Happy day of the turkey!

So, I’m going to try the Bright Lines Eating diet. Both of my parents are willing to pay me $200 if I manage to lose weight. That’s great! But I’m worried about hunger with this one.

The book tells you exactly what to eat and how much of it to eat. Bear with my memory here, because my book and my lists are downstairs. But I think that on one given day, I might eat:

  • Breakfast
    • An orange fruit
    • A cup of rice OR five squares of Shredded Wheat cereal breakfast grain
    • Two eggs (scrambled until they’re burnt, just the way I like) breakfast protein
  • Lunch
    • A pear fruit
    • Nine shrimps protein
    • Sauteed zuchini (6 ounces, I think?) vegetable
    • Extra virgin olive oil for the zucchini fat
  • Dinner
    • Nine more shrimps protein
    • Sauteed mushrooms vegetable (I’m the first to tell you that the mushroom is a fungus, but it’s in the book as an acceptable veggie–whatever works)
    • Extra virgin olive oil for the mushrooms fat
    • A cucumber salad (cucumber chunks with a vinaigrette) (six ounces again, I think?) salad/vegetable

I’m just wondering if that’s enough food, or if I’ll give into hunger. I can’t tell just from reading the list. I mean, there’s no harm in trying. The author of the book says that the hunger goes away after several weeks or months. Peachy, just peachy. I don’t deal with hunger well, but I do like how there’s some iffing (intermittent fasting) built into this diet. You’re not supposed to eat other than during the three meals. (I think you can loosen the rules if you’re traveling internationally or burning major calories by running a marathon, or that sort of thing.)

I like all the foods listed above, but under non-structured circumstances, you can’t get me to eat them. So my main concern is hunger.

One relief is that she says you don’t have to go off of sugar and flour altogether. In small ways, you can ingest them. This is a relief because: what if I want to take a liquid supplement that’s been sweetened to taste better? She says to make sure that sugar or flour are lower than the first three ingredients in something you eat, but I think she’d understand about supplements, too.

And also, I’m sorry, but all bets are off if I get a respiratory illness such as a cold, the flu, or the coronavirus. I need Sprite and sherbet during those times. I just do. But then I can go off the sugar again. If I can go off it once, I can go off it again.

About the shrimp, it counts as a “protein”, which you’re supposed to include in lunch and dinner. More affordable proteins would include unadorned grilled chicken, but yuck. To give myself the best odds here, I’m going with shrimp all the way. Because, why not? Who doesn’t like shrimp, am I right? (I’m sure I’ll vary the menu, but I listed my preferences in the menu above.)

I think I actually have a liquid supplement that’s supposed to help with hunger: olive. I should try it. Because I’d be a lot more confident if I weren’t worried about hunger here. I’m a total wuss when I’m hungry.


Onto tales from Meg’s life and advice! So, it’s Thanksgiving night, and it’s been a good one for me. The roofers showed up at 8:00 AM and disrupted the neighborhood. Our neighbor who lives in the third house, Neighbor Boy, told off my dad for having roofers wake him up at 8:00 AM on Thanksgiving. I can kind of see it from his perspective. My dad’s told me in the past that this guy (with whom I’ve never interacted) has anger issues. I looked out front one day and saw him hurl an egg onto someone’s car. I was like, wow, get out. And someone put eggs on my car back in 2006, so now I have someone whom I’ll refer to as Suspect #1, and he lives next door.

My dad’s going to pay him off to avoid his anger.

The noise was unbelievable. While in my room, where I spent very little time, it sounded like I was in a war zone. KABOOM. All the time. And the roofers were here for ten hours. They’re coming back tomorrow.

Ask Amy’s column today was terrible. Someone wrote in about how their newly adopted doggie growls when their eight-year-old son tries to hug him. So, they showed him a video Ask Amy recommended about having empathy for dogs. Here it is:

Dear Amy: We just adopted our first family dog and we’ve been having difficulty teaching our 8-year-old son how to interact with the dog gently. His desire to hug and kiss the dog is sometimes met with a growl.

