This one goes out to the dishrags in my life…

Hi guys! Here I am. I’ve been lying low for a few days because I’ve been messing with my sedative. I’m trying to take substantially less in hopes of losing weight. Seroquel is extremely sedationary and has a bad reputation for weight gain. I was taking 300 mg but went down to 100 mg while adding some supplements (valerian and the hops). The supplements actually help. I can tell.

But I still haven’t been sleeping soundly enough, so I might creep back up to 125 mg. That would still be progress. Unfortunately, I woke up too early today at around 9:00 AM (and with the recent time change, my body thinks it was 8:00 AM, so I was tired). I went to the grocery store, came home, and went right back to bed until 2:45 (again, my body thinks it was 1:45). And I’m not happy about that, but I think I’m working through the kinks of it.

Speaking of kinks, my book is available for sale today! But I’ll share a link later (ooh, a link to the kink…), because as of tonight, my Goodreads giveaway will be live! Please enter! I don’t think I can link it yet…? Okay, yes, I can. It just can’t be entered yet. But here it is!

(And it’s possible that the link is live based on when you’re reading this, so go for it! It should go up in eight to twelve hours.)

My biggest fear, obviously, is that it’ll wind up on the last page of giveaways when arranged by how many people have entered. (There are a few different ways you can arrange the giveaways, and that’s one of them.) In my book’s defense, I couldn’t afford to have it “featured” for, like, $440 more. Yeah, no kidding. I got the $119 deal, and the “featured” deal is $599. (And I’ve done some bad math. The difference is $480.) (I’m a whiz at algebra, but I can’t do math in my head.)

So I’m excited and hopeful, but also nervous. The main reason I’m doing this is to give my new series a chance to fly. However, the odds of its flying are slim to none. It’s a hard marketplace in which to get your book noticed. Sales for all my “Meg” books (that I’ve written with my name) have flatlined long ago. Not that that’s too surprising.

I just finished using my home gym for upper body and abdominals. It makes it so easy! I wouldn’t recommend the total gym to anyone with balance issues or damaged coordination. (I’m picturing my mom for some reason–since she had a stroke, her left hand is weak.) You could fall off of it, or let go of the cables and “crash” downhill. But I’d recommend it otherwise.

I actually came upstairs, thought about it for a minute, and lay on the floor of the living room. I wanted to attempt some push-ups on my knees. But my knees hurt on the rug, so I stood up and grabbed a sofa pillow and tried again. And then I actually did some push-ups. Holy flip. My dad’s going to be so impressed later when I show him. But he’d better not make any wisecracks about how I’m doing them on my knees. Come on, that still counts.

I have no back flexibility. In ballet class, which I took for ten years as a kid, we’d lay on our tummies and try to lift our upper bodies at the waist. I could push my back up with my hands flat on the floor, but as soon as I’d release my hands, I could only stay up a few inches. I had a great friend in ballet class who could stay upright, perpendicular to her lower body, arms over her head, and then lean backward toward her knees. To call me envious would be an understatement. Anyway, in my dreams, I’m doing it as well as she did, but then… I wake up, and reality intervenes.

She was a good friend. We got into a pseudo-argument once in which we started calling each other kitchen items.

“You blender!” she yelled.

“You rolling pin!”

“You toaster!”

“You napkin holder!” I accused.

“You dirty plate!”

“You… you dishrag!” I puffed my chest out. Score!

Her face crumpled and she recoiled.

“Oops. Uh, did I get too carried away?” I asked. “I didn’t mean it. All my best friends are dishrags.” I suspect my shifty look gave me away, though.

In retrospect, that makes me laugh and laugh. (She was feigning offense.) I miss her. She was a fun friend. I was devastated when she got promoted to the next level and I didn’t, thus ending our friendship. (This was before social media.)

So I’ve been trying to go to the gym and use my home gym every day. I went back to the gym yesterday and did my treadmill routine, but I kept an eye on my heartbeat and kept it at 155 or lower by walking slower and at a lower incline. (You might not know this if you’ve never done it, but walking at 15° is steep.) Thus, after ten minutes I only burned 77 calories instead of 100+, but as my dad pointed out, I’m still alive. I guess the purpose is to get in better shape cardiovascularly, not to burn calories or overexert myself. I can cope with it. I think I’ve been overly ambitious thus far.

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