The gift of Christmas.

So, I went to the library and got lost, and we had to see that coming. I swear as I live and breathe that the library isn’t on the street it’s listed as being on. I finally found it hiding behind a police station. To accomplish this feat, I had to put my clunker in four-wheel drive (I’m being rather glib here) and make an illegal turn in the grass on the curb. Someone honked at me just for the sake of it. (Hey, I didn’t disturb traffic.)

And then the librarian was upset that I didn’t roll down my car window on the passenger side so she could put my books in my car. Uh… Carlene was made in 1995, and she has those manual roll-down gears. I can’t roll down her windows automatically. Also, if her windows are rolled down by hand, it’s ungodly hell trying to get them back up. They won’t roll up the right way and will be slightly tilted at a diagonal, letting in wind and traffic noises. Just picture Uncle Buck’s car, only worse.

So I was trying to gesture to her that I couldn’t roll down the windows. She got agitated and opened the back door, passenger side, and hurled the books inside before realizing that she was tossing them onto a pile of trash. I own that. I should clean Carlene more often. Or ever. [Scratching my head.] Oh well. She grunted and departed.

Then I came home and saw some random papers on my dad’s recliner. He doesn’t leave papers there. They were from my brother, regarding a traffic ticket he needs to go to court over. He wants our dad’s help, since our dad’s a lawyer.

Then I went to the kitchen and accessed the back stairs up to my room, and I found a $100 prepaid card on the stairs. Holy shit! I was so… oh my gosh, GREATEST BROTHER EVER!

It feels validating, like he appreciates me. That feels so freakishly great that there aren’t words for it. He’s successful and well-off, ever since he became a truck driver. He graduated from Bellarmine with me and majored in philosophy. He had office jobs, but they weren’t right for how his mind works. He loves trucking, and he’s earned a fortune. So nice of him to share the wealth! I’m just so touched. I guess I’m a good sister!! 😮 Who knew?

I think I thanked him too effusively on social media! 😀 He said he has a similar prepaid card for our dad. Ohh, great brother!! Great brother!!

Well, now I’m filled with Christmas good cheer. Hmm… where’d I put my nog?

4 thoughts on “The gift of Christmas.

  1. Awww, how kind and sweet of your brother ❤ btw I received your card today in the mail. Thank you so much for your kindness and support always. This is a very different experience this holiday as it is for many. Honestly, this year has been incredible for me even with the heartache and pain because it has helped me grow and see how very strong I am. Enjoy your holiday Meg🎄🎆✨❤💚

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