Awash in validation today!

It’s been an odd day, but not a bad one. At noon, I heard a loud thump coming from outside. LuLu heard it too and started barking like a maniac.

Needless to say, it interrupted my sleeping, and I curled up in my rainbow comforter and debated whether to wait it out or get up already. Woof, woof, woof. Woof, woof, woof. Woof, woof, woof. 

I groaned. “LuLu! LuLu!”

She ignored me. Woof, woof, woof. Woof, woof, woof.

My dad was concerned and came upstairs to figure out why the doggie was barking. He was afraid I’d fallen out of  bed, or something, which would explain the thump; but we never figured out what made the noise.

I got up and went downstairs, and guess what good news I got in the mail? Not only did my MIMRA come (see my previous blog post), but I also got mail from the government saying that I’m still disabled. This was my reaction:

IStill Got It Dance GIF - IStillGotIt Dance BettyWhite GIFs

Also, I got a lovely email from the police. Here’s the message I sent to the new police chief:

Hello, and welcome to Louisville! I would please urge you to crack down on bad driving in the Highlands. For years now, there has been no accountability for people who run red lights or stop signs. It’s gotten about as bad as it is in Thailand. Also, as I’m sure you know, regular traffic stops are a great way to find felons. And revenue! You could fund massive improvement projects for Louisville simply by sending out cops to patrol drivers in the Highlands for, like, one hour. (No exaggeration. It’s THAT BAD.) Total win-win-win. Please seriously do something about it, because I’m disgusted with the state of it, and so are a lot of people. If I had a nickel for every stop-sign runner I’ve honked at, I’d be wealthy. Thank you very much. People might say, what about the coronavirus and more serious issues? I know you’re new to town, but I’m not lying: this issue predates the coronavirus by several years.

Here’s today’s response, from a major in the police department who said he’ll forward my message to the new chief:


Thank you for taking the time to voice your observations about driving in the highlands. I was assigned to command the 5th Division less than a month ago and was informed that this very issue has been plaguing the area for years. I know that poor driving is an aggravation and sometimes danger to everyone. I will see to it that we will dedicate as much as possible to help resolve this.

Your message will also be sent to Chief Shields when she arrives. It is important for her to know even though the highlands doesn’t have violent crime problems it does have concerns. In fact, the main reason the violence hasn’t crept in is because of caring and observant citizens such as yourself.

Ohhh, gushy gush! For reallish? Way to make my day!! Holy flip!! Yes, please, flatter me!

Unfortunately, the city doesn’t make a penny on tickets or arrests–the state gets it all!

Respectfully, [his name and contact info]

That last part about not getting money from traffic tickets made me laugh. AAUGH! It’s too bad, ya hear me? So much for being motivated financially to crack down on bad drivers! I had no clue that it worked that way, but it was nice of him to let me know! And it was so nice of him to call me a caring and observant citizen!! I’m proud of myself for making a difference, ya know?

And then with the MIMRA award I got, I’m feeling all sorts of validated today. How weird is that? My mental illness has been validated. My friendship has been validated. My contributions to the community have been validated.

And then my mom called. She got the package of gifts I sent her and her boyfriend, and she was thrilled. I’m swimming in a sea of validation here! 😮

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