When the kitty’s approval is required!

I’ve just bought a home gym. It’s coming in the mail. It’s the Total Gym APEX G3. Here’s a link to it! (Only I bought one for less on eBay. Hoping for the best there!) Check out the one-minute video and see what it’s capable of!

I have room for one of these contraptions in the basement. There’s a room down there that’s roughly eleven feet by eleven feet. It could even come up here to my room, but I doubt I’d be happy with that. The basement room is begging for a function other than containing Mr. Kitty’s litter anyway. Now it can be litter and exercising! Fun for both me and the cat. And I daresay I’ll be cleaning his litter more often now that I’ll have another reason to go down there. Let’s ask Mr. Kitty if he approves!

DSC00100 (2)

Oh, yeah, that’s his look of approval, for sure. (You don’t want to see him when he disapproves.)

The problem is that I enjoy my gym membership, but it’s costing a lot in gas to keep driving there (even though it’s a mile up the road… go figure), and I’m not comfortable using the exercise machines. I’ve only gained comfort with the treadmill, and that took forever. It’s hard to describe the problem, but I process and learn new things slowly, and it puts stress on me to do so with an audience. It’s always better when I can teach myself something in private. Also, at the gym, you have to sanitize each machine after you use it, and it appears that each machine works one muscle. That would be a lot of sanitation. I mean, I want to work a handful of muscles in one workout.

It feels ridic. I was talking to my psychic friend, Ash, about it earlier today–my intimidation of the machines–and she posted this on FB to give me confidence:

Screenshot (330)

“Meg Kimball is a genius!” That totally made my day!! For sure!! πŸ˜€ Oh my gosh. And I replied, “I won’t argue, but… wow, thanks! So are you!”

She tried to teach me the machines a few times way back before she moved to Orlando. She took me to the gym before I joined. We did a few different machines, and it didn’t take. It’s like, whenever you add social pressure onto me trying to learn something, my brain slows down even more. I have to do everything slowly and cautiously. The slow brain is a processing thing. I’ve always been that way.

And I’m getting desperate to lose weight. I gained a pound recently, and I blame the local pizza place and my dad’s covidiocy. But there’s no reason to point the finger of blame. I’ve just got to freakin’ lose some weight, and it seems like I’m doing better with exercise than diet lately, so I want to maximize that.

I’m excited to get my Total Gym APEX G3. Who wouldn’t be? I can spend some time organizing in the basement tomorrow. I know I’ll use it, but part of me thinks I should’ve forced the issue of going to the gym.

Speaking of my slow-working brain, I read recently that that’s a cognitive effect of schizophrenia. Or, it can be. (I was a music major who couldn’t master fast music, and I can’t play fast-drop Tetris.) Also, my inability to deal with stress is due to the brain chemistry issues of being schizophrenic. Who knew? And the circadian rhythm sleep issues I used to have are strongly associated with schizophrenia. You know, the way I’d be up all night and sleep all day and then have killer insomnia every night, again and again? That issue predated my schizophrenia and really upset me and caused problems.

When I saw that there was a link, I had a weird reaction: Oh, good. None of it was my fault. My dad used to say, “Just go to bed earlier.” That’s idiotic, which makes sense, since he’s a covidiot. (To new readers, he visited a friend who had the coronavirus. Don’t get me started.)

But back when I wrestled with it, which ended when I finally got some good medications (some to put me to sleep, and some to keep me awake), I freakin’ blamed myself and believed I was lazy and needed to try harder. Even if I’d break the cycle by staying up all night and all day and going to bed at a normal hour, the normal cycle would break within a few days. I still blamed myself. Why, oh why, couldn’t anyone have realized that I was having a medical issue? Go to bed earlier, my [bleep].

But I digress. Anyway, I decided to indulge in an exercise machine. I used to work out with dumbbells all the time, back when I was nineteen. (I’m 43.) I remember the concepts of reps, and all that. I used to follow the exercise books of Joyce Vedral. But I’ll tell ya, her routines left me for dead. I’m hoping that using a weight machine will enable me to go slower and focus more on muscle growth than sudden death.

