I can’t tell you all how much I’ve enjoyed writing my new series, Naughty Isle. I’m on volume 2, and I’ve written 5,000+ words for it since I started the doc three days ago. It’s total fantasy fulfillment. Naughty fiction… who knew? But it’s just so loving, ya know? It’s adult, consensual (in a heavily implied sort of way), and otherwordly, since Naughty Isle is located somewhere in the astral plane. People who need guidance go there in their dreams for an extended stay until they’ve been put on the straight and narrow. It’s all done with love. None of it is sadistic, controlling, or overly punitive. But it’s still freakin’ hot. It’s smokin’. Whew. Someone pass the fire extinguisher–we have flames.

Volume 1 maxed out at 17,000+ words, and I suspect that will be close to the norm. These aren’t full-length novels, but hey, I love writing them.

I should thank two very close friends of mine who both suggested this to me at the same time (great minds think alike, and they’re not even mutual friends–go figure!). And now I’m just totally in my happy writing zone. I wish I could come up with ways to promote my series, but I don’t have any extra money to put toward it. Hmm…. well, I’ll promote it here. What the hey? Buy volume 1 here!

But if I haven’t stated this yet, I don’t expect any of you to buy it or review it for me, unless naughty romance is your thing!! Don’t be a hero, because you’re either into it, or you aren’t. My feelings won’t be hurt. But if you know anyone who’d like it, please tell your friends.

Just don’t tell Mother! 😀 HA HA H AH AHA! Oh no.

I have to give her credit. She’s been a good mother lately. In good news, she seems to be thriving while living with her boyfriend, Mark, in Maine. For the most part, he’s a good influence on her, because every single time I talk to her, she sounds happy, and she doesn’t act controlling or hurtful. Like, she’ll ask if I’ve found an agent for my memoir (which is dead on the water, sadly), and what I’ve been up to, and how my friends are doing. She brags about her progress on her exercise bike, and I brag about using my home gym. It’s all good.

Dear Amy: I’m so sad. My husband says he doesn’t want to be in our marriage anymore. He states that my mood and ways of reacting to situations are not what he expected. We’ve been married for 22 years and lately he can’t seem to tolerate me.

He had a rough childhood and thinks that he might die young. He says he doesn’t want to spend whatever time he has left with me.

I’m so very hurt. I always thought I would grow old with him. I thought we would have many adventures together.

I find it hard to sleep and eat. Do you have any advice for me?

— Sad Soul

Sad Soul: I’m so sorry you are going through this. Please, if at all possible, find a counselor to talk to. If your husband refuses, go to sessions on your own. Also, talk to your most compassionate and understanding friend or family member.

Your husband sounds depressed. Has he received upsetting news about his health recently? Has the ongoing pandemic triggered sudden concerns about his own mortality? Is he having a midlife meltdown?

Sometimes, when someone wants to leave a relationship, they will create a smokescreen to obscure the real reasons they want to leave. “Everything you do bothers me” is a way of saying, “It’s not me, it’s you!”

You will feel better if you find ways to stand up for yourself and assert your right to be respected, even if he is in crisis.

I suggest telling your husband, “I want to work on our relationship. I want to help you through this. I know I can’t force you to stay in this marriage, but please don’t try to destroy my self-esteem in the process.” (c) Ask Amy

Oh no. That’s some bad advice. This guy isn’t depressed. He’s cruel. There’s a slight yet subtle difference (she said, sarcastically). [Eyeroll.]

He had a rough childhood and thinks that he might die young.

Well, that’s interesting. I had a rough childhood, too, but that thought has never crossed my mind. Huh. (To be completely honest, I’m suddenly a little sad.) It sounds like a manipulative attempt to make his wife feel like [bleep] about herself. It doesn’t read like depression. In my mind, he’s saying it to be hurtful, not because he’s feeling helpless and hopeless.

This letter writer needs to hire a lawyer and get tested for STDs. (Seeing as she’s married to a letch, you never know.) She then needs to get out of the household (unless her lawyer says it could compromise her divorce settlement, but I’d still recommend it because this guy sounds borderline psychopathic).

What the letter writer also needs to do is become fully aware that her husband is playing games with her in order to accomplish his desired outcome (divorce), AND in an effort to destroy his wife in the process. In other words, he’s having fun with it, and that’s downright cruel.

So why is Ask Amy going on and on about being assertive here? Being assertive will make him push back and take it to the next level. Bad, bad, bad advice. Just get the heck out of there!

Your husband sounds depressed. Has he received upsetting news about his health recently? Has the ongoing pandemic triggered sudden concerns about his own mortality? Is he having a midlife meltdown?

It seems more likely that he’s having an affair or even some financial problems that he thinks divorce will somehow fix. Why or how Ask Amy managed to give him the benefit of the doubt here is beyond me.

Maybe she read it and pictured it like he’s sad, like, “Oh, woe is me, I’m going to die young, and I just want to enjoy the rest of my life,” whereas I’m picturing it like, “If I’m going to die young, I don’t want to be stuck with you, you [bleep]ing [bleep],” while he punches the drywall into smithereens with his angry fists and the letter writer cowers in the corner.

In good news, if the letter writer reads the commentary at the syndicate, she’ll realize that the consensus disagrees with Ask Amy’s advice.

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