Whimsical goal setting.

Okay, so as of right now in my time zone, it’s 11:26 PM on Dec 31. So I thought I’d set some whimsical goals for next year. For clarification, my “usual” goals involve weight loss, writing, saving money and paying off debt, and general productivity. Let’s get funkier!

In 2021, I dare myself to…

  • Tip a street performer, even if his performance is only so-so
  • Tip double if he does anything involving an open flame
  • Go back to Prague
  • Blow my nose in public while wearing a mask, and no one will know!
  • Kiss a Santa or someone else while standing under the mistletoe
  • Maybe try to watch less Hallmark Christmas movies involving mistletoe

Oh my gosh. I was watching a Hallmark Christmas movie, and this woman tugged off Santa’s beard to kiss him, and I was like, hey, let’s not get all kinky up in here! Is it just me, or was there something sexy about that, like that kiss scene with Spiderman when MJ takes off part of his mask to kiss him upside down?


  • Demand a price check on some bananas, just on general principle
  • Take a ballet class for which I don my tights and tutu… none of those boring black yoga pants for me!
  • Play truth-or-dare like I mean it (any takers? No?)
  • Convince a catfisher to send me money
  • Tell Senator Rand Paul that his name is backward
  • Join the mile-high club (longtime bucket-list item)
  • Defy gravity
  • Become airborne
  • Experience radioactivity… or just turn on the television (see what I did there? I shouldn’t be encouraged!) ๐Ÿ˜€
  • Fight to return cursive instruction to the classroom
  • Test my DNA to find out how much Native American Cherokee ancestry I have
  • Test my sister’s DNA to prove that she’s not human
  • Casually use “pronunciate” instead of “pronounce” in a sentence (or “conversate” instead of “converse”) and see if anyone calls me out on it
  • Email her royal highness, Queen Oprah, to ask her if her refrigerator’s running

Ooooh, four minutes until next year! Here we go, everyone!!

9 thoughts on “Whimsical goal setting.

  1. Sometimes I want to stick my tongue out at ppl I don’t like (behind my mask, of course) but I’m often afraid of retribution. I think that’ll be my funky new year’s resolution – the courage to just do it lol (only behind my mask)!

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  2. Sounds like it’ll be quite the year! I remember seeing an interview with one of those two saying that even though the Spiderman kiss looks sexy, it was actually super-uncomfortable and unsexy to film.

    While the mile high club might be sexy in theory, I would think that it would be rather cramped if the parties involved were much larger than 100 pounds.

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    1. ๐Ÿ˜€ Oh my gosh, you’re probably right on both counts! Uncomfortable upside-down kissing, and no room to join the mile-high club properly! ๐Ÿ˜€ Darn it all!

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