Naughty Isle

You all have no idea how much I’ve enjoyed writing naughty erotica. Oh my goodness. I’m back in my writing zone! My first writing zone was when I wrote my Advice Avengers series. It’s a wholesome series about middle-school advice columnists who are determined to fix everyone’s problems, and they do! They’re really precocious! I can guarantee you all that if I publish my new series of naughty erotica, it’ll be behind a penname. I mean, there’s just no way my current series can stand alongside such wholesome books.

No huge deal! Oh, wow. Anyway, my point was that I was in the writing zone with the Advice Avengers, and the reason was that it fulfilled my specific fantasy of emotional fulfillment: relationships, friendship, family, togetherness, caring, etc. I loved writing that, and it spoke to me.

I don’t focus my writing on overcoming conflict or getting out of a bind. (For example: we’re trapped in the bottom of a well, and we have to escape the aliens who put us here!) I focus more on fantasy atmospheres that people would want to live in and get lost in.

But after twelve volumes, it became hard to keep all the characters and their situations straight. At this point, the thought of my rereading all of them to catch up is daunting. Its word count is (I think) 432,000 words for the whole series, or roughly 36,000 x 12. I lack the focus to reread my own series. There ya go.

Since then, I’ve written some standalone YA novels, but I’ve lost my zest for noveling somewhere along the way. I ran out of fantasies, or so I thought…

Onto bigger and better things! Allow me to announce my new series, Naughty Isle. [I just shook with silent laughter.] So, uh, yeah. It’s like Fantasy Island meets, uh… Fifty Shades of Grey. And it’s bringing out other fantasies in me than my previous books have. Oh. My. Gosh. I’m so turned on by it.

I started the doc five days ago, and I’ve already written 10,000 words, rounding up. That’s amazing. One volume could be, say, 50,000 words, so I’m on a roll here. I’ve gotten back to the fantasy aspect of writing, just in a wholly different way, or a different fantasy. Go me!

The general premise is that the Naughty Isle is in a different dimension than our own. It’s sort of like a dream or a very vivid and extended trip to the astral plane, that sort of thing. In each volume, a wayward adult will go there to get set back on the straight and narrow. It’s consensual, but not to the point that you can escape a well-deserved punishment, if that makes sense. My current heroine knows she deserves it! (And no one’s over-punished.) Anyone there can leave at anytime, no questions asked–they just can’t come back if they change their mind. (It’s a once-in-a-lifetime astral excursion either way, though.)

The man who runs Naughty Isle is Chester Payne (I couldn’t resist, but I might change his last name). He’s a man of mystery who has many hidden talents. Among them: course correction, disciplinary arts, seduction, compassion, and amazing sexuality. Oh my gosh, I’m so into this project. And it feels wild that I have a healthy outlet for my strange sexuality now. Hey, that’s great!

Well, party on! I’ve got a date this evening with Chester Payne.

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