Poor Aunt Linda!

My memoir has hit a snag, but I’m hoping it’s nothing major. I sort of had to jump from late high school to life after college, because nothing from that timeframe really fits into the theme of the memoir. At least, nothing I can remember. I’ve got great anecdotes from that time, but they really don’t tie in. And since I learned that a memoir has a focus, it wouldn’t work to throw it all in.

Hmm… but it’s possible I’m not searching my memory well enough.

At any rate, I’ve written just over 36,000 words of the 75,000 I’m aiming for (although my research tells me a memoir can be quite shorter), but now I’m post-college, so I hope I have enough content left. I think I do, but who knows? Unfortunately, even though I can recite my childhood in my sleep, my adulthood is a mess inside my head. None of it is coherently organized. I think that’s normal, because childhood is linked to whichever grade you’re in, and we view our lives at that point in a storytelling sort of way, but then adulthood becomes a sea of random experiences that it can be hard to organize linearly. Oh well.

I think what I should do is expand the theme of my memoir from spanking to spanking + mental health. I dunno. I’ll figure something out.

I’ve still been struggling to get my room cleaned. Ever since all my fishies died, it’s been a huge headache to dismantle the aquarium. In news of the weird, I was researching uses for aquariums, and I came upon this little gem:


So happy Halloween!! I captioned it thusly: “Has anyone seen Aunt Linda lately?”

HA HA! From the sitcom edition:

“Hey, is Aunt Linda home?” 

“Yeah, but she forgot to take her pills. She’s in the aquarium.” 

“Oh no, not again! Isn’t someone keeping an eye on her?” 

And I’m not making this up: the web site where I found this fabulous image has a disclaimer urging fish hobbyists not to use a real head. A good clarification, that, and it should protect the web site from any and all liability.

Look at how all the fish are steering clear of Aunt Linda. I think a few are trying to leap out of the tank. The rest are trying to burrow into the gravel bed. There’s just that one brave fish who’s swimming overhead.

Overhead. Geez.

So anyway, my goals for this month leading into NaNoWriMo are to fix the disastrous state of my bedroom, finish my memoir, and all the usual stuff.

4 thoughts on “Poor Aunt Linda!

  1. Funny story, I actually have an Aunt Linda lol 😆
    I’m sohappyyoyr memoir writing is going so well for you. It’s going to be epic once it’s completed! I can’t see the picture unfortunately 😕 no worries, I’m on my cell so tomorrow when I get on my laptop I’ll check it out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HA H AH A HA! The photo’s hilarious! I can’t wait for you to see it! 😀 Thanks for the support with my memoir!! YAY! Here I am working on it right now!!

      Hopefully this never happens to your aunt Linda! 😀 Maybe she should avoid aquariums!

      Liked by 1 person

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