Love the machine!

So, my new gym came in the mail yesterday. I got it set up and used it for the first time today. I like it! And it has a lot of capabilities. One thing I noticed from today’s beginner’s workout was that I can do leg squats without putting any pressure on my knees whatsoever. That’s a blessing, as I have weak knees. They can’t handle any impact. (When I use the treadmill at the gym, I speedwalk uphill instead of running level for that exact reason.)

I feel overwhelmed, though, because there’s so much to learn. The gym can allegedly do upward of eighty different exercises, and that’s sort of overwhelming. I could buy a wall chart like this one.

And… done. I found a cheaper set of three such posters for $3.95, Prime shipping. At that cost, it’s easier than messing around with the printer.

So, yeah, I like the machine, and I can tell it will challenge my muscles to their full capacity. Apparently, it works with the incline. Level 1, for those of us who are innately weak, has the bench almost parallel to the floor, just slightly elevated. Level 8, on the top of the spectrum, is a really steep incline, like massively triangular. Definitely something to work toward. (Go Meg!) It’s fun, because you use a pulley system to target different muscle groups. I just haven’t mastered the attachments yet. (I should watch the DVD again. When I taught myself about Kreg joinery, I had to watch the DVD twice.) The learning curve is intimidating, but at least I can handle it at my own speed (of extreme slowness) without feeling conspicuous.

I did six exercises today, and I have no clue which muscle groups I was targeting–I was following the beginner’s guide in the accompanying flip book–but if I had to guess, the backs of my thighs are going to be sore soon. (The fronts of my thighs are naturally strong from walking all the time.) We’ll see what else happens, too.

It fits perfectly in the basement room! I did some organizing in there and need to do some more, but it’s a great spot. I’d like to get a stereo down there, but I guess I’d need some speakers. That’s not in the budget at the moment. Hmm…. Well, it’s no huge deal. I need to focus on learning it first, anyway, and then I can add music at some later point.

I want to separate the exercises into doing all of my major muscle groups in a three- or four-day rotation. So, I could do upper body, lower body, and abdominals, for example. All muscle groups (except the abdominals) require 48 hours of rest before reworking them, according to all the books I read by Joyce Vedral. (She claims the abdominals alone are small muscles that can be exercised every day.) So if I were to do a full-body workout, I wouldn’t be able to exercise every day. I’d rather work out for the same amount of time each day while focusing on different muscle groups. I’m psyched!

I haven’t figured out whether I’ll still do treadmilling at the gym. It’ll take a while to get a routine etched out with this.


In other news of the weird, I know I’m going to jinx myself by typing this, but I haven’t had any seasonal issues at all. None. And it’s been so bad in years past that I entered this new year terrified. Yes, there have been some comic moments of irrationality, as usual, but for the most part, I feel normal, like it could be any other time of year. This hasn’t happened in years. Often, I’m completely under it all, and miserable, and filled with angst.

There are potential reasons for this. I’ve been taking more Prozac for winter, but I’ve done it in years past, too, for a long time now. This is the first year I’ve felt significantly improved. So I’m sure the Prozac is helping, but it can’t be the determining factor here.

Could it be the fact that I’ve been exercising? Possibly. But… I’m not sure. Huh, yeah, some cursory research says that exercise can definitely help with seasonal issues.

Weather? Possibly. It hasn’t been a horrid winter here, not at all. Several years ago, we suffered an extreme cold spell that had me giving myself pep talks before I could leave the house to walk Sammy Samson around the block. It was that cold. Oh my gosh.

But I don’t think that’s it. Seasonal issues are strongly tied to the length of the day, not to the temperature. However, one factor that could alternate is sunshine. People with seasonal issues need sunshine, and if it’s a dark and cloudy winter, that’s dire. It’s been pretty sunny here. But still. That’s not uncommon for Louisville.

I’m still not sure that’s it, but it could be. The only possibility I have left is that the EMDR therapy I got last summer actually worked and fixed the problem. I’m not sure what the link is, but come winter, I get more triggered and miserable about the abuse I suffered. This winter, it’s not really on my mind, except for when I’m writing my memoir. Sometimes not even then, because I’ve been editing the college years. But anyway.

So, that would be… a freakin’ miracle of monstrous proportions. Are the trigger problem and my seasonal issues finally solved? Party at Meg’s house!

Wait! Hold that thought. My period’s going to start soon, and I could come completely unhinged. Since I’ve gone up on Prozac for wintertime, I haven’t taken even more Prozac this past week in preparation of my period. I figured that’s just too much Prozac. So I could be making myself vulnerable to some very bad hormones really soon. It’ll be interesting to find out. If it’s that bad, then I will take extra Prozac for next month’s period. We’ll just have to see what happens.

So, yeah, I’ve been editing my memoir ever since I realized that I can’t (or shouldn’t) submit it as a first draft. Buh-doink.Ā I usually spend a few hours a day on it. I might be ready to submit soon, but I don’t feel all that organized. I’m sure it’ll happen, though.

I’ve also made some new friends through the NYC Midnight contest that I’m in. I’ve figured out how to participate without venturing near the scary forum: I put my name on the beta-list spreadsheet. (It’s on a google doc, not on the forum–the forum just links to it.) There ya go. I’ve beta read for several people this week. I can honestly say I’ve never had a bad beta-reading experience like the sort of disasters that can occur on the forum. Beta reading is safer. More one-on-one.

It feels amazing to not have my whole life become upended by winter. I’m in a state of shock over it. I’m keeping an eye on it, though. If problems arise, then I’ll ascertain whether it’s menstrual or due to a lapse in exercising, etc. Definitive action can then be taken.

8 thoughts on “Love the machine!

  1. I like your use of the word “allegedly” describing all the exercises your gym can do LOL… Yes I too have been trying to keep a light active lifestyle by walking lots (I do for work) and yoga as much as I can! I also have no idea what muscle groups I’m exercising but I just know I’m doing it lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Woo hoo!! Walk on!! I’d guess the quadriceps!! Because that’s one muscle group where I’m really strong, unlike the rest of my body! (I’ve been walking forever, since my dad and I always have a dog.) I’ve never done yoga!! I don’t know much about it!! But I can do the reverse prayer pose! I’m double-jointed like that! šŸ˜® Keep us posted on your exercise progress!! YAY!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. YAY! Thank you!! I definitely hope to master the machine!!

      Oh my, it’s SO true that the forum is toxic. But I’ve been lurking, and they’re behaving themselves so far this year. Oh my gosh. I just randomly realized, thinking about this time of year, that it’s the exact 3-year anniversary of my mom’s falling down the stairs. Get out! Wow.

      But it feels more like a chemical issue, because wintertime has been the bane of my existence in a way that surpasses bad forumites behaving badly. I’ve had severe SAD issues going back to college, for example. Interestingly, when the forumites misbehaved this time of year a few years ago, I blamed it on the weather and figured they were all seasonally affected instead of the other way around… huh! But then they got all mean and cruel in October (I think?) and I was just, like, that can’t be blamed on the weather. I’m so through.

      I’ve been lurking, though. It gives me a safe distance. So I feel like when things go to hell next time, I’ll be detached and uninvolved, since I’ve never commented with my new lurker profile, and I don’t intend to.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, I’m glad this year is an exception, whatever the reason.

        I know you, and there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that you’d see forum fireworks and stay detached and uninvolved.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh no, I can totally do it!! I’m not “there” anymore. Like I’ve checked out. Let them destroy each other, I say!!


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