Building Team Meg!

Oh. My. Gosh.

Um, whoa. First off, I spent all day rearranging my furniture and cleaning my room at the same time. Doing one makes it easier to do the other.

During my computer time, though, I didn’t even try to work on my memoir. With all the excitement of waiting for contest results, I knew better than to even open the document. But it all worked out, because I’ve been way behind on the cleaning and organizing up here. The nervous energy was just the thing.

I was a nervous wreck, because I feared I’d bonked the second story. (It’s a combined points affair for the first two stories.) Although I placed top in my group for the first story (which was a first and a thrilling accomplishment), I didn’t think I’d have enough total points to be in the top five of my group.

So the results came in, and I scrolled down. The top four in my group were highlighted, and my name wasn’t there. Crushed, I knew I only had one shot left at being in the top five. The name under those four wasn’t highlighted, meaning that the fifth-place person was in a tie and lost the tiebreaker to whoever was listed beneath them. The next name was highlighted, and it was mine!! I tied with 19 total points (15+4 in my case, 9+10 in their case) and the tie was broke by my having the highest individual score between us (of 15). I just barely made it that close in the top five.

I shrieked. The animals had panic attacks. They saw me leap to my feet and followed me downstairs.

“By the skin of my teeth,” I told my dad.

“Oh, was that you? I thought I heard an ambulance go past.”

“Yeah, that was me. Oh, wait, I’m not through.” I clamped my hand firmly over my mouth and squealed for a full minute. I was so freakin’ high! High as a kite.

Could life get any better? Yes! Several minutes later I got a congratulatory email from the guy I like. He didn’t make it to the next round, which is sad. But he’ll be beta reading for me this weekend! He’s officially now on Team Meg for the rest of the competition (or until I get eliminated). Those of you out there who will also be beta reading for me (shout out!) are also on Team Meg, so thanks and get ready to party!! Go Team Meg, go!!

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