I started doing her workouts at age nineteen, I think. I used 1-, 2-, and 3-pound dumbbells to begin. After my first two days’ workouts (upper body and lower body on consecutive days), I was at Granny Franny’s house, and I’d been exercising in her basement, and I remember collapsing into her recliner, and my whole body was in pain. I couldn’t stand up. Like, oh my goodness. (How out of shape was I?! Is it normal for a teenager to be so weak? I swear on my life, I’m not remotely athletic, and I have some sort of inherent athletic weakness.)

But anyway, I’ll use some of the rep stuff that I remember, and I’ll focus on all major muscle groups. (Her books taught that there are nine major muscle groups, and I actually remember all of them. Wow, go me!) And I might keep going to the gym to use the treadmill, but it will really depend on how much the Total Gym APEX G3 exhausts me. If it’s an upgrade from treadmilling, then I won’t go. If it’s an add-on, then I’ll go. We’ll wait and see.

One benefit of gaining muscle is that your metabolism shoots up, and therefore you’re burning more calories even while resting. I’m intrigued! Plus, I need some muscle tone. I’m excited.

I’d been trying to save money, but I do still have some savings, almost enough to go back to Prague. But, of course, there has to be progress with everyone getting vaccines, and all that. I’m heartbroken that I couldn’t visit Sonya last year but super-glad that I did visit her the year before. The vaccine rollout seems to be taking forever. My dad asked me to go online and schedule one for him, but what do you know? There were no openings. Maybe they should’ve only offered them to a lesser population, like people over eighty-five, since they didn’t have enough vaccines for everyone 75+. I’m hoping it’ll sort itself out.

8 thoughts on “When the kitty’s approval is required!

    1. Awww, thank you!! I love that photo of Mr. Kitty! πŸ˜€

      He’s not too upset because I earned the money via our paper agreement. I buy a box of paper that has 5,000 sheets (costing from $30 to $65), and he uses it in his printer. As per the agreement, I buy ink and/or toner, maintain the printer, buy new printers or get repairs when necessary, and keep him supplied. In return, whenever he runs out of paper, he pays me $0.13 a sheet, or $650.00. That happened recently, and I used some of the money to pay off some minor debt I’ve accrued (stress eating, gas for my car, etc.) and then I bought the exercise machine, and I’ll also have enough to repay him for the new box of paper (I put it on his credit card) and recent car repairs of $97 (he took the car to the shop for me). In savings, I already have $767, and I’d need several more hundred to go to Prague, but again, you know, vaccines. I haven’t told him that I bought it yet, but I told him last night that I was seriously considering it, and he didn’t freak. I’m going to tell him during our 3:00 walk (it’s 1:41 PM here now), and I assume he’ll take it well because he didn’t protest a whole lot last night. πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  1. “covidiocy”.. You are a genius! lol I love it! Yea I used to be so intimidated about using the machines at the gym then I felt silly for feeling intimidated because we’ve all been there… I found for me, pre-covid, going to the gym had to be super easy (barrier-free) for me to even consider going consistently (I.e. free/acessible parking, close by, available machines often)… But I have discovered amazing home workouts on YouTube that I’ve really enjoyed doing so I don’t think I’d spend money on going to a gym anymore (at least anytime soon)! It’s great you’re so motivated to be healthier though, that’s amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HA HA! Thanks, but I encountered the “covidiot” term somewhere else! I wish I could take credit for it! πŸ˜€ Oh! In good news, my dad got a covid test at my sister’s insistence, and he doesn’t have it!! YAY!

      Oh wow, I never thought of doing YouTube workouts!! That’s brilliant! It probably wouldn’t work for me, because the only device with internet is my box computer. I don’t use a cellphone or own a smart TV! But I love the idea!! Wow, you can find anything on YouTube! It’s a great site, for sure!! Thanks for complimenting my motivation!! Let’s both keep up the good efforts!! Go us!! πŸ™‚ And I’m glad I’m not the only person intimidated by the machines!! πŸ˜€

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