Abs-attachment life hack for the total gym!

I still love my home gym and try to use it as often as possible (every day that I’m not in a fog for whatever reason, or that my muscles aren’t recovering moderately).

I’ve felt like my abs haven’t adequately been targeted. I don’t like doing crunches (on the home gym or not) because I don’t like stressing my neck.

For an additional $160, which would be around half of what I paid for the whole unit and all that came with it, you can buy an abs attachment set. My budget has run dry, and that seems excessive to me, especially compared to what a great deal the whole unit was at $325 (free shipping) on eBay (open box–it’s new on Amazon for $400). Also, there are no affordable used abs attachments on eBay.

So today, I figured out how to make my own abs attachment. Basically, you’re lying on your knees and pulling yourself uphill by pulling on the handles of the attachment. For that part, I just used some of the handles that came with the unit but don’t have enough padding on them. No huge deal. They’re just as safe in how they attach.

Then, you’re pushing your forearms into the padding to protect your forearms and elbows from the exertion of it. I lay a wood panel (I’m a woodworker, so this was easy) that was roughly 18″ x 24″ maybe across the top of the home gym, butting up against the handles (and yes, “butting” is a legitimate woodworking term–you can’t make this stuff up). Atop the panel, I put a foam pillow that we’d been using as an extra pillow on our sofa. Voìla. I’m now able to do abs exercises in style.

You can see what I mean from this Amazon product page photo:


(But I’m female, by the way, for those of you who don’t know.)

So I’m using similar (but non-padded) handles that came with the unit, and I just added a solid level of padding going across for my lower arms. It stays in place with my body pressure and is evenly distributed across the main unit’s rails. I doubt it weighs enough to put undue pressure on the rails.

So I did sixty reps, and I have an intuitive belief that I’ll feel the burn come tomorrow. I’ll keep you all posted. So far, my abs aren’t sore, though, but I was pleased with how well they were being targeted today, so I have high hopes. I’ve felt thus far that my abs haven’t been targeted enough, but now I’m more hopeful.

If I do nothing but abs exercises, having the machine will be worth it. But of course I hope to keep doing much more than that.

I’m inspired now, so I think I’ll go downstairs and exercise my upper body. Why not?

4 thoughts on “Abs-attachment life hack for the total gym!

  1. I have fleeting moments when motivation for working out hits me- I always tell myself to workout right away when I feel that motivation so I’m glad you’re feeling it!! (I, however, cannot get out of the snack hole I’m stuck in lol.. I just want to snack all day, ackk!!!)

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    1. Oh, I hear ya!! And this time of year it’s all about carbs for hybernation!! And in the summertime: ice cream! AAUGH!! Well, allow me to dive in headfirst and join you in the snack hole! Here I come! Let there be cake! 😀

      I think I’ve been motivated because it doesn’t take long! I’ve been working out maybe… like, fifteen or twenty minutes a day? It’s making a difference, but I’m wondering if I should do more! I might try it! Like, more reps, more exercises, more something. But yeah, if you get motivated, I’d run with it! I think it’s amazing you could find time with the nice little human you’re raising! Go you!!

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