More exercising news!

So, I’m still using my home gym, which seems like a great investment so far. I generally use it for… maybe twenty minutes a day or so. On one day, I try to exercise my biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders, and back. The next day, I do my thighs, abdominals, calves, inner thighs, and glutes. I typically only do one exercise per muscle group unless the muscle group has more than one part to target. For example, with abdominals, I do a basic ab exercise that I described in my post about how I created my own ab extension, and I also do a newer (for me) exercise meant to target the side abs.

I didn’t think I could do it at first because you’re supposed to keep your legs raised in front of you. These images are (c) Rosalie Brown, who has some very helpful YouTube videos. I don’t really have the strength or dexterity to keep my feet off the ground there. Then I realized that you can do the same exercise by sitting on the bench with your feet tucked under you (but separated a lot for balance, if that makes sense), and now I’m doing it. Go me!

Screenshot (338)Screenshot (339)

I’m sort of concerned, though, that I’m not getting sore enough. But my muscles do have a dull ache (very dull) more often than not. Maybe I’ve been under the wrong impression that you’re supposed to be in agony all the time. I guess as long as I feel a slight soreness, I’m on track. It’s just weird because I push my muscles to the max and then run out of steam to keep exercising them, so you’d expect more soreness. I go pretty much to the limit. Granted, that’s not very far. I’ll do, like, thirty reps of biceps lifts, for example, and thirty for triceps. But then it’s too hard to do many more, so I tumble off the bench in dramatic fashion (the exercise room is carpeted) and move on.

Maybe I’m overthinking it and am doing enough. (Shrug.) I’m doing each exercise at a level where it’s not too easy nor too difficult. I can tell it’s the right level for the given muscle group. So I probably just thought there’d be more soreness. I guess it’s all good, though.

And I’m not burning out. Although I push it to the max with each muscle group, and then that muscle group is done, the overall task doesn’t overtax me or make me want to run screaming. It’s literally right at my level of ability. And that’s some sort of bizarre Godsend, since I struggle mightily with exercise and nutrition. (Pass the cake!) So it’s going quite well, I daresay.

I want to go back to the gym this evening and try my treadmill routine again, but after what happened yesterday, I’m hesitant. The last thing I want to do is overexert myself. I know you’re thinking, gee, Meg, walk slower or lower the incline, but for whatever weird reason, I have a mindset where I want to push it to the max for ten minutes and burn 100+ calories. To be honest, it’s boring and feels like torture. Not a good combination. I’m still considering quitting my gym membership and trying to bike more instead.

I also might give up ice skating. Sigh. There’s an issue. I have my own skates, and I love them. But whenever I skate, I hurt my arches and have to get off the ice. Usually, I feel the pain and get off the ice after I’ve been on for around five minutes, let my arches rest, and then get back on the ice. However, the last time I went skating, I ignored the pain (uh, gee, Meg, what were you thinking?) and kept skating instead of getting off the rink to rest. My rationale was that I was in better cardio shape and didn’t need a breather.

Fair enough, but the problem is my arches. So ever since then, I still have lingering archย  pain, and this was a few months ago. I’ve researched inserts. There’s one set I read about on Amazon that gets good reviews for this problem, but it costs $50, and I’m not sure I skate often enough to justify that.

And quite honestly, skating’s a little scary. It’s one of those sports like wall-climbing where you’re supposed to be okay with falling, but it scares me! Like, help, I’m going down! AAUGH! And I’m tall, even taller with skates on, and the ice is far away. I’m just thinking it’s not working out for me.

On the other hand, it’s a great way to meet nice people, and how many social outlets do I actually have?! It’s where I met my former friend Ash, the psychic who no longer likes me. That sounded like a movie title: Austin Powers and the Psychic Who No Longer Likes Me. Huh. Shaggalicious.

I’ve maxed out how good a skater I’ll ever be: I’m great at skating for exercise, and I can skate forward quite well, but I can only do backward swizzles. (Yeah, I can actually do that, much less gracefully than the ice skater in the video. I can’t go backward any other way, though.)

Ohhh! I just drank the bad tea. (I have several tea cups on my computer table, and I thought I was drinking my current cup, but I drank from an old cup. I just spat it onto the floor.) (Sorry if that was TMI. Tea goes bad, you know.) (There, I fixed it with a baby wipe. You can clean anything with baby wipes.)

I hope everyone out there’s having a great day today! ๐Ÿ™‚ And hey! If I can exercise, so can you. Go for glory!

8 thoughts on “More exercising news!

  1. Sounds like you’ve developed a good routine, here’s to sticking to it!
    Tea DOES go bad, and can really be a ๐Ÿคฎ taste in your mouth so I hope you don’t do that again my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right now? There are seven mostly empty cups! ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ve got a constant thirst for whatever reason, so my computer table gets untidy really fast! ๐Ÿ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

  2. If my muscles don’t ache I generally think I’m doing the same exercises too often so I try to mix it up a bit.. Also have been drinking this sleepy too to help me unwind and keep me sleeping through the night.. It says it’s all natural and it is actually helping so win for me!

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