It’s been a great year!

Okay, so I figured I’d blog about what I’ve accomplished this year. At some later point, I’ll blog about my goals for 2021.

I participated in the NYC Midnight competitions but didn’t make it to the finals of any of them, much to my disappointment.

And then I participated in the 3-day novella writing event, but I’m not going to do that one again. It overtaxed my brain and fried it. That’s just too intense for me. I did, however, make the long list among the top 10 writers. But I should temper that by mentioning that only 15 people entered. [Facepalm.] Top 66%! Woo hoo!

And then… hmm… I tried writing three different novels: a YA thriller, a cozy mystery, and another YA thriller; and all three of them died midway through. Something’s going on there, but I’ll deal with it later. It’s not urgent.

And then I wrote my memoir, which I’m still tinkering with, but it’s largely done. I feel very hopeful that I can get it published because it has a unique perspective that no one else has written about. I’m eager to find an agent for it.

I organized my bedroom, which was hard, because after all my fishies died, I had to dismantle the aquarium. And it was all a lot of work. Somehow the rest of the room became disorganized as well, and I finally had to grit my teeth and get it taken care of. (Is it sad that that’s one of the year’s finest accomplishments? It took weeks.)

I studied iffing (intermittent fasting) and then studied food addictions, and now I’ve been eating much healthier and going to the gym. I’ve lost five pounds, and when I went ice skating last evening, I didn’t have to get off the ice for a breather! Wow. I’m getting more fit cardiovascularly.

I mastered the virtues of self-value and made great progress with forbearance. (Yeah, I had to look that word up just now. It means patient, self-control, restraint, and tolerance.)

I’ve put measures in place to control my spendthrift ways, and I’ve quit gambling. Wow! It’s been a great year for virtue! 😮

I think the highlight of my year was in January when went to the local hardware store. The store was going out of business, so I asked the hired liquidator what price they wanted for a light display. He said it wasn’t for sale. I said, “Oh, okay.” I reached for the bowl of candy that was out for customers, and he shot me a look that could kill, like, stay away from the candy, you loser. I jerked my hand back as if I’d been slapped.

Crushed, I went home and stewed. January tends to bring out my irrational side. The next day I went back. The liquidator and the nice man who ran the place were there. I walked up to the counter and chatted with them, grabbed the candy, and absconded with it.

The liquidator started yelling at me. “Come back here with that! What are you doing?! Thief!”

I was out the door, peanut M&Ms in tow. I raced home.

The guy who ran the place, Mike, followed me home and I gave him back the candy. I explained the situation, and he said the liquidator was from up north, and that’s why he was so mean. (I have no idea how true that is, but I think he was trying to explain it at my level, if that makes sense.) But he was nice about it. That was the highlight of my year because it still makes me laugh. The hardware store is now long-gone, and there’s a new yoga studio in its place.

So, that’s been my year. Oh, yeah, and the coronavirus.

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