The problem with being put through the ringer.

I’m exhausted, and all I did today was run a few errands. (Granted, upon leaving the post office, I got lost and drove around town forever.)

I’ve been having some emotional problems lately, and then today things got worse, and I’ve been rendered unproductive because I’m conked.

When this happens, I tend to space out so I can process things on a deep level. I find this to be a very healing and therapeutic approach, but society looks down on laziness, so it doesn’t feel very virtuous.

My to-do list is growing longer and longer. There are a lot of fun items on the list. That’s how spaced out I am. I feel like I’ve been steamrollered.

And so I wonder, first of all, how do “normal” people get stuff done every day, like raising their kids, working full-time, and so forth? How, how, how, how, how? With me, I’m inconsistent. It works out in my life because I don’t have any kids, nor do I have a job. But that all pushes down on me and makes me feel like I’m not trying hard enough or doing enough, etc., etc.

I’m starting to realize that my inner voice is more critical than I ever knew. I wish I could believe that it’s okay to do nothing all day, if that’s what helps your brain process stuff.

It’s not problematic, my unproductivity. Nothing I’m doing in life has a deadline, and I’m usually self-motivated toward productive tasks. Who cares if I spend a few days zoned out?

Yeah, I’m just zoned. In good news, I picked up my new eyeglasses today, and so far they’re working out great, and I like them! I’d take a photo, but I’m having a bad hair day. I took a shower the night before last, but the only shampoo available was a small amount of my dad’s dandruff stuff. Now my hair is paying the price.

It’s just shy of 10:00 PM, so maybe I’ll just let the rest of the day be a write-off day and hope for things to improve by tomorrow. I often find healing by lying in bed and thinking deep thoughts, and this method brings me peace and understanding. But for the most part, I’m just out to lunch.

6 thoughts on “The problem with being put through the ringer.

  1. I’ve been feeling the same, conked! Just overall overspent and exhausted… I think the same thing, how do people with multiple jobs or multiple children survive.. But then I also think they do bc they have to survive, there’s really no other option so then I just give them silent praise and continue to try to keep myself afloat and worse comes to worse, cut out the BS if I need a bit of breathing room then get back to it.. Whatever “it” may be πŸ™‚

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    1. Well, you know how much I admire the one kid you’re raising! To me, that’s huge!! So keep up the good work!! πŸ™‚ YAY! Here’s hoping you and I can both catch up on our rest ASAP!! I see what you mean about prioritizing, and that sounds very wise!!

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    1. Thank you so much!! πŸ™‚ I’ll hopefully bounce back!! Thanks for the support, and I’m glad I’m not the only person wondering how other people manage with such a huge schedule and commitments!! It’s mindblowing!

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  2. I think write-off days are absolutely necessary sometimes. And when it comes to getting things done, trying is only part of the equation. The amount of effort required to do a given task is not static. It varies over time and varies from person to person depending on various factors including the obstacles they face. If someone can do something because it comes easily to them, that’s not much of an accomplishment.

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