Meg’s off the chain.

Small problem. I’m schizophrenic, right? Well, apparently my good friend Ash, the psychic, has discovered an app that takes her face and puts it all over movie stars and other fictional characters. She has one image of herself talking to herself as two main characters from Labyrinth, a movie I used to like. And she has videos of movie scenes, like from Pirates of the Caribbean, that now feature her face on the main characters’. She makes a beautiful Johnny Depp.

The option of snoozing her for thirty days seems extreme. Any chance she’ll get tired of this within a day or so? Seeing the wrong faces in the wrong places is sort of… unhealthy for my brain.

Oh, gee, she’s still at it. Okay, I snoozed her.

Some of the worst commercials are ones where faces are messed up, like if noses are talking to ears, or that sort of thing. It’s hard to explain the stress of it, but I guess it makes me feel like… like I’m on the brink of losing touch with reality if I keep exposing myself to surreal images. It’s scary. It doesn’t feel right.

I’m not sure why it would scare me. I haven’t ever lost touch with reality that badly. Oh, don’t get me wrong. If I go off my meds, it’s worse than disastrous. But I’ve always had some grasp on reality. A few times I’ve hallucinated, but all of those times I knew that my mind was at war with me. There was no doubt in my mind that the sensations were an issue with my messed-up psychological or psychiatric state.

But the human face is supposed to be a certain way. There’s no deviation from that. There should be two eyes, a nose, a mouth, etc. And faces aren’t meant to be interchangeable. You can’t switch faces with someone else for a day. It’s just… wrong. It goes against nature.

I’m not sure why I’m so upset over it. Hmm… maybe some advice columns will distract me.

Dear Amy: I’ve been texting back and forth with my deceased husband’s cousins for years.

Okay, that’s funny. There’s a right way to read that sentence, and there’s a wrong way to read it. HA HA H AH AHA! Oh my. So… we’ve been texting our husband’s dead cousins? Nice opener.

They have been extremely supportive toward me. They all traveled to see and support me, attending his memorial service last year. Overall, a very friendly relationship. I love them a lot.

Today — as usual — I was included in their text conversation, which veered unexpectedly into some comments about how victimized they feel because of the results of the U.S. presidential election. Their political leanings have not come up before.

They don’t strike me as unintelligent people, but they are all very conservative, politically and religiously.

I do not agree with their comments at all.

Should I just ignore and not respond, or should I comment? I’m not happy about this.

I do not know how to respond without offending them.If I do, what should I say?

— Text Challenged

Text Challenged: If you don’t think these cousins are “unintelligent,” then don’t assume their intelligence is somehow in play because of how they voted, how they worship, or how aggrieved they feel.

They are upset. They believe they are victims of what has been proven — over and over again — to have been a fair election.

Irrational, yes, but if you voted for the Democrat candidate in 2016, you might remember how it felt to be declared a citizen of Loserville, USA. You might have felt like a victim of some mysterious process. Nonetheless, you had to get on with it, just the way these very nice and supportive people will have to get on with it.

If you find they are including you in multiple political text conversations that you would rather not participate in, you could respond: “Just letting you know — It’s been an exhausting year. I’m hoping to take a break from politics. Feel free to exclude me from those discussions. I’d love to chime in on just about anything else.” (c) Ask Amy

Oh, brother. Are you freakin’ kidding me? As a Republican who supports President Trump, um… hello… letter writer, YOUR CANDIDATE WON! So quit being a whiner because the rest of us are disappointed and uncertain what to believe about it. WHEN YOUR CANDIDATE WINS, YOU DON’T GET TO TELL OTHER PEOPLE TO GET OVER IT. If I recall, when President Trump won, the liberals were so freakin’ gungho about losing that they spent four years trying to destroy him. And now that the Democrats have won, the conservatives aren’t allowed to MERELY EXPRESS THEIR DISAPPOINTMENT ABOUT IT?!?!

This letter writer is a massive snowflake. Look at her complaint! She almost doesn’t have one. And the fact that Ask Amy took her seriously is pretty darned telling. I’m surprised the letter writer didn’t say she was “triggered”, as if her cousins-in-law’s emails were setting off her PTSD, or something. You’ve got to be kidding me.

I don’t know if the election was rigged or not. I think a lot of people don’t know. But regardless, the chances of Trump fixing it (if the election was indeed rigged) and overtaking Biden’s presidential win are slim to none. So even if I were on the other side of this, I wouldn’t judge conservatives for being uncertain about what to believe or how to react. I’d allow them to feel the disappointment of the loss.

As a Republican, I’m not going to spend the next four years of my life plotting and scheming to destroy the new president. Why? Because I have a life, and I have better things to do. Did the liberals take that attitude when Trump won? No, they didn’t. Chew on that, letter writer. And by all means keep communicating with your husband’s dead cousins.

(For those of you who disapprove of my political leanings, try to understand that I’m usually able to keep a lid on it.)

They don’t strike me as unintelligent people, but they are all very conservative, politically and religiously.

Right. I’m pretty stupid myself, thanks. My IQ’s only around 140. I only scored 790 out of 800 on the logic and analysis portion of the Graduate Record Exam. But yeah, despite those things, I’m pretty stupid.

I do not agree with their comments at all.

That’s fine!! We don’t have to agree! But their comments aren’t trigger-worthy, and they’re not harmful. It’s simple disagreement over one candidate or the other. They didn’t… go on any racist rants? They didn’t… go on any homophobic rants? No? They didn’t… call abortion fans baby killers? No? They just expressed their disappointment at the outcome of an election? Really? And we’re feeling too sensitive to handle that today? Awwww. Their side lost. Your side won. Get over yourself. Or would you rather have President Trump win, if you don’t have to deal with hearing your dead cousins’ opinions? (No, really, I’m asking. Priorities, people.)

Should I just ignore and not respond, or should I comment? I’m not happy about this.

Yeah, I think you should spell it out for them that President Trump lost. After all, they’re in denial (due to their conservative stupidity) and need to be told rather firmly that they’ve lost. Oh, and then report back as to how they react. Thank you.

I do not know how to respond without offending them.If I do, what should I say?

Okay. “My candidate won, and yours didn’t! Nanny, nanny, boo-boo!” That should cover it.

Well, now I’m even more riled up. Oh well. It is what it is.

You know, since these cousins are dead, it’s not too surprising they voted for Joe Biden. OHHHH!!! BOOM. That’s what I’m talking about!

3 thoughts on “Meg’s off the chain.

  1. “And now that the Democrats have won, the conservatives aren’t allowed to MERELY EXPRESS THEIR DISAPPOINTMENT ABOUT IT?!?!” – If you think that’s the issue, you are missing the point entirely. Fox News commentators aren’t a reliable source of information on what left-leaning folks are talking about.

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    1. That’s very true. I have no clue what the actual political situation is, but I was going by how the letter writer freaked out simply because her cousins were on the other side. I feel like conservatives are maligned to the point that when someone finds out their friends are conservatives, we may as well be Nazis or some such other horrible people. I was upset that the letter writer was just so horrified by which party her cousins voted for.

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