The last day of rest.

So, my efforts to write a three-day novella begin at midnight, which is exactly ten hours from now. I’m ready to get started! I might tidy my room a bit. It doesn’t need anything major. I’ve bought the candy! Photos forthcoming. And I left the candy… Oh, no. It’s downstairs with my dad. Well, that was poor planning.

I also successfully fasted for fifteen hours from last evening at 8:20 until 11:20 this morning. Go me!!

Ohh! The photos are in.


Whereas it’s against the rules for me to start writing before midnight, go ahead and pass the candy. There are sixlets, frooties, Andes mints, Starbursts, Jelly Belly jelly beans, peanut butter bars (the flat white ones), fruity Tootsie rolls, and Hershey’s kisses. I think I’ve died and gone to Heaven. This is my annual trick-or-treat, until they legalize trick-or-treating for those of us who are age-challenged.

Individual candy wrappers are flying around the room.

Oh, ew. I didn’t really like that one. The wrapped sports balls, like footballs and baseballs and basketballs, don’t taste that great. I’ll set them aside for my dad. Because that’s what dads are for, am I right?

I think the 3-day novella people have forgiven my social blundering. (Although I agree with Ashley Leia that awkwardness doesn’t really need to be forgiven.) They just posted on facebook a FAQ for everyone, and they included this:

Now, I have a lot of experience with the 3-day format. So I know how a 3-day novella should ‘read.’ The other judges have similar levels of experience too, most of us being past competitors. So if something is off about the entry, we will probably notice. So don’t cheat!

Someone got offended and commented,

Do you tell people if they’re excluded because you think it doesn’t “read right”?

Ouch. So I quickly commented about how I have my candy and am ready to write. They “liked” my comment, and they haven’t responded to the other person’s comment yet. (I’m trying to telepathically urge them to say, “Probably not, but we give the benefit of the doubt to the fullest extent possible.”)

Oh, I’ve got to run! Time for our 3:00 walk with Pup. T-minus nine hours and counting! Wish me luck, everyone! This is a major marathon.

Oh, good, they came up with an answer:

I’m seriously hoping to never need to have that conversation with someone. But if I get an entry that’s 180k or something, I’ll have questions. I’m not going to just disqualify someone without asking a few questions though. But again, you guys aren’t going to cheat…right? πŸ™‚

That also works. [Nods.]

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