The day the music died.

I did a search to make sure I’ve never given this title to a blog post before, but what do you know? I haven’t.

So, yeah, the music died earlier. I was at the gym doing my morning workout on the treadmill when it happened. Thus, I was forced to watch the treadmill’s television for entertainment. I put on the Hallmark channel, and it was going well right up until the commercials started.

First-world problems. I know.

I just need to charge my little music player. Maybe I can add some tunes to it while I’m doing that. I want to listen to books on tape, which I’ve never done, but I have some concerns about it. How can you easily go back to “reread” (for lack of a better word) something? What if your internal reading speed is different than the speed of the narrator? (Not due to sounding words out, which would be a non-issue with someone reading to you; but what if you have a slow time picturing what you’re reading in your mind, which I do?)

I doubt it would entertain me while exercising anyway. I guess I could stick to music.

Ooh! Or, I could listen to inspirational stuff. Like, you’re the awesomest Meg in all the land. Hmm… I’m wondering if there’s any area of my life where that would help… what about stuff like, you hate junk food! You love carrots. You love carrots. Huh. (I don’t love carrots.)

Yeah, that’s not a bad idea, though. If I were listening to motivational stuff like how beneficial it is to eat healthy, etc., it would boost me up, I’m sure.

I’m impressed that I’ve been going to the gym thrice a day. For one thing, it gives me a reason to use the word thrice. Yesterday was the first day where things went wrong, and I only made it to the gym once. I didn’t feel well yesterday. I was crabby, sleepy, and grumpy. I didn’t get enough sleep, but I eventually took a nap; but even then I was still morose while awaiting the NYC Midnight results.

I didn’t think I’d make it to the next round of NYC Midnight, because upon rereading my 250-word story, I didn’t like it. I was right–I didn’t make it. That was easy to cope with because I was expecting it. It’s a case of feeling no hostility toward the judges whatsoever. But in bad news, this person who I absolutely hate–because she was causing me (and others) grief on the forum when I ran screaming from it–took first in her group, as she always does.

I don’t normally resent people their successes, but this lady’s a total [bleep]. I really don’t want her to succeed at all. She’s a finalist in the flash fiction competition, and those results are coming out later today. I’m hoping and praying with everything in me that her name’s not on the list of winners, finalists, or honorable mentions. It’s stuff like this that makes karma so freakin’ hard to believe in, ya know? She’s just an ugly person, and I like to think that winners are pretty on the inside.

And then, my good friend did make it to the next round of the 250-word challenge. (Yes, I’m talking about two or three overlapping events here, so bear with me.) And he was crabby about it! He’s hated his story since he wrote it even though I and other people have told him it’s great. Ha, we were right! It took, like, fourth or fifth in his group. (Top ten made it to the next round.) I’m super-happy for him, and I’ll probably channel my inner desire to top the mean girl by trying to help him write the best damned stories ever for the upcoming rounds. Immature, I’m sure, but who the freak cares? I just hate mean girls. Hate, hate, hate.

The short story event (yeah, I’ve mentioned the 250-word, flash fiction, and now short story… it’s a lot to keep straight) starts a week from this weekend. Round 1 is the easiest of any contest NYC Midnight runs, because it affords the writer eight whole days to write the story. It’s a luxury!

I had nightmares after getting the results and woke up at 7:00 AM, unhappy, so I went to the local pastry shop. Yeah, I’ll tell ya, whenever I’m stressed, my diet’s the first thing to go. That’s why I’m impressed that I’ve been exercising thrice a day (except for yesterday). I think I can rely upon my exercising consistency way more than I can rely upon myself to eat healthy. I mean, I’m still trying to eat healthy. Don’t get me wrong. But it’s hard! Of course, I used to think exercise was hard, and now here I am, doing it. That’s amazing. Like for freak. Amazing. I guess desperate times call for desperate measures, and I really want to lose weight already or die trying. (Has anyone ever died on the treadmill?) (Never mind. How morbid!)

And ever since my dad started helping me with my finances, I’ve saved just over $1,300. Wow. It’s so nice of him to help give me some structure. He’s paid off most of my credit cards (and now I’m paying him back as much as I can), but it’s helped my credit and morale. He’s a wonderful father. (It’s not like I can save that much every month, or I’d be rich. I’ve had some lucky incomes, but that doesn’t happen all the time. Still, though, it would all be flung into the morass of credit card debt without my dad’s help.)

8 thoughts on “The day the music died.

      1. Wow, I bet you’re right!! You know, podcasts are a fun idea in general! It’s too bad I don’t have portable internet. I don’t think my little music player can do podcasts, but I ought to look into it!! 😮


  1. Custom tailored affirmations are super beneficial, I read a list of them every morning. It also reminds me of the sleep hypnosis I listen to which has definitely helped in reprogramming my thoughts because it seeps right into the subconscious. Good for you on tackling your credit debit, your Dad is really a great support for you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love the idea of custom affirmations!! That’s brilliant!!

      Yeah, Mr. Brains and I are very companionable! I know he’s a close soul to me. I believe I know of at least one past life we shared. It’s interesting! 😮

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes it sure is! I know a gentleman who’s gift is that he remembers all of his past lives. He has come into this life to teach us about human evolution and our history. Absolutely fascinating!

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