Based on your recent advice, I played the stopthe77.com video for my son and it resonated for him in a way that our words did not.

He is now able to approach our dog with empathy.

— New Dog Family

New Dog Family: An estimated 77 percent of dog bites come from a family or friend’s dog. It turns out that, despite how much we love them, dogs do not like to be hugged. (c) Ask Amy

That’s great, but why get an aggressive dog, and/or a dog who doesn’t enjoy affection? Doesn’t it all defeat the purpose of having a dog, especially when you’ve got an eight-year-old?

I never knew this until years later, but our spaniel, Treble, had violent and aggressive tendencies before we got her. My mom got Treble in around 1991 when I was fourteen and my little sister was six. Treble was the most loving, gentle, sweet doggie ever. It turns out that she was expressing her unhappiness for being on the show-dog circuit. (She was a show dog before we got her. Very regal, very beautiful. And she knew it! After a session at the groomers, oh my, she’d strut her stuff.) So as soon as she was in our family, her aggression went away. I’d wager anything, though, that my mom hoped for a little drama with Treble when she bought her. Ha! Treble was an angel. A sweeter doggie there never was.

Anyway, how in the world can Ask Amy assert that doggies don’t like to be hugged?! I googled it, and the jury’s out, and/or some dogs don’t like it but some dogs do. But I don’t think you can make the blanket statement that dogs don’t like to be hugged. LuLu loves it, and so did Treble, and so did Echo, and so did Allister. Sammy Samson, though… God bless him. He had that spaniel rage disorder.

I just don’t think I’d be happy with a dog who growls because an eight-year-old wants a hug.

I get it. Dogs have feelings and boundaries. But Treble would literally let little-girl Ellen, my sister, tie her in knots, give her furcuts, dye her white fur purple, give her manis and pedis, and God knows what else. That dog was a saint. And we need more dogs like that, especially with kids.

I know a handful of people who’ve adopted dogs from shelters, and the dog wound up being violent. I think this happens all too often. The shelter workers somehow manage to fob off the violent dogs on unsuspecting people who don’t stop to ask about the dog’s temperament. It’s horrible. With pet adoptions, safety should be a number-one priority. You’ve got to know which questions to ask, or go with a purebred dog so you can study the breed. And as unpleasant as it is for animals to be killed in shelters, the violent ones need to be put down first and foremost. Not that that ever makes me happy.

So, yeah, if I can stick to this diet, my mom offered to buy me lots of new clothes from LL Bean in my new size. And she’s in Maine now at long last, which means that… oh my goodness… she lives within easy driving distance of an LL Bean brick-and-mortar store!! My mecca!! I have to subsist on their website and catalogues!! The store! She lives near the store! And she’s going to buy me new clothes there when I lose weight!!

Years ago, I was a medium in LL Bean. Yeah, wow. Now, I’m an XL. Well, wait. I’m a PL in pants (petite large–petite because I have short legs). Large is just one size over medium. But I need to lose so much weight. I’ve been thinking about investing at healthy wage’s website, but dare I? Maybe I’ll try the new diet for a few days and see how it goes. I don’t want to be financially irresponsible.

Uh, geez, Meg, have you forgotten your gambling problem? You don’t have a financially responsible bone in your body.


5 thoughts on “Happy day of the turkey!

