There’s a rainbow at the end!

Oh, drudgery.

My diet went off the rails today. I’ve been sticking to the fasting, which is great. I’ve become a master at going for 15 to 18 hours without eating. Hurrah.

The problem–well, today, anyway–is that I decided I shouldn’t break the fast with junk food. Not that I’ve been doing that–yesterday I made high protein waffles on my waffle iron–but I just decided it would be a good rule.

So today, I started the day with four scrambled eggs and two English muffins with jelly. That sounds good, right?


Unfortunately, it wasn’t filling. So as soon as I finished eating it, I turned to junk food. Little Debbie, chips, etc. Now I feel somewhat ill. I’ll probably survive, but… ugh. Pass the Pepto.

I know what went wrong. Apparently, the first meal has to be freakishly filling. That worked yesterday with the waffles, but it was hard to force-feed myself all those waffles. It worked too well. I might go back to eating a bagel (and only a bagel) from the pastry shop. I did that for years, and I weighed less back then. The problem, really, is when I add on a large cookie and a cinnamon pretzel twist, and/or a pumpkin muffin. You see what I mean. Although a bagel isn’t exactly health food, it’s filling and mostly sugar- and fat-free, so there’s that. I could also eat some peanut butter crackers or Kodiak muffin cups with the bagel. I’ll try that tomorrow.

Because today, I finished eating the eggs and English muffins, and thought, “Oh boy, I’m still hungry! Time to snack!” I’m so horrible at will power.

What’s weird is that my feelings about food are changing. I don’t really like junk food anymore. But I’m still sort of left in limbo, because there aren’t many healthy foods I like that don’t get old after eating them once or twice. Hmm…. maybe I should stock up on Luna protein bars. I don’t know. It all feels overwhelming. Well, sort of. Not really.

My psychic friend Ash thinks I should write my memoirs. But I’m just not sure if my life has been interesting enough or scandalous enough to read about, ya know? [And I managed to type that sentence with a straight face! Give Meg a prize.]

I’ll have to research how to write memoirs. Starting with, “I was born in 1977 in a hospital room because my mom was in labor, so they decided the baby should come out already,” sounds incredibly dull. There has to be a way to open with something less predictable than that. Well… I’ll figure it out. Maybe I secretly hatched from an alien pod?

I’ve also been composing piano music again. If you all remember my rainbow poem, I put it to music. (The music was in my head while I wrote the poem; I just found the notes and chords for it at the piano earlier.)

Ohh, I almost forgot!! Ashley Leia encouraged me to create a word cloud. Here it is!!

Word Art (2)

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