Adjustments are painful!

So, doing intermittent fasting has been hard! My body’s used to constant snack food during the entire period of time that I’m awake each day. I’ve realized I need to overhaul how often and when I eat. What I eat is mostly okay, although not perfect, but I don’t have any health issues like high blood sugar, etc., that I know of. I think my cholesterol’s high, but I don’t even eat much meat.

The problem is that the adjustment period is incredibly difficult and could aggravate my mental illnesses. I’ve been doing a large window of eating time. Today’s my second day. Yesterday was unusual in that I conked out at 9:30 PM due to unrelated exhaustion. I never go to bed that early. So upon awakening, I simply waited until 12:30 PM to eat. There we go–I went fifteen hours without food. That would be 15:9, meaning fifteen hours of fasting and nine hours of eating within a 24-hour window.

But I’m getting headaches and fatigue. It concerns me, because I don’t want to do anything bad to my body. But on the other hand, maybe my eating habits at large are unhealthy, and there will be health benefits to making the adjustment to less eating times.

I mean, adjustments are hard. I went off gluten once, and oh my goodness. It was painful, the withdrawal. I stayed off it for a year and decided it wasn’t improving my health. (I was working the theory that I have gluten ataxia, because something causes me to have ataxia at times. My hands will close themselves. But being off gluten didn’t seem to help, so I went back on it.)

So maybe now I’m withdrawing from food? And/or from eating? However you want to look at it. Oh! I’d like to give a shout-out to Emilia and Ashley Leia for helping me with this weekend’s story!! YAY! Thank you!!

I don’t feel solid about the story because I feel like crap physically. But I entered this round with a huge and compelling lead over my groupmates, so there’s that.

I do have exciting news about my writing. I entered last year’s 3-day novel into a contest being run by the brand new 3-day novella organization. (They said, “Send us last year’s novel, and we’ll choose a winner for free.”) Well, guess what? No, I haven’t won. That would be A HUGE DEAL. No. But they announced that only four people submitted their novellas! Four people! I have a 25% chance here! And they’re going to publish the winning novella! PUBLISH! Granted, it would be very-small-press published… okay, it would essentially be self-published, but under the new contest’s imprint; and if the new contest gains steam in time, that could become quite an honor. (Nothing like getting in on a new contest where not everyone knows about it, and the competition’s low!)

They said this on their FB page:

4: The number of 3DN2019-Legacy entries we got by the August 15 deadline. I’ll be discussing the entries with the other judges next week. But for now, having read them all, I must say ALL FOUR entries are EXTREMELY GOOD! It was a real pleasure to read them all, and it’s going to be tough to pick a definitive winner.

Great! They loved The Coming of the Three-Eared Jackalope! YAY! And… drumroll, please… they’re announcing the winner on Tuesday! That’s right, the day after tomorrow! Oh my gosh, I’m so freakin’ excited. I could be the first official winner of the 3-day novella!! Hot diggety. Y’all gotta stay tuned for news on Tuesday!

Oh, right, I was talking about adjustments. It’s similarly hard to go through prescription-drug withdrawal, but the point is that you come out on the other side of it… eventually. So I’m hoping it’ll be the same with the intermittent fasting. I’m going to hang in there long enough (I hope) to let my body adjust, and then see what happens.

Also, I’ve decided to keep doing the intermittent fasting while I write a new 3-day novella next weekend. My plan is to keep the eating window open as long as possible while still calling it a fast. I’ll look up those numbers in my book. That seems like a good compromise to me. It would only require a few hours of hunger each day. We’ll hope for the best there.

10 thoughts on “Adjustments are painful!

    1. That’s a great idea!! I’d thought I was starting small, but maybe not!! I might be biting off more than I can chew! (Ohh, groan.) I’ll give that some consideration!! It’s having the weird psychological effect of making me lose my appetite when I CAN eat!! Yikes!

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  1. When I skip meals for a long time. Way longer than my body is used too, I feel tired and sluggish. I try to not eat before bedtime (add some time there) and then wait a little to eat breakfast (add some time there) and that gives me a ‘window’ of 12 hours when I do snack later in the evening.
    I think it is a difficult adjustment to do it radically. Health and wellbeing are also important. Wishing you all the best with the novel!


    1. Thank you!!! I see what you mean about cutting a few hours at the start of the day, and then at the end of the day. I decided that doing it all at the start of the day would be best for me because I crave late-night snacks and have a really hard time being disciplined before bed. Oh my gosh. However, I can actually show discipline to start the day. Here I am at noon, and I haven’t eaten since 11:15 last night. So I’m trying to maximize when I can be disciplined to make it work for me. But you’re right that I might be too ambitious. I’ve decided that if I want to sit here and not eat for the next several hours, that’s fine, but that when my period comes AND I’m writing the 3-day novella, I’m going to take an entire off-week. My friend Emilia told me that it can be ugly-bad to do intermittent fasting while menstrual. Considering the bad periods I’ve had lately, I’m going to take her word for it and eat normally. Unfortunately, it just occurred to me that my practices with IF over the past few days are going to mess up my hormones and make my upcoming period pure hell. Thank God I’ve been taking extra Prozac for the past week to stave off PMS! Hopefully that will be my saving grace here. Thanks for the kind words about my novel!! I hope you’re having a great day!! 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the suggestion about bone broth!! I’ll look into it!! I haven’t been drinking tea, but I could get some!! I don’t like coffee, though!! Thanks for stopping by!! I’ll keep you posted!! 🙂

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