelmed with something and then I’ll cut or something, and this can be quite shitty in the long run obviously. However, the thing of not showing the other party that you’re angry or phased in any other way especially in situations when they seem very desperate to make you feel in a particular negative way, or communicate something by getting you crossed, it can have a spectacular effect on people because they get a totally opposite reaction to what they were expecting or imagining and they often won’t know what to do next ’cause you ruined their plans and they’re frustrated and helpless. And I guess some people are creeped out when you don’t get mad at all, or at least don’t show it outwardly. It can be hilarious to observe at times. I have especially one individual in my life on whom I love practicing this skill. Sometimes it can be very difficult though, even for people like me who normally have a problem getting their anger out. But I hope you can master it over time successfully. 🙂

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    1. Great comment, thanks!! Yeah, the weird thing is that I’d never even considered it as a strategy until my mentor pointed it out! The thought had never crossed my mind! 😮 Like, gee, sometimes I need someone to point out the obvious, for sure!! 😮 Ohhh, so that’s how your anger works!! Well, if you’re ever angry, feel free to email me and tell me all about it! Maybe it’ll help keep you from imploding!! An outlet can never hurt! (I mean, not an electrical outlet, but… anyway.) I do think it would be difficult to keep it bottled up!! There must be a balance there somewhere between what you do and what I do! If I uncover anything in my self-help books, I’ll share it!

      Thanks for supporting my ongoing treadmill efforts! YAY! And happy Easter!! God bless you and your family on this holy day.

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      1. I guess that’s one of the bigger reasons why we talk to other people or ask them for advice or things like that, so that they can point out the obvious to us, haha. I mean, we all think in different ways and have different brains so what’s obvious to you right away, doesn’t have to be as immediately obvious to me, I believe.
        For me, the bottling up has become ingrained enough that it actually feels a lot easier than letting out, even though it’s shitty. But I think I’ve made a bit of progress with it over the last few years.
        Very happy Easter to you, too! 🙂

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      2. Yeah, that happens to me a lot: someone will point out an obvious approach, and I’ll be like, “That’s genius!” even if I’d already heard of the idea previously (which wasn’t the case this time), and it’s like, I need to be reminded of basics when I’m problem-solving! No concept is too simple to run past me! 😮 Go figure!

        I’m glad you’re making progress with the bottling!! I know what you mean about how it’s become easier to do that! Let’s you and I fix our anger issues! YAY!

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