I hate NYC Midnight!

Don’t panic, but I’m angry. Large Flatulent Marge, my irate alter ego, has taken temporary (I hope) possession of me. I can tell she’s here because my head is buzzing with hot air and I want to throttle some poor, unsuspecting citizen. (No one’s nearby, so… that’s good.)

I didn’t make it to the finals of flash fiction. My story didn’t get an honorable mention, either, so it wasn’t listed. I immediately wondered if the man who runs the contests, Charlie Weisman, took me out of it unfairly due to the conflict on his forum. So I emailed him to ask.

Dear Charlie,

Can you go ahead and send me my feedback so that I can put to rest the notion that you removed me from the competition unfairly? Thanks! 🙂


Two-and-a-half hours passed, and as you can imagine, my paranoia just got worse. So I left a rather scathing review for the contest at sitejabber and emailed Charlie to let him know it.

Dear Charlie,

Suit yourself. The Sitejabber review should be live soon. 🙂


Then I watched an episode of Diagnosis Murder. When I returned to the computer, he’d emailed me half an hour after that with my feedback. Apparently, the judges hated my story. That’s the end of the road for my paranoia, though. I doubt Charlie’s intelligent enough to fake several paragraphs of bad feedback, so it is what it is. I lost.

So then I wrote back to him and said:

You’re a jerk!

And then I thought, now, Meg, articulate it better than that. Use your words. So I emailed him again.

You could’ve sent me this several hours ago, but you just let me get more and more paranoid because YOU COULDN’T CARE LESS ABOUT ANYONE. That makes me angry and somewhat disgusted. It’s like you have no conscience, Charlie. Like you laugh at me and my mental illness. Ha! Ha! Ha, ha, ha. Poor paranoiac. Well, you know what? I’m an outspoken paranoiac. And I’m now officially your enemy. I’ve tried to give you the benefit of the doubt, but you’ve given me no reason to see any virtue in you whatsoever. You’re dark inside. And I’m going to let the whole world know it.


There we go. Boom. He’s shaking in his boots now. Yeah, I… won’t be doing anymore contests. I tend to burn bridges at the rate of several per year on a good year. It makes me happy. I take my pleasure where I can find it.

This is the guy who waited three or four days before addressing my concerns about his forum while it was messing with my sanity and causing me to come undone. He couldn’t be bothered to fix it until I put the heat on him by going insane, which just made me feel even worse. I think people like that are lazy and lacking in compassion. Aww, leave me alone if it’s not an emergency. 

He’s a loser. I’m excited for my sitejabber review to go live.

It’s too bad the judges didn’t like my story. And it’s too bad that watching Diagnosis Murder didn’t help much. It’s hard to deal with people who need evidence of mental collapse before they’ll be bothered to do anything. That’s a lose-lose for those of us who are fragile emotionally, and for organizations like NYC Midnight that probably don’t need poor reviews to be left for them all over the whole, entire world wide web.

6 thoughts on “I hate NYC Midnight!

    1. Yeah, sure, and remind me later if I forget!! I heard back from Charlie and he was really apologetic and explained that he has a lot going on and wasn’t trying to make me paranoid. He sounded fairly sincere, so I caved and apologized too and removed my sitejabber review. Now I feel sort of guilty and ashamed about it all! 😮 Ugh, what else is new?


      1. I’m glad about that, too!! I haven’t found myself missing the forum at all. Quite the opposite. Like, ugh, I NEVER want to go back. And it’s occurring to me that the contests aren’t worth all the emotional investment, because the odds of winning are minuscule. From lurking, I can see that the forumites have been behaving since I left, but I’m not remotely stupid enough to ever trust that again. No, no, no. [Shaking my head.] They’re not good people. So glad to be gone and have some distance.


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