  1. I like all of these foods you mentioned, but honestly, although I tend not to eat much, and some people even claim I eat too little, I think I’d feel constantly hungry being able to eat only this. But maybe I’m wrong and it only sounds like so little but is more nourishing than I think. And I probably wouldn’t have the motivation to go hungry for 7 weeks, but then I was never losing weight so I suppose when you actually have a goal in front of you maybe that’s easier. I personally think iffing is as much better that when you are allowed to eat, you technically don’t have any restrictions as for what you are supposed to eat, except for, if you are striving for a healthy lifestyle or trying to lose weight, you should avoid unhealthy stuff, but some iffing people even say you should eat something possibly nourishing. Then on the other hand though the more you IF, the less food you need after fasting and you’re satisfied or even full with quite small amounts, so maybe that’s how it is with this diet and adapting to it isn’t as difficult as I think. Interesting… In any case, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you and wishing you best of luck with this! 🙂 The food on this diet sounds definitely yummy so at least that’s a good thing that even if you feel a bit hungry for a few weeks, you can eat meals that you like, unlike on some diets that my Mum had tried in the past where you are constantly hungry and when it’s meal time finally, you eat yucky or even monotonous stuff.
    As for dogs and what they like, love or what they don’t, it makes me wonder how do we estimate what a dog likes or dislikes. I mean, is there a way in which we can figure it out? I don’t know a whole lot about dogs (or even about cats even though I have Misha) but I’d think that just as with us humans, not only the things each dog likes and dislikes may vary a lot, but also their ways of manifesting what they like or don’t could be very individual. I know there are books about dog body language, but somehow I find it difficult to believe that it would be the same for all of them and you could refer to such resources as if they were a manual and say: “Oh yeah, my dog is waggling his tail, he must like this”. And interpreting these signs may vary between people, too. For example, when our Misha lies on the floor, and someone strokes him, sometimes he’ll start thumping his tail. Sometimes it’ll be very loud but sometimes he’ll only move it a bit. My Mum interprets this as Misha saying: “Stop! I’m sick of you stroking me for now, it’s no longer pleasant, I’m itching all over, there’s something else I want to do now! If you won’t stop I’ll go balistic in a minute!” Sofi thinks it means: “Yay! I’m so happy you’re stroking me! See? Even my tail is moving up and down with happiness! Keep on going!” and she tends to think that he likes anything to which he doesn’t react with running away. Misha is quite wild and anxious but he can also be quite tolerant and patient with a lot of our behaviours that he doesn’t like, or that’s what I think, at least. And I used to interpret his tail thumping as something that’s supposed to mean that he’s in a playful mood, and perhaps a bit hyperactive. Now I think Mum was right, because when Misha starts thumping his tail, especially when it’s particularly strong, and you won’t stop stroking him, he may soon get really stressed out and start biting you and jumping on you. Which Sofi thinks is also his way of playing, even though she doesn’t like it because he can get really aggressive in this “play” sometimes, especially when she is shrieking and yelling at him and jumping around frantically herself, just to get him off her. I think people often interpret their pets’ behaviours and feelings as what they want them to be. Although maybe with dogs it’s easier to tell what they’re thinking, I don’t know, maybe it’s only cats who are so difficult to figure out. Or maybe it’s just me who thinks they are difficult, after all there are animal behaviourists who can evaluate pets’ behaviours very accurately so there must be some more or less universal cues.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well… HA HA HA! I have another interpretation about your kitty–he’s horny!! I’d say the thumping means, “Please, keep petting me!!” And then the biting is like a sexual thing that just can’t be denied. Whenever Mr. Kitty bites me, he’s horny. He’s, like, trying to get a grip on it, but he’s totally turned on. But I guess it’s open to interpretation!! 😀 [Giggle fest.]

      I already failed at the diet!! Too little food! But I took a nap and realized that I was onboard right up until the portion sizes, and I can still give up flour and sugar if I fear they’re addictive, as the author posits. I don’t think they offer anything good nutritionally, so I think I’ll try it, but I’ll have to choose my own foods from: Lara bars, a healthy sauteed dinner, and some nuts (no sugar added nuts, but salt would be okay). And I’ll try to get back to the gym. I really need to find my tiny music player for that!! 😮 And then I thought I might try doing one or two 24 hours fasts a week!! It all seems ambitious, but I’m getting really frustrated with my lack of progress!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh wow, you may be onto something with Misha! 😀 He can actually get very horny sometimes so that could be just another manifestation of it.
        I can understand it must be awfully frustrating for you trying so many different things and none really helping you to make progress!

        Liked by 1 person

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