Naughty, naughty, naughty.

Hello, everyone! I’ve been working all day on Naughty Isle. First off, I have a new and improved cover.

Screenshot (393)

I worked really hard on it. The consensus was that the movie frame was too “busy” (and thanks to all of you who chimed in), so I went with a more solid red look. I like the fonts a lot better, too, and the lesser use of red for the border and one word.

Second, I have a new author website! Here it is! I’m thrilled that the domain name was available. Who knew?

Third, I’m doing some crowdfunding that will probably get nowhere, but who knows?

It’s been fun, if nothing else. What do you all think? Fun!

So, should I tell Mother about this? 😀 No, really. HA HA HA HA! That’s a thinker.

Oh, wow, it’s after midnight. Hours and hours have gone into this.

So, Sonya was reading some scenes from volume 2 earlier today, and she kept bursting into laughter. But we’ve already established that my smut is G-rated. [Makes face.] Maybe she just thought it was campy? 😀 I write campy horror and now campy romance. Woo hoo! These were her comments. She’s quoting parts she likes and then having a hilarious reaction to them:

“a topless man with suspenders standing in her doorway” – looooooool

“Naughty Eaves” looooool

“Chester marveled at how peaceful it was when she was rendered speechless.” loooool

“He’d taken some liberties with her behind, she recalled. Hmmph.” -looool

“And what was all this, a cosmic dream? If so, she’d get revenge on the man who’d smacked her on the ass. How dare he! She crossed her arms and was working up a good pout.” hahahahaha

“Here at Naughty Isle, we must be honest with each other for healing to occur.” looooool

Yeah, so… that’s hilarious. You gotta love Sonya